The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 19

Folie a Deux

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 10, 1998 on FOX
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Mulder is held hostage inside an office where a man claims his boss is a monster and has clouded all their minds while he turns them into zombies one by one, which is disbelieved until Mulder opens his mind and allows himself to see it too.

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  • A Madness Shared by Two

    Wow, there I was thinking I was reading about; A Madness Shared by Two, which is not only the true untold story about the lives of Sabina and Ursula Eriksson, alongside the murder of Glenn Hollinshead, based on a critique re-examination of the BBC's Madness in the Fast Lane documentary that had 7 million viewers [with a conservative estimate of around a further 15 million people having since watched this film via the internet and on websites such as YouTube],glued to their TV screens watching the twin sisters propelling themselves into the fast lane of the oncoming traffic on the UK's-M6 motorway, as Ursula manages to throw herself under the wheels of a 40ft articulated lorry travelling at 60mph, that seems to swallow her up and spit her lifeless looking body back out of its rear end. It is also the result of a thorough investigation into what might have really happened on those fateful days that led up to this tragic slaying of an innocent man. We challenge the "Official Storyline" and expose a 'cover-up' and what really occurred just hours before M6 dash, for it is here for the first time we expose the Eriksson sisters were "arrested" under the Mental Health Act, though this vital caught on film evidence was edited out of the original BBC films. This will come as a great surprise to many people who questioned; was it possible Sabina could have been released from hospital after only five hours' following their 'suicide attempt' on the M6? We also reveal that the coroner's report shows that the injuries inflicted on Glenn, was done so by 'two' weapons, it's always been believed "Sabina" used one, and that it's highly likely there were more than one person who killed him and that Sabina could be totally innocent. Yet this obvious evidence seems to have been brushed under the carpet, or at the very least, it was never challenged. We explain how these twins were very likely embroiled in some kind of major drugs smuggling ring and that they had been under "Obbo" [police observation] prior to the M6 incident and was probably so for quite some period of time. As a result of our findings, legal action is now being sought and brought against the police and other related authoritative bodies by the Hollinshead family.moreless
  • Folie a Deux

    Folie a Deux was a perfect and exciting monster story for the X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because I once worked in a call center so it was interesting, also the characters where awesome. Some of the scenes were suspenseful and it was scary to think about the monster creeping about. It was interesting that only one person at the company could see the monster and it was intriguing that it had relatives at other similar crime locations. Gary and the hostage situation was a great sequence of events. It was intriguing to see Scully change her mind on the matter after an encounter of her own. I liked the ending which leaves us to believe the monsters are still out there. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Mulder gets taken hostage and sees a strange creature.

    I'm not sure why, but the end of Season 5 seems to have hit a streak that was missing from around midway through all the way up until now. Every episode felt as if it was phoned in, but the last few episodes have really gotten me ready for the finale. Mulder and Scully have gotten into some crazy situations before, and there's certainly been more dangerous things they've done than this episode, but there was just something about the way Mulder seemed completely helpless (and insane) that made the episode so exciting.

    Mulder hears about a case in Illinois where a man sent an anonymous tape to the FBI claiming he's seeing a monster that is turning his co-workers into zombies. The episode is tricky and clever in the way it gets us to believe the episode will go one way and quickly take us in a different direction. Mulder visits the guy's workplace who sent the tape and is quickly taken hostage as the worker threatens to unveil the monster. However, what at first seems like a crazy man rant turns into the truth as Mulder sees the same monster the guy sees.

    What is the monster exactly? I couldn't really figure it out, and I think that's what makes it so haunting. Mulder sees these sketchy bug apparitions that nobody else can see but him, which makes him look absolutely crazy. We've seen this situations before in X-Files, but the fact that we don't really learn all that much about this mysterious monster and the fact that writer Vince Gilligan waits so long for us to learn whether or not this is a hallucination or not really amps up the suspense.

    As we head into the season finale/the first X-Files movie, I feel like Season 5 has slowly been redeeming itself.moreless
  • great

    One of my favourite episodes. I love how the story twists and turns. What I really think makes this episode great is the idea of the monster - turning people into zombies and nobody seeing it except the lucky - or is it unlucky?? - few. It worked really well, the sense of paranoia Lambert had and the twist when Mulder sees it made the second half take off. Mulder being put in the nut house was very funny as well - and the monster approaching when he's tied down and unable to move - oh the suspense! Oh, and the bug special effects, I thought worked really well - how it flickered, that made it so very creepy and original. There really is never a dull moment, from the hostage situation to Mulder in the Hospital, it's a one heck of a ride…

    A few slight problems I have - Scully seeing the zombie, how come that happened? Where'd the bug man go at the end? A lose end there.

    But these are minor complaints, I give it 10/10.moreless
  • Scary MOTW episode which almost leaves Mulder at the mercy of the monster.

    What intrigued me so much about the episode is the way Mulder is drawn into believing the hostage taker that there is a monster amongst them. At first it doesn't seem like Mulder does really believe him, but then he also sees the monster and now finds himself in the same position that the hostage taker had been in. He knows what's going on but nobody, not even Scully, believes him. Scully only starts realising something is really wrong when Mulder is in hospital, tied up to the bed and she wants to visit him and for a split second sees the nurse she'd been talking to as a dead person, or zombie, if you like. That's when she springs into action and manages in the last second to rescue the tied-up Mulder from the monster.

    Somehow I expected a follow-up episode (like in Tooms) because in the end the producers suggest that the monster managed to escape unhurt.

    Nice Mulder-Angst episode!moreless
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  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Gary Lambert: Who are you, anyway?
      Mulder: My name is Mulder.
      Gary Lambert: You said that already. What are you doing here?
      Mulder: Applying for a job.
      Gary Lambert: Oh man, did you come to the wrong place.
      Mulder: I get that.

    • Mulder: "To hide in the light" or "hiding in the light" -- some form of that. I think it's in an old case file somewhere that I've got hidden away.
      Scully: Which one? There's hundreds.
      Mulder: I'm not sure, but- I appreciate it.

    • Skinner: Agent Mulder, think very carefully about the next words that come
      out of your mouth.

    • Mulder: (after having been hospitalized): Five years, Scully. You must have seen this coming.

    • Zombie Nurse: Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

    • Mulder: You have to be willing to see.
      Scully: I wish it were that simple.
      Mulder: Scully, you have to believe me. Nobody else on this whole damn planet ever will. You're my one in five billion.

    • Mulder: Scully, on the risk of you telling me 'I told you so', I think it's time for you to get down here and help me.
      Scully: I told you so.

    • Mulder: It's a phrase, 'Hiding in the Light'. It's on this tape that I'm looking into.
      Scully: On the case that's a total waste of time?
      Mulder: Yes, and I didn't say that it wasn't.

    • Mulder: I must have done something to piss him off.
      Scully: What do you mean?
      Mulder: Get stuck with this jerk-off assignment. Or have I finally reached that 'magic' point in my career where every time somebody see Bigfoot or the Virgin Mary on a tortilla, I get called out of my basement ward to offer my special insight on the matter.
      Scully: You're saying "I" a lot. I heard "We".

    • Mulder: Because the manifesto contains bizarre overtones? Claims of a... paranormal nature?
      Skinner: It speaks of a monster stalking employees. Your insight into such claims should aid in assessing the threat if any posed by this person.
      Mulder: Monsters? I'm your guy.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Brian Markinson, who plays Gary Lambert, also plays another character in the X-Files, Tony Fiore in "Born Again".

    • The monster suit on-set wasn't scary at all. Some serious post-production work had to be done to up the scare-level of the monster and avoid the episode becoming a comedy.

    • Some good use of continuity: Mulder's fingers, which were injured in the previous episode, "The Pine Bluff Variant", are still bandaged in this episode.

    • The agent in charge of the hostage situation, Agent Rice, is named for writer Vince Gilligan's girlfriend, Holly Rice.

    • When Scully calls Mulder to tell him about the X-File involving "hiding in the light", she says that the case was from August 9th, 1992. August 9th is also Gillian Anderson's birthday.

    • As Scully quotes during the episode, 'Folie a Deux' is a French saying which translates into: "A Madness Shared By Two".