The X-Files

Season 8 Episode 21

Existence (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 20, 2001 on FOX

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  • A sum of the last two episodes and the season.

    So here we are at the end of another season. Yes it's gone on for longer than it ought to, when you become the number 1 show and the defining reason to watch the channel its on... well yeah they're gonna keep you around for a while. Despite some of the drag with some of the plots (baby for one) and the odd treatment of Mulder (by killing him, reviving him, and then back to work) this season was pretty notable.

    Gillian Anderson easily had her most dramatic performance in this show in the episode "This is Not Happening". Krycek finally got one in the head and by Skinner's own hands! The action was on point especially in these last two episodes, my favorite being when Billy the super soldier goes flying over the building into the trash compactor. I remember this with vivid detail when it first aired and seeing it again was exciting, not just for reliving it but it was actually very well done. I cared about the action this season.

    Of course Robert Patrick debuted this season and I personally loved him. It may have been a sign to end the show when you've got an entirely different guy running the x files but he brought it man. He had friction with everyone, he was likable, interesting and many other things also.

    The season was up and down sometimes but there were many moments in which I felt confidence in the writing and even if it all sucked, these last two episodes more than made up for it.
  • Existence

    Existence was a perfect episode and season eight finale of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing, engaging and full of character and plot development. It was great to watch the cat and mouse games of the agents and krycek and his men. There was a lot of suspense and tension along with emotion in many of the scenes. The father of Scully's baby is an issue brought up in an entertaining way. I liked how every thing played out and the last scene was absolutely beautiful! I look forward to watching the next and final season of The X-Files!!!!!!!!!
  • The true ending of the X-Files!

    It has always been my idea that this episode was the true ending of this fateful series. With Mulder standing with Scully and holding their son William,then all was right with the world! I truly wish that Chris Carter had ended the series on this note. The next(and last)season was just totally an anti-climax after this episode! I know that most will disagree with my opinion here,but I never felt the series ever again reached the zenith,it did with this episode.Perhaps it is the romantic in my soul,but I had always secretly wanted Scully and Mulder to truly get together and here it finally happend and with a child to boot! So to me,here, ended a series that will always be close to my heart!
  • The End Of The Eight Year Wait

    Season Eight comes to a merciful end with a surprisingly good episode. Color me surprised.

    The opening teaser doesn't inspire much confidence, as the remains of Billy Miles are apparently sent to the laziest coroner in the state. Of course, Billy recovers so that he can continue to wreak havoc. Yeah, right...

    Krycek gets way too much screen time before Skinner gives him a much-needed third eye. How is it that Krycek is still involved in the whole alien conspiracy when the Syndicate has been wiped out? Who supports him? Why don't Skinner/Mulder/Doggett plug him sooner? It's a great death scene, at any rate, even if I'm not sure what Krycek means when he tells Skinner that killing Mulder will save a thousand lives.

    I'm not entirely sold on the need for Scully to travel to an abandoned town to give birth to Mulder Jr. but it does add to the whole Christ subtext. Speaking of which, Carter lays it on a bit thick with the star of Bethlehem, the Jesus stained-glass and the Lone Gunmen posing as three wise men bearing gifts. I'm not sure where the candles and Reyes' lesbian come-on to Scully fit into the picture, but hey, girls just wanna have fun, right?

    Doggett is actually very good in what turns out to be a supporting role. His refusal to buy the lies fed to him by Rohrer earn him brownie points. His action scenes with the super soliders are also very, very good, with great Steadicam work and a thumping soundtrack.

    Which brings us to the momentous conclusion, wherein Scully finally gives birth and Mulder finally acknowledges that he is the daddy. I'm still not sure why Billy and his robot friends gather to watch the birth without interfering. It renders the whole preceding search for Billy meaningless. Oh well, accept it and move on.

    As cynical as I am about Season Eight, I have to admit to having a lump in my throat during the entire final scene as Mulder and Scully embrace with baby William held between them. It's a classic moment, however contrived and overdue it might be. It's particularly poignant as it marks Duchovny's final appearance in the series (excepting the final two episodes of Season Nine).

    So, put down your hankeys and bring out the barf bags, Season Nine is up next....
  • The best end scene

    So how long did I wait to see that? Probably 8 years. Poor Scully, giving birth to William under those circumstances was a terrible experience and not having Mulder beside her too, even when she´s strong. But it was good that she had Reyes by her side.
    So finally, Krycek is gone. I don´t know if it was the right end for him, he did so much damage that he could´ve stayed around to suffer and pay for what he did. The last scene is the best. Mulder arriving at Scully´s apartment giving us the feeling that he´s at home is perfect. Then, as soon as the Lone Gunmen see him they immediately leave. Then the best... Scully (which looked amazing by the way after the whole thing), stands up and meets Mulder. They have a beautiful conversation about the name she just gave their son and as usual, Mulder jokes. Mulder holds William and it´s the only time we will see him do that. And it´s sealed with a sweet kiss.
  • very special episode i mean c'mon its scully's baby, hes born in this episode! hes so cute!

    well..........ok i love this episode becuz for one thing scullys baby is born here and as much as it hurts me 2 say it belongs to mulder, well moving on i really like this episode becuz after this it also hurts me 2 say mulder leaves, i mean i know its becuz of william, but hey u didnt have 2 leave. hehe well this episode is also special becuz its like the 3 on screen kiss between mulder and scully 1(millenium) 2.(triangle, not really becuz its like back then) and this being the 3rd one. and the fact that william is born and not being taken by the super soldiers is awesome becuz the frist time i saw it i thought they were gonna take him, but i thought wrong.

    this episode also has a special thing 2 it 2. the fact that becuz william is born and all this brings scully closer to mulder even though that in per manum (one of my fav episodes) mulder deeply says that he accepts but he doesnt want this 2 come in between them.

    so thanks 2 mulder the x-files will live on and becuz of william he will be a leader to blah blah blah, no just playin, hopefully he will reunite with them in the "2nd movie" that they will hopefully do!! plz chris, john, vince, and frank do anpther movie, if they do then yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Scully's baby is born, Krychek pulls his last double-cross, Monica Reyes reveals her lesbianism (naw, not really, but she says some suspicious things), and we all can all go back to living normal lives because Mulder & Scully hook-up for real.

    Now, as I prepare to start watching season 9, I fear that it can't live up to this. Because for a season that started with alot of doubt and worry, season 8 came around and finishes in style.
    Glad it was Skinner that got to give Krychek his third eye. Those nano-attacks looked like they hurt alot.
    Great car chase too, with some excellent FX work. Scraping guys off your car with pillars at 50 mph works every time, but it usually doesn't look this good.
    And there's really no reason to name a kid after a guy's father unless...ya know. So can we all get some sleep now? They love each other, yay, goodnight:)
    I can't imagine the Season 7 finale being the series finale like it almost was, but this...this would have been perfectly acceptable.
  • This is probably the best episode of the season.

    I mean it's so wonderful and well written it's impossible not to like. Everything an X-Phile could want is here. I mean Krycek is killed after betraying Mulder the final time, Scully's baby is born, we're treated to one of the best action sequeneces of the show [the scene in the parking garage], and there's more than enough dramatic tension. And who could forget one of the things that make this episode so undeniably great. The climatic kiss between Mulder and Scully is so skillfully done that i watched it over and over again. If your a shipper, or a mytholgy buff, or a casual viewer you have to see this episode.
  • One of the most exciting episodes ever

    Yes, Scully's baby is born, and she and Mulder share a kiss, which would have been a fine way to end the whole series if necessary - but this is really nail biting stuff!

    All the chases, the people you think might be okay that turn out not to be, and Annabeth Gish delivering the baby surrounded by some very unsettling folk. The scene in the parking garage is exceptional. I don't know who the actor was who played the relentless supersoldier, but the shots of him hanging on to the car as it careens here and there are fabulous. No doubt there was a lot of CGI work going on, but it was flawlessly done.

    I was breathless by the end and hadn't a clue what would happen. The very sweet storyline of the kiss between Mulder and Scully (I know the creator didn't want it to descend into a love story, but hey, we waited long enough!) was just the perfect ending.

    Definitely one of the best episodes.
  • My favourite episode ever! It has MSR and conspiracy -- what more could a girl want?

    Okay this is my favourite episode ever. I am a die hard fan and a die hard shipper. This episode was chicken soup for my shipper soul -- hell it was chocolate. It has the birth of Scully's baby whom she names William after Mulder's father (awwwwww). When they first hold the baby together you can just see the fatherly pride in Mulder's eyes. Then the famous line -- the truth we both know. Leads all shippers minds to rest with the knowlage that yes they created William together and with the kiss you know it really is true love. ABOUT TIME!
  • Aww this is such a great episode!!!

    I just loved how FINALLY Mulder and Scully admitted their love to each other as they hold their son. I was so happy for Scully because all she ever wanted was a child and it was devastating to her when she found out that she could not have them. But then William came along and it was probably the happiest moment in her whole life. I wish they would have ended the show with Existence though, because after this episode, things only got worse for them. I woulda been a lot happier knowing that the show ended happily and Mulder and Scully and William were all together as a family and that the Lone Gunmen, Mulder's best friends, were still with him also.
  • Great conclusion

    Mulder: (about William) Well I don't know, he's got your coloring and your eyes, and he looks suspiciously like Assistant Director Skinner.

    What should of been the end. Really.
    They could have ended it here. It might have been better. Season Nine wasn't bad, but Existence would have made a more satisfying finish. There's action, suspense, a bit of gore, emotion, Scully has a baby, Doggett and Skinner fight some Super Soldiers, and Krycek dies...finally (at last!).
    It doesn't get any better than this.
  • One of the best finales of the entire series

    After the wonderful return to form on Season 6, much like I had been warned by other users, season 7 onwards start to lose the spark that was regenerated by season 6. Working my way through season 8, I found it quite dissapointing and wondered if the series had finally run out of steam. That was until I saw `Existence`.

    What an amazing turn around. This episode has it all, the Billy Miles terminator-like super soldier, the incredibly thrilling car park chase, the death of Krycek, Mulder\'s last minute race against time to save Scully\'s baby, and of course the kiss, the event of Mulder & Scully\'s life that the fans have been waiting for for 8 years.

    This is the most thrilling season finale so far.
  • Perfect.

    I can;t believe they killed Krychek off but i guess it was finally time he was becoming a pest to everyone. But Skinner is the one who is forced to do it. Scully finally gives birth to her baby child William, and makes love to Mulder. Finally after 8 years they kiss and make love!

    Doggett and Reyes continue to help out but now the baby is safe. I thought this was a great way to leave season 8 because everything is left open for season. I could not have asked for more. Its such shame that Mulder and Scully don't get longer together. Loved season 8, fantastic season. This is the X Files at its best.
  • Shippery review ahead -- don't read unless you want to hear me go on and on about Mulder and Scully finally admitting they love each other.

    I just love how Mulder and Scully finally admitted they loved each other as they hold their son! Chris Carter finally decided to make them a couple. I guess he figured eight years was long enough to make the shippers wait, especially with David Duchovny leaving the show. When Mulder says, "The truth we both know," before he and Scully kiss, I believe he means both that William is their child, and that they're in love. Yeah, I'm a little slow with these things. I'm mad that Chris Carter waited until David Duchovny left the show, but I'm also glad it took so long for Mulder and Scully to get together. I mean, on one hand, I would have liked to see Mulder and Scully together as a couple; sure, they were together in The Truth, but we didn't get to see what they'd be like in normal circumstances (normal for The X-Files, anyway). On the other hand, it's good that it took them eight years, because it was all a lot more emotional. Anyone could have had them get together in the early years, but that just wouldn't have been right. I don't know how to describe it, but I'm sure the other shippers understand what I'm talking about.

    Time to get off the subject of MSR (crazy). The garage scene was awesome. So was the birth of William. Gillian Anderson really did a good job. Annabeth Gish was good too (whale song!!). Basically, everyone did a great job. Definately the best episode of season eight.
  • Like the last chapter of a book, tying it all together satisfactorily-- and as such, it should have been used that way.

    After we watched this episode last night, my husband remarked, surprisingly astutely, "So that episode didn't actually have a PLOT, then?" He meant it slightly negatively, but I agreed objectively. If it was a stand-alone episode, it really didn't have a structured plot. But what it WAS was the last chapter of the X-Files as it had been, and fit perfectly into the overarching story that way.

    As a writer I probably pay too much attention to story and character development when I watch TV anyway, and watching this episode was no exception. It functioned exactly the way the last chapter of a book WOULD-- tying up the loose ends of the plots that had happened before, leaving you with a sense of satisfaction. The last of the old-time bad guys, Krycek, was dead. Doggett and Reyes would take over and continue the work of the X-Files, whenever the Truth needed to be found. And Mulder, Scully, and Baby William would live Happily Ever After. The End!

    That was the effective function of the episode-- that's how it came off. But I think it happened ever so slightly ACCIDENTALLY that way, as far as the creators were concerned. I think if they were really thinking about it they could have developed it much more properly as such. In excitement level, it was slightly anticlimatic, and could have used something with a little more punch somewhere in the middle. Then it would have made a more definite Grand Finale. Then, season 9 shouldn't be season 9 at all, but the start of something brand new: X-Files: The Next Generation. I think it all would have worked better on the whole this way. But ah, hindsight.
  • The moment we've all been waiting for finally happend, after 8 years of waiting.

    You could see this episode as the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one.

    Scully's baby is born and in danger, although that's what everybody thinks. It seems that the aliens were wrong.
    My opinion, they were. They saw that it wasn't the miracle they expected, but of course a miricle non the less.
    I think that they suggest that the baby wasn't conceived as they made everybody believe (maybe Mulder is really the father)

    This episode answers a lot of questions, but it also asks new ones, new doors have too be opened to answer them.

    The final scene I think was perfect, a perfect moment, a perfect kiss, the kiss we've all been waiting for. It was perfect in so many ways.
  • The baby is finally born but the entire episode is heavily science fiction, including blatant Terminator ripoffs, to a ridiculous point.

    This is their grand plan?! Take a heavily pregnant woman to a ramshackle abandoned town with no supplies, no preparation and without even a medkit?!

    Finally a concrete answer about Scully's baby – it's a prototype of a super soldier against the invasion. The latest in the government's attempts at finding a weapon.

    Man, I love Alex! He looks out the door, sees Billy coming and very quickly walked across the office out the opposite door, without warning Skinner.

    For all Alex's insistence that he's helping, he's working with Noel – who is one of the replacements. Alex is just trying to survive and unfortunately, he doesn't care which side it takes. The sad thing is that deep down he really does want to stop the invasion. I realize the necessity of it, but that doesn't mean I'll ever forgive Skinner for killing him.

    The first real kiss between Mulder and Scully and it was nice, understated.

    The regenerating skeleton and the indestructible replacements are way too Terminator, the fact that Robert Patrick was in T2 just makes the similarities more noticeable. Then the messiah type omens – the light in the sky, the three wise men… okay, Gunmen, the miraculous birth from a barren mother. This is getting ridiculous, way too science-fictiony.