The X-Files

Season 7 Episode 20

Fight Club

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 07, 2000 on FOX
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The Agents cross paths with a pair of doppelgangers whose close proximity with each other leaves a trail of destruction across 17 states. Mulder and Scully must first understand why this is happening before they can stop it. But the Agents soon realise that the only way to stop the destruction is by stopping the girls meeting up, but this becomes difficult when both fall in love with the same man.moreless

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  • Great!

    Kathy Griffin and particularly Randall Cobb are awesome in this. Cobb is an actor I haven't thought much of in the past. He was in the wonderful Ace Ventura, but hasn't really had a lead role as he does in this episode. He was fabulous and played a complex, dynamic character who was genuinely likeable. There was also Jack McGee who was absolutely hilarious. Chris Carter once again demonstrates wonderful writing ability.moreless
  • Fight Club

    Fight Club was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching guest star Kathy Griffin play Doppelgangers after the same man. The story was pretty unique and very intriguing with drama, suspense, and lots of action. I liked how the agents in the beginning resembled Mulder and Scully as I had to do a double take. There was a lot of humor and the acting was superb. I liked how the story played out and the ending was great as Mulder and Scully were all beat up while they came to their conclusions about the case, strangely enough with the black guy collecting the money at the wrestling match. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Kathy Griffin guest-stars as twins who cause people to fight.

    Okay, now it just seems like Chris Carter doesn't even care about the show anymore and it just going through the motions. What happened to the intricately plotted myth-arc episodes? The stand-alone episodes that weren't necessarily about extra-terrestials but still provided us eerie and intense stories to follow? The second half of season seven has been mostly lazy writing and horribly executed ideas, ideas that could be interesting if they weren't so poorly done.

    This episode takes the idea of twins and creates a paranormal twist. Kathy Griffin, for some odd reason, is the guest star here, and she plays two identical women who, when they're in the same area as one another, cause whoever is in the area to start fighting with each other. These two women not only have the same jobs and live in the same area but also are in love with the same man: a wrestler that has seen better days and sees the women as his lucky charms.

    Mulder and Scully investigate after a pair of agents who inexplicably look just like them beat each other up. As we follow the agents, we also follow the twins and the fighter and the fighter's attempts to pay some debts and fight in a match that could prove he's still got talent… oh, who are we kidding, the story is worthless. Just like the previous episode, we get a basic premise and no follow-through. It's as if the writers came up with an interesting idea and had no idea how to write the little details that made for an interesting hour of TV. I don't know how many times I got lost in figuring out what the heck was going on and why exactly people fought when the two twins met up. By the time we reach the final moments of the episode, there are so many loose ends and plot points that don't come together that it made me wish I hadn't even watched the episode. It was just too awkward and strange to warrant being made.

    People who have read my reviews in the past know how little I berate and grow frustrated with television episodes. I'm always willing to give a show the benefit of the doubt and would probably be the first to over-rate an episode rather than give it a lower rating. But boy, these last few X-Files episodes are really making me wonder whether it's worth giving the last two seasons a watch.moreless
  • There is absolutely nothing good about this episode

    Seriously folks this is the worst episode in all the x-files. After a rather convincing teaser we are left with no explanation what so ever after 44 min. How come two people from the same father having a different mother look identical? Whats the probability of that happening not just once, but twice? Why is the universe unable to handle them in the same place? Why does the glass shatter? etc etc etc

    Plus the acting is bad, even from GA (Scully is giggling through the entire episode, maybe because GA figured it was crap). The timing is never right, the angry father is not funny at all, the Wrestler (forgotten his name already) does nothing but look stupid for 40 min, the two FBI agents who look like Mulder and Scully are a complete waste of what could have been a good pun, the music is off and seems to have been added at random, the writing is poor, the idea is not thought out and overall we are hit with a lot of ooc.

    How come Mulder knows that both women are in love with the same man, after being down the storm drain? Why is he still looking so fresh? Why is Scully not reacting to the angry father? Why are both explaining the details of their case to a stranger (the fight coordinator)? And what's up with those wounds? Was the real Make-up person on leave or what?

    Crappiest 40min ever! Nothing is done right here.moreless
  • A lame version of 'Syzygy'.

    The episode comes off as a poor imitation of the episode 'Syzygy', which was a brilliant episode with an original and far better explanation. This was a pretty poor episode.

    Scully's on a serious role here, she practically solves the case by herself with almost no help from Mulder. There are times she even seems to be channeling Mulder, producing theories that would do Mulder proud, prompting Mulder's suggestion that he start doing autopsies.

    Loved the bumperstickers: 'Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult'; 'Eat right, exercise, die anyway'.

    Not a great episode, it's supposed to be funny but is actually pretty lame.moreless
Randall "Tex" Cobb

Randall "Tex" Cobb

Burt Zupanic

Guest Star

Art Evans

Art Evans

Argyle Saperstein

Guest Star

Jack McGee

Jack McGee

Bob Damphouse

Guest Star

Arlene Pileggi

Arlene Pileggi

Woman Who Looks Like Scully

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • 31:57 - Angry man walks away from cell bars, but at 31:59 when shot changes to Scully his arms are back on the bars.

    • In one of the last scenes in the episode "Fight Club". The person that was fighting Bert Zupanic in the ring was WWE superstar Rob Van Dam.

    • Despite the fact it makes for a neat little ending, showing Mulder & Scully's battle scars - as soon as the first set of twins come into the auditorium, everyone in the place starts to fight with each other.
      Then when the second set arrive it gets worse, and yet during that scene there's no indication that either agent was affected. Mulder is surveying the scene and avoiding the violence going on around him. Scully is smiling to have introduced the second boxer guy. Surely if the effect of having these people in the same location was as automatic as we'd seen previously, everyone should have been fighting from the outset, including Mulder & Scully.

    • Why is Mr Saperstein in Mulder's office when Scully explains what has happened? Especially considering he doesn't have a visitors clip, and the fact he is smoking in the FBI headquarters.

    • Scully tells Burt that Betty lived in a blue house and later tells Mulder that she found Lulu, who lived in a pink house. Betty actually lived in the pink house and Lulu lived in the blue one.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Scully: Mulder?
      Mulder: Yeah
      Scully: Where have you been?
      Mulder: Seeing a side of Kansas City few man have the privilege to see
      Scully: What happened to you?
      Mulder: I got suck into a storm drain

  • NOTES (5)

    • Kathy Griffin receives the "and" credit.

    • Rob Szatkowski, noted in guest stars above, is WWE wrestler Rob Van Dam.

    • The doppelgangers for Mulder and Scully are Steve Kiziak and Arlene Pileggi, who are also the stand-ins for the actors. Steve Kiziak appeared as himself in 'Hungry' and Arlene Pileggi (wife of Mitch Pileggi) has appeared in several episodes as Skinner's assistant.

    • Saperstein says "Ma nish ta na" when Mulder mispronounces his name, which is Hebrew. The basic English translation is "So what else is new?".

    • Scully tells Mulder "That's why they put the 'I' in FBI." Mulder said the same thing to her in the series Pilot episode.


    • Mulder: I'm looking for That Girl, and then Betty turns around.
      This is the tag line and set-up from the TV show That Girl a show starring Marlo Thomas as a actress/model trying to make it in New York city. The show aired from 1966 to 1971.

    • The "Koko's" copy shops are a clear reference to the "Kinko's" copy shops, which had a similar color scheme and design before being bought out by FedEx in 2004.

    • Title: Fight Club
      Taken presumably from the 1999 film of the same name, where people meet up to beat each other up for no particularly rational reason.