The X-Files

Season 8 Episode 21

Existence (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2001 on FOX

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  • One of the most exciting episodes ever

    Yes, Scully's baby is born, and she and Mulder share a kiss, which would have been a fine way to end the whole series if necessary - but this is really nail biting stuff!

    All the chases, the people you think might be okay that turn out not to be, and Annabeth Gish delivering the baby surrounded by some very unsettling folk. The scene in the parking garage is exceptional. I don't know who the actor was who played the relentless supersoldier, but the shots of him hanging on to the car as it careens here and there are fabulous. No doubt there was a lot of CGI work going on, but it was flawlessly done.

    I was breathless by the end and hadn't a clue what would happen. The very sweet storyline of the kiss between Mulder and Scully (I know the creator didn't want it to descend into a love story, but hey, we waited long enough!) was just the perfect ending.

    Definitely one of the best episodes.