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If the series aired on cable?

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    [1]Nov 5, 2011
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    If X-Files aired on a cable network like HBO or SCI-FI, since there will be 13 episodes per season, assuming they cover the whole 9 seasons worth of plots, how do you see each season being like, like which episodes would you cut out to fit 13 episodes per season.

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    with all that went on into the storyline i don't think 13 episodes is enough to cover it all. the show was as you know for 9 seasons & to my best of knowledge none of the shows on FX last THAT Long. they last maybe 6 or 7 seasons if that. but as far as i know none of them have lasted 9 years.

    & i'm sure they'd do stand alone episodes as well. but i don't think enough could be covered to do only 13 episodes. maybe if it was HBO perhaps?

    but even though that's stretching it a bit. i of course may be wrong about this but this is just my own personal opinion.

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