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Anyone else having a bit of an X-Files break?

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    Scifinerdd10 wrote:

    wittyscreenname wrote:
    I am on an accidental X-Files break. I left my DVDs at home. (Actually, I did this intentionally because I thought that tXF would distract me from my studies, but in actuality my withdrawals from tXF are proving to be a greater distraction!)
    awww nina, that must be tough and i agree. i think itd b more distracting for me not to have them. cuz then all id b able to think about is how i wanna watch it.

    That's exactly what's happening! I don't get to go home until October fourth, so I'll just have to hang tough and survive until then *Countdown: 30 days 'til I'm reunited with tXF* Too long!
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    Scifinerdd10 wrote:

    clairebear_nz wrote:
    I had an X-Files break when I was in Hong Kong and went mildly crazy, you'd be surprised at how excited you can get at hearing the X-Files theme song in a Hong Kong hotel room after watching about 3 hours of BBC world and Chinese Olympians winning medals.
    omg. i dont kno what thats like ... but holy crap, i can imagine!!!

    Put it this way, I'd been up since 4:30am after going to bed at 2am the night before, I was hot, I was tired, I was more than vaguely annoyed and I still danced around the room. Thankfully, that is now in the past (although I loved Hong Kong, I'm just not a city person) and I'm in my rathole of a room, having to tiptoe across piles of books on the floor, with my DVDs and I'm as happy as a clam.
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    The problem with The X-Files its that when you end watching the entire nine seasons you say "That-s all?!?!" so you star asll over again watching!!!
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