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    i have this one too


    "I'll get you for this Superman!" Lex Luthor cried as policemen dragged him into the cop car.

    "Once again Superman as saved the day." A report speaks into a microphone looking at the camera. "Excuse me, Superman? Can I have a few words with you?"

    "Of course." Superman says. "I will always find time to speak to my..."

    "Superman! Superman!" Mulder interrupts. "I just have a few questions for you. I'm will the FBI." Mulder flashes his badge.

    "Excuse me mam, but I better talk to him." Superman tells the reporter politely. He walks over to Mulder. "How can I help you?"

    "I just have a few questions about where you're from, would you please come with me back to the headquarters."

    "Ok." Superman and Mulder get into Mulders rental car and drive off. At the basement office Mulder and Superman are talking.

    "I just need to know," Mulder says, he turns the desk light to Superman's face. " Do you believe in extraterrestrials?"

    "Yes," Superman replies trying not to star into the light.

    "Cool," Mulder says and turns the light off. Scully walks through the door. "Scully your just in time, I'm about to prove to you that aliens exists."

    "Mulder!" Scully says. "Why do you keep putting me through this?"

    "Because I'm lonely and I have nothing better to do." Mulder replies. Scully smiles. "So, Superman, are you an alien?"

    "As far as I know, yes I am."

    "What exactly are your powers?"

    "I have super speed, x-ray vision, I'm bulletproof..."

    "X-ray vision?" Mulder asks. Superman nods. "Oh..." Mulder pauses. "So, you're bulletproof?"


    "Mulder!" Scully yells knowing what he's thinking.

    "Scully." Mulder says and looks at her. "So, Superman, in my previous experience when I shot an alien he oozed green goo. Since this doesn't happen to you can I shoot you?"

    "Um, I don't see why not." Superman says puzzled.

    "Mulder!" Scully yells. Mulder stands and draws in gun quickly. "MULDER!" Mulder shoots. They bullet bounces right of Superman. "MULDER! I can't believe you just did that!"

    "How do you explain that?" Mulder asks. "Genetic mutation, I don't know Mulder." Scully is getting irritated. Mulder shrugs. "Dam it Mulder!" She storms out the door.

    Mulder runs to the door steps out and yells down the hallway, "Do you believe in extraterrestrials now?!" Scully keeps storming down the hallway not looking back. Mulder turns to Superman. "Do you think she's mad?" Superman just gives Mulder the I-think-your-crazy look. "That will be all, thank you Superman. You can go."


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    this one is my favorite


    "La la la la la la la," Jack and Jill sang while they went up the hill.

    "Come on Scully, we have to follow them. Those strange noises they're making, clearly they are not from this planet." Mulder said.

    "Mulder they are two kids going up a hill. You're crazy." Scully looks at him with a "your-crazy" look.

    "Scully why don't you ever believe me? Did you ever wonder why they might be going up the hill? Of course you didn't, that is a question only a crazy person would ask themselves. I think they are going to be calling a spaceship to come a get them when they reach the top." Mulder said clearly getting excited over the possibilities. "Mulder," Scully was get quite irritate now. "They have a bucket they are probably going to fetch a pale of water when they reach the top. Can't we just go home?"

    "No." Mulder said and the pulled out his gun. "Race you to the top." He takes of running. Scully rolls her eyes, but takes out her gun too and follows right behind.

    Jack and Jill go right next to the well at the top and hold hands. They are unaware that Mulder and Scully have hid on the other side of the well.

    "You owe me for this Mulder," Scully whispers.

    "Shhh!" Mulder shushes her.

    "What are they doing?" Scully whispers.

    "Shhhh!" Mulder shushes her, again. Jack and Jill start singing.

    "What are they saying?" Scully whispers.

    "What the he11!" Mulder says aloud.

    Jack and Jill hear Mulder and both turn their heads at the same time toward them. "Sh1t!" Mulder says and slides down to duck on the side of the well. "Stay down Scully." Mulder clicks his gun.

    "Mulder don't," Scully begins to object to what he is about to do but, too late. BAM! Mulder shoots Jack but only hits is crown, the crown shatters and Jack falls, he goes falling down the hill. BAM! Jill goes tumbling down after Jack.

    "MULDER!" Scully yells.

    "What?" Mulder asked. "Don't be so compassionate for aliens Scully. Let's go look at them, then maybe you'll believe me about aliens planning to colonize the earth." They take off down the hill. They reach the bottom but Jack and Jill are nowhere to be found. "Where did they go?" Scully asks while looking confused.

    "I don't know Scully," Mulder replies while looking disappointed. "Let's go. Where ever they are and who ever they were doesn't matter, they're not here now."

    Just then a spaceship flies over them. Mulder looks up baffled. "Scully! Scully!" Mulder is jumping up and down looking at the sky. "Did you just see that!?"

    "See what Mulder?" Scully asks. "I was bent over tying my shoe."

    "A spaceship Scully!" Mulder has a huge smile across his face. "Do you believe in extraterrestrials now Scully!?"

    "No, Mulder." Scully says. "Mulder I'm worried about you, did you ever consider therapy?'

    "No Scully." Mulder looks away from her, upset. "I'll meet you back at the hotel."

    "Mulder, I'm sorry," Scully says caringly. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

    "It's ok." Mulder says. "Tomorrow we are going to New Mexico. There have been several documented cases when people have see Bigfoot lately. Have you ever done an autopsy on a bear? Three have been found dead in the same woods as Bigfoot this week."

    "Mulder." Scully moans.


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    "See Woody, I can fly." Buzz boasted after a very impressive stunt he landed with perfection.

    "That wasn't flying, that was falling with sty1e" Woody provided a counter-argument.

    "You are just jealous woody that I can fly." Buzz continued his previous boasting, but on a higher level this time.

    "YOU ARE A TOYYYYY! You're not the real Buzz Light-year! You're - you are an action figure!" Woody explodes this time; his face turns red and poofy. "You are a child's play-thing!" Woody looks buzz right in the eye. A sense of shame sweeps over him after he realized he hurt buzz. Buzz was embarrassed.

    Buzz shallows deeply and hides his feelings. "You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity. Farewell." Buzz starts walking to the other end of the bed to get down.

    "Oh, yeah? Well, good riddance, ya loony, you're..." Woody's word trailed off, he was interrupted by a thumps of someone walking up the stairs, then a voice at the door. "Scully, did you hear that in there?" a mans voice said.

    "HIDE!" Woody spoke in a loud whisper. "Someone is coming." Woody dropped to lie on the bed. Buzz did the same.

    The door swings open. A tall lanky man and a woman, who was much shorter, appeared in the doorway.

    "I could have sworn I heard something." Mulder said.

    "Mulder," Scully began to think logically. "The window is open; it's probably just the wind. And don't even begin to say an alien has changed shape and in hiding in here."

    "You said it, not me. I just happen to agree." Mulder smiled. "But what could it be hiding as?"

    "That is ridiculous Mulder!" Scully rolled her eyes. "That's like saying one of these toys is an alien."

    "Could be." Mulder picked Woody up off the bed. He pulled the string.

    "Reach for the sky!" Woody's voice box says. Mulder giggles. Clearly amused. "This town isn't big enough for the two of us!" Scully sighs with frustration. "Mulder, I'm going to go down stairs and ask the kid and his mother again. I'll ask them exactly what the saw. I bet it was no spaceship, it was probably just a rocket from next door or something."

    "I'll investigate up hear some more." Mulder said. "See if I can find that alien." Mulder pulled the string again. "Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!" Mulder giggled again. Scully rolled her eyes and left. Mulder dropped the doll.

    "Ouch" Woody said. He quickly became aware of what he had done. Mulder looked at the Woody and picked him up again.

    "Did something come from you little doll?" Mulder said while holding the doll in one hand and shinning the flashlight in the dolls eyes with the other hand.

    "Listen," Woody said. "You shouldn't have heard that so let's all forget about this whole thing, ok?"

    "Are you an alien?" Mulder said disregarding Woody's request.

    "No, I am not," Woody said and got an idea. An evil idea. "But he's from space." Woody pointed to Buzz. Mulder dropped Woody and picked up Buzz. "Are you an alien?" Mulder asked repeating the previous process.

    "No." Buzz said. "I am Buzz Light-year, space ranger!" Buzz boasted with pride. "Oh," Mulder said excepting the excuses for being able to talk. "Do either of you see an alien spaceship fly over this house last night?"

    "Well as a matter of fact yes." Woody stated. "But it wasn't a spaceship, it was a rocket. The kid next door lit it up. His name is Sid."

    "Oh" Mulder said, this time disappointed. "I'll be going now." Mulder set the toy on the bed. He fiddled with Woody's hat for a few moments. Just then scully appeared in the door way.

    "Having fun?" Scully asked. Mulder realized he looked like he was a 10 year-old boy playing with an action figure. "Yeah." He said sarcastically. "It brings me back to my childhood days. Let's go Scully. We got nothing here."

    "Thank you!" Scully said relieved. "I want to go home."

    "But one thing." Mulder said. Scully rolled her eyes she knew what was coming. "Scully, do you believe in extraterrestrials?" Scully waited till they got outside before responding. "Mulder, you ask me that constantly. Why do you think my answer is going to change?"

    "I still have hope." Mulder said and looked up at the stars in the sky. "I know think there is something out there. But I trust you more than myself, so I figure your right. So I just hope you will change your mind one day. I want there to be something out there." Mulder was still looking up. Scully looked up too.

    "Mulder, I am 99.9% sure there is nothing out there. So please stop asking me."

    "Damm1t." Mulder said. "I was hoping you would be a believer by now." Mulder looked at her. "You know, a girl who disagrees with me is kinda a turn on." Mulder smiled. Scully frowned.

    "Mulder, you always find a way to ruin the conversation." Scully looked at him and pointed to the car. "GO!"

    Mulder shrugged. "What can I say? Its part of my charm." Scully rolled her eyes. "LET'S GO MULDER!" She was getting frustrated.


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    Mulder walked in through into the hospital waiting room. Scully was talking to a doctor standing by the hallway. Mulder walked up to them. "I really think I should be doing this operation. I know way more about his disease than you do." Scully was arguing with the doctor. The doctor just shook his head. "Well then can I at least be there to watch."

    "I'll sorry agent Scully, but I cannot allow that. If you really need it I can give you the report and previous records after word. And who are you?" the doctor said this without any real care. More like a speech he practices over and over. He said the last line to Mulder without any curiosity either.

    "I'm Special Agent Fox Mulder. I'm here partner." Mulder stuck his hand out.

    "I'm Dr. Cox. That's an interesting name, Fox." Dr. Cox said that with sarcasm. Mulder nodded his head and rolled his eyes.

    "Yeah. What's going on?" he said to Scully.

    "I can't do the operation, so you will have to rely on another doctor." Scully said.

    Mulder turned to Dr. Cox, "So who is doing it? Someone that has previous experience with removing an unknown creature from a mans arm? This guy could have an alien in his arm, how do you plan on dealing with that?"

    "Oooooooo! An alien! That's exciting." Another man, wearing scrubs, came up behind Dr. Cox. "Oh! Is this that Jack O'Connor guy with the slug in his arm?!"

    "Yes, Delilah, it is "that" Jack O'Connor, but quite frankly it is none of your business. So, Tammy, go back to work." Dr. Cox said to the man and began to grow irritated. "But, Dr. Cox we need you..." "Samantha! Just go." The man stepped back a bit but didn't leave. "Listen, agents, I am going to allow you to see the operation, but you can't do it, deal?"

    "Fine, sure, whatever." Scully said.

    "Good." Dr. Cox stormed away still angry with the other man.

    The other man moved toward Mulder and Scully. "Do you guys really think it is an alien? How cool. What do aliens look like? I bet there green and gooey. Have you ever seen an alien? Wait, do they even exist? Of course not, that would be absurd, right? Anyway, hi! I'm JD." He said this all at a rapid pace, and between the first and last sentences he said it mostly to himself.

    "I'm special agent Dana Scully, and this is special agent Fox Mulder with the FBI. And no we do not believe this is an alien."

    "Only I believe it is an alien and she is just out to prove me wrong. And why did Dr. Cox call you the names Tammy and Samantha if your name is JD." Mulder asked.

    "He always does that, and he called me Delilah too. Woo! I am pumped up!" JD yelled and Mulder and Scully both gave him strange looks. "I just chugged six energy drinks and within the next 4 hours I know I am going to fall over and pass out, but for-two-en-et-leeeee I am in a hos-pit-al. WELL! I will see u late-air." He ran off down the hallway, only it was more like a skip down the hallway.

    "That was strange. When are they cutting out the thing in the guys arm?" Mulder asked Scully.

    "In a little over an hour. Want to go get some lunch first?" Scully asked.

    "Sure. I'm in the mood for Chinese, how bout you?" He asked while they were walking to the car.

    "Sounds good."
    Later, after the got back from lunch, they walked into Jack O'Connor's room. A crowd of doctors was around his bed asking him questions. "What's going on?" Mulder asked. "Who are you?" A doctor asked.

    "This is Special agents Dana Scully and ... uh... Wolf Mulder or something like that. They were investigating Mr. O'Connor's arm." Dr. Cox said.

    "Oh, I'm Dr. Turk. Basically what is going on is a whole lot of stuff we can't explain." Turk said.

    "Like what?" Scully asked.

    "Well the thing, slug, or whatever is gone. It completely disappeared and Jack here feels great." Dr. Cox said while patting Jack O'Connor on the back. "Its true, I woke up and it was gone. And now I feel better than I did before this thing showed up." O'Connor said.

    "That's interesting." Mulder said.

    "I guess there is no more needing you two." Dr. Cox said and began pushing then out the door. "Now if you excuse us, but we have some other patients to attend to. I'm sure you can find your way out. Good bye agent Scully, agent Coyote" Mulder and Scully were left standing in the hallway and the doctors were walking in the other direction. "That was strange." Scully said.

    "How does someone change the name Fox into Wolf or Coyote?" Mulder said.

    "Now what?" Scully asked.

    "There is no evidence, lets just go home, we have no case." Mulder said.

    "Fine by me, I can't wait to get home." Scully said.

    Down the hall Turk had ran into JD.

    "Dude, did you see that Scully chick. She was fine." Turk said.

    "Yeah, did you meet the guy? His name was Fox. Isn't that such a cool name? I wish my name was Fox. I could be Foxy Fox. Nah, never mind. That just sound right." JD said all within 5 seconds, while he was jumping up and down. "Are you still all crazy from those energy drinks? How many did you have?" Turk said.

    "Yeah, I had 6, it's been an hour and a half but I still don't feel like crashing..." his last word trailed off, he fell over onto his friend. Turk caught him.

    "Uh, JD, are you ok? Turk asked. JD didn't move. Turk leaned him against the wall, and then left him there.

    Mulder and Scully were out the doors and in the car. Before Mulder started the engine a turned to Scully.

    "Scully, do you believe in extraterrestrials?"

    "Wow," Scully said.


    "Nothing, it's just that you blurted that out faster that usual." Scully smiled at him. "The answer is still no, Mulder."

    "Hey, last time you said you were 99.9% sure there were no aliens, so I figure .1% could be a possibility. A small possibility, but still one day you might be a believer. You never know. And how else do you explain the disappearing slug in that guys arm? How do you explain it getting there?"

    "I don't explain it Mulder, and I don't care."

    "Fine. But one day I will make you change your mind." Mulder said. "And you know I've been thinking..."

    "What?" Scully asked.

    "It's just that I almost like the name Wolf better than Fox. But for once I there is a name I'm glad I don't have, Coyote. Who would name there kid that?"

    Scully laughed. "You know, out of all the names I have heard you been called, I like Spooky the best."

    "I hate that nickname." Mulder said.

    "I Know. Shut up and drive, Spooky." Scully said.

    "Sure, fine, whatever." Mulder said.


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    George Bush

    Mulder and Scully were standing in the middle of a corn field. They had been wandering for almost an hour looking for a crashed space ship.

    "Mulder, we're never going to find a spaceship. There was never one out here so we a looking for no reason." Scully said.

    "Fine we'll go. But what way is out of here?" Mulder asked.

    "I think it's that way." Scully pointed to the way they had just come. "No because we made a U-turn a while back, I think it's that way." Mulder pointed in the other direction. "Are you sure?"

    "No. We'll just go your way and if we end up somewhere else we'll go another direction."

    "Why did it have to be a corn field?" Scully moaned.

    They walked for an almost an hour and a half (the whole time arguing over superstitions, and fact vs. fiction in their own views), before they finally arrived at the end of the corn field.

    "I can see field Mulder, were almost out of here." Scully said.

    "Yeah, I can see it to. How long have we been walking? Seems like it's been more than and hour." Mulder said. Scully nodded. "Hey, Scully?" Scully looked at him, "Wanna race the end of maze?"

    "You're such a child." Scully said shaking her head through her smile.

    "Well," Mulder put on a puppy dog face and batted his eyes. "What's so bad about being a child every once in a while?" "Grow up," Scully stopped and turned to him, he sarcastically tried to look offended. "Oh come on Mulder you know it's true. I can't believe they can trust you with a gun." "I can't believe they can trust me at all." Mulder said. They began to walk again. "Hey, Mulder?" Scully said as they walked. They were about 50 feet away from being out of the corn field.

    "Huh?" Mulder said.

    Scully started running, after she was about 10 feet ahead on him she yelled, "Race ya!"

    "Hey! That's unfair!" Mulder said as he began to run. They ran the short distance and Scully got there about 4 seconds before Mulder.

    "You cheated." Mulder complained.

    "I can't believe you trust me at all." Scully said. She looked out at the distance and tried to figure out where they were. "Mulder, this is the golf field we passed on the way here. The car should be that way somewhere." She pointed to her left.

    "Yeah, let's start going that way." Mulder said. They walked that way for a while. In the distance they could see some golfers golfing quite close along the edge of the corn field that was leading Mulder and Scully.

    "If they ask us what we're doing out here, lets not tell them about the "space ship", that you where so sure was out here." Scully said.

    "You don't want me to argue with them for now, or you don't want them to laugh at us?" Mulder asked.

    "Both." Scully said.

    "Why, it's a totally legitimate reason for being out here."

    "Not for any normal person Mulder," Scully said as they were approaching them. "FREEZE!" A man in a black suit yelled drawing his gun. Mulder and Scully stopped.

    "State your name and business." Another man with a suit and gun said. There were three men with guns, and two golfers. They soon realized one of the golfers was the president of the US, George Bush. "I'm Special Agent Fox Mulder; this is Special Agent Dana Scully of the FBI. We were looking for an extraterrestrial space ship that was supposedly crashed near here, but we didn't find it so we're going back to our car that way." Mulder pointed to the direction they had been going. "We would gladly reach into my jacket for my badge, not a gun, but you would have to promise not to shoot me."

    The president whispered in one of the suit's ears. The suit then nodded and whispered back. The president nodded then.

    "Ok," The suit said. "Take out your badges, but do it slowly." They did so and the suits dropped there guns. Scully shot Mulder a look; Mulder gave a 'what' kind of shrug. "How did you here about a space ship?" the man asked.

    "Wait." Scully said. "There wasn't really a space ship, right?"

    "I will ask you again." The suit disregarded Scully's question. "How did you..."

    "We had an informant." Mulder said.

    "Can I get a name?" The suit responded.

    "No" Mulder said bluntly.

    "Do you have a name?"


    "Why can't I know it?"

    "Because I said no. I'm not going to reveal my source."

    "I will ask you one more..."

    "No you can not have the name." Mulder cut into the suits sentence once again.

    "You need to give me a..."

    "Wow, wow, wow." The president cut into the suit's sentence this time. The man was clearly quite irritated from being cut off. "Mr. Mulder, I am George Bush, the president of the United States." The president held his hand out to be shaken.

    "I'm well aware of that sir, my name is Fox Mulder." Mulder shook his hand.

    "Do you believe in extraterrestrials, Mulder?" "Very much I do." Mulder replied without hesitation. "Smart man." The president said. Scully stood there out of the entire conversation. "Are you telling me there are such things as aliens? And that you know and have proof of this? And you have kept it a secret from the rest of America on purpose?" Mulder said.

    "Now, slow down boy. One question at a time. But yes what you just said pretty much sums it up. That is more or less exactly what we did."


    "Well I don't know. My advisors said so. America ain't ready to hear news as big as that. There just ain't no way." The president said matter-of-factly. Mulder looked a Scully; Scully couldn't believe her ears. "Now the reason you didn't find no space ship on that field is cause be already took it out of here and brought it to NASA."

    "Why are you telling us all of this?" Scully brought herself into the conversation.

    "Well little missy," He replied. "The way I see it is it doesn't really matter if you two know because when we're done here we are going to swipe your memory and send you on your way. Now do you two have anymore questions?"

    "Wait, what?" Mulder said, too late. The men in suits pulled out a stick like metal tube with a light on one end. They flashed the lights, brightly, several times. "What happened?" Scully asked. Mulder and Scully were sitting in there car next to the corn field. They were just opening there eyes.

    "I don't know." Mulder said looking around the car to prove to himself that he could believe his own eyes. "I don't remember coming back to the car. Last I remember I beat you in a race to the end to the corn field."

    "Same here but, wait a minute, I won that race." Scully said.

    "I was just checking your memory." Mulder smiled.

    "I remember nothing other then that." Scully thought. "What time is it?"

    "Six o'clock. Wow, we can't remember 3 whole hours." "That's strange. Let's just go, Mulder, I want to go home."

    "It is strange."

    "Mulder don't even suggest it." Scully shook her head.

    "Oh come on, other then aliens how do you explain us both forgetting what happened the last 3 hours and how we got to the car?"

    "I don't know amnesia." Scully tried to think logically like she often does.

    "Scully, do you believe in extraterrestrials?"

    "NO! There is no such thing as an alien Mulder, no matter what you think."

    "Prove it." Mulder said frankly. "Prove there is such a thing as aliens. If you have no proof, I don't need any to debunk that thought. Shut up and drive, Mulder."

    "Fine." Mulder started the car and drove off.


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    this is the last one, my favorite crossover that i wrote was the jack and jill one, and i like this armageddon one too. i really didn't like the bush or the toy story or the superman or the ugly duckling, i really really didn't like the scrubs one


    "Boys, we have a national security matter." Harry said to his crew.

    "Good for you." Rock hound said smiling.

    "Ok, crew," Harry began to speak to his oil drilling crew in a NASA prepping room. "The world may be coming to an end as we speak. Put it in terms you guys will understand, a big rock is coming to earth and we will all go boom."

    "That's intense man," Oscar said.

    Harry continued. "None of you have to go. You can all just sit here on Earth and wait for this big rock to crash into it, killing everything and everybody we know. The United States just asked us to save the world. Anybody wanna say no?"

    "20 years. Haven't turned you down once." Chick began. "Not about to start now. I'm there."

    "Guess I can't let you go up there alone." Freddy said.

    "I'm with you." Bear agreed firmly.

    Oscar smiles. "Man, this is historic. Guys, this is, like, deep blue hero stuff! Of course I'm in."

    "While I don't share *his* enthusiasm," Rock hound looks at Oscar, Oscar smiles, "but you know me. Beam me up, Scotty!"

    "You all right, Max?" Harry asks.

    "I... I... whatever you think?" Max stutters.

    Harry nods and turns to AJ. "How about you?"

    AJ's eye begin to fill with tears, but the stops himself. "I'm in."

    "Good." Harry says and gives AJ a look. "How bout you two, wait who the he11 are you guys?"

    "My name is Fox Mulder, and this is special agent Dana Scully." Mulder flashes his badge. "We're with the FBI. NASA asked us to come and see if there could be aliens related with this 'rock' that is coming to earth. I have a group of friends, they call themselves the lone gunmen, they found this 'rock' on the sky, and they got us involved. And just for the record they would like you all to know that because they found it, they get to name it. They named it 'conspiracy'. They wanted you all to know, anyway I believe..."

    "I have a question" Rock hound cut him off. "Why is the FBI involved with this? Don't the dead with crimes and stuff like that? And Mr.Mulder, are you really in the FBI, that's hard to believe. And you Ms.Dana Scully, how old are you?"

    "Normally the FBI wouldn't deal with this sort of thing," Scully began, "but this is different. Agent Mulder and I work on a unit of the FBI called the X-files; we deal with aliens a lot. We're what you might call experts."

    "My tax dollars are going to something called the 'X's Files'. Dam government." Rock hound complains.

    "No it's the X-files," Mulder corrects him. "Not 'X's Files', X-files."

    "Well who the he11 is X?" Rock hound asks.

    Harry doesn't care. "All right then. We go." ****
    For the next 2 weeks Harry, AJ, Rock hound, Bear, Oscar, Chick, the rest of the crew, and Mulder trained for going up to outer space. "Are you sure you don't want to come." Mulder asks Scully. They are standing in a hallway.

    "I'm sure Mulder. I really like the ground." Scully says. "Mulder you don't have to do this."

    "But Scully, I really want to go. I could find aliens out there, or my sister, or a UFO, or something that makes me less lonely..."

    "Or your death?" Scully asks while give him her you're-crazy-look. Mulder smiles. "Maybe, come on Scully, it sounds like fun. And there is ground out there, only it takes a while to get there." Scully shakes her head. Rock hound, Bear, and Chick come walking down the hallway. "Hey Fox." Bear said.

    "Sup Fox!" Chick says.

    "How's it going Fox?" Rock hound smiles.

    "I told you guys stop calling me Fox. It's not my name give me a nickname like your guys. Please."

    "Dude, we're all nicknamed after animals, Chick, Hound, and Bear. But you it's your real name it's awesome." Bear says.

    "Well can I trade you?" Mulder walks with them down the hallway and leaves Scully behind. Scully rolls her eyes and walks in the other direction.

    "I have a nickname," Rock hound says. "How about, bare with he this is a drastic change, how about Foxy?"

    "I like Foxy, it suits you." Chick says.

    "So Foxy, how's your training?" Bear asks.

    "Come on guys," Mulder begins. "You are so mean."

    Its take off day and everyone who is leaving is suiting up. AJ's fiancée Grace is standing by Scully waiting for the astronaut drillers to come out. Everyone comes out, Harry says goodbye to Grace, and then Mulder comes out and stands by Scully. Then AJ comes, sees Grace and picks her up in his arms.

    "So Scully, I guess this is good-bye," Mulder says.

    "No Mulder, its see you later. You are coming back."

    "Of course" Mulder says. Behind them they hear singing. They turn around. "I'm lEavING, on a jEt plane, don't know when I'll be back again." AJ is singing to Grace. "Leaving on a jet plane," Bear joins in.

    "Leaving on a jet plane," Rock hound is singing now. Then all the oil crew begins to sing. Scully is just giving them her you-are-all-crazy-look. The Mulder starts.

    "I'm leaving on a jet plane." Then all the guys but Harry are singing. "Sing it Foxy!" Bear shouts.

    "Don't call me Fox! I'm leaving on a jet plane!" Mulder hollers, it sounded worst then AJ's. Then the song ends. The crew heads to the ship.

    "You don't have to do this Mulder." Scully grabs his hand. "You're right." Mulder says. "Hey guys can you do this with out me?!"

    "Yeah we'll be just fine Foxy." Rock hound yells.

    "Stop calling me Foxy!" Mulder yells. He turn to Scully. "I am diffidently leaving, I hate that name."

    "So, what do we do now?" Scully asks.

    "There is a Yankee's game in an hour, I really wanna see it."

    "Let's go Foxy." Scully smiles.

    "SCULLY! Not you too." Mulder is getting frustrated. They walk off. They stop, look into the sky and see the spaceship take off. "Scully, do you believe in extraterrestrials?" Mulder asks.

    "NO MULDER!" Scully screams and storms off.

    "Scully. Scully! SCULLY! "He runs after her.


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    Wow I think of read most of those and they're really good.
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    Someone was talking about this, so BUMP
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    Years ago before Season 7 i always dream with the crossover of Millennium and The X-Files but my dream come true but maybe Cold Case and The X-Files you know i mean a man that desaapreared aroung the Roswell incident and Lily Rush and her team crossover with Mulder & Scully looking for that man (possible abductee)
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    Okay, maybe none of you will get it but I'm going to do a Red Dwarf / X-Files crossover just for the heck of it.

    Red Dwarf/X-Files

    Holly called the guys up to the deck.

    "I'm not sure about it but I think we've found earth," he said.

    "OH Smeg," Lister said. "And me best slacks are in the wash."

    "Oh are those the ones with the curry stain or the ones with a hole in the knee?" Rimmer replied.

    "Shut up you smeghead," Lister shot him a dirty look. "I guess what I'm wearing will have to do. Holly prepare Starbug we're going down to explore."

    After a bumpy landing Lister Rimmer Kryten and Cat emerged from the vessel.

    "Don't forget to put on the cloaking device you git," Rimmer scolded.

    When they heard the sounds of voices they quickly activated the cloaking device and Kryten hid behind a bush.

    "I'm telling you Scully," Mulder insisted. "I saw some kind of alien craft that looked like a big bug."

    "Maybe it was a big bug," Scully joked.

    Cat took one look at Scully and glanced in the mirror to make sure his hair wasn't touseled. Seeing that he still looks good he siddled up to her. Scully took one look at him, shook her head and rolled her eyes.

    "That man has fangs, he's a vampire!" Mulder exclaimed gesturing towards Cat.

    "Who you callin' a vampire?" Cat hissed. "I happen to be one d*&m fine lookin cat!"

    "This is ridiculous Mulder," Scully said glancing off into the distance and wondering why she even let Mulder drag her out here.

    "Did you see a strange craft around here?" Mulder asked Lister.

    Lister looked back in the direction of Starbug and saw that it was invisable,

    "Naw, I didn't see anything. Did you Rimmer?"

    Rimmer looked at Mulder's face ripe with anticipation and decided to have a little fun.

    "As a matter of fact, I did see a flying saucer land just over that hill." he lied.

    Mulder started running towards the hill and Rimmer broke out in hysterical laughter.

    Scully shot him a dirty look and called after Mulder.

    "He was lying, there isn't anything over there!" she said.

    Mulder got to the top of the hill and saw nothing. Still unconvinced he returned to the group. He flashed his badge and introduced himself.

    "Oh look," Rimmer mocked.

    "They're from the Federal Bureau of Intoxication."

    Lister looked at Scully who had her arms folded across her chest.

    "Don't mind him," he said.

    "He a Smeghead!"

    "I think they're hiding something," Mulder whispered to Scully.

    "Especially the tall one with the big nose and unruly hair."

    "I think they're tourists having a little fun with us." Scully replied having taken note of their british accents. She then turned her back and started towards the car. Dejected Mulder began to follow her but tripped on a rock and stumbled in Rimmer's direction. Instead of knocking him over Mulder fell right through him.

    "What the h8ll?" he cried. Then he got to his feet and passed a hand through Rimmer's abdomen.

    "Hey Scully take a look at this!" Scully had just started to get in the car which was facing the other direction when she heard Mulder's call.

    "What is it now Mulder?" she called without turning back.

    Mulder passed his hand through Rimmer again and Rimmer flared his nostrils into a grimace.

    "Would you please quit doing that!" he exclaimed.

    "It's very unsettling!"

    Meanwhile Lister has been snickering to himself.

    "What's going on here, who are you people?" Mulder asked slightly aggitated but at the same time intrigued.

    Kryten emerged from the bushes and said:

    "I think I might be able to shed some light on the subject. Would you mind telling us what year it is?"

    "1995," Mulder replied curious to see where this is going.

    "I see," Kryten replied stopping momentarily to do some calculations.

    Scully called back over her shoulder, not curious enough about what was going on to turn and look:

    "Are you coming Mulder?"

    "Listen," Lister spoke up. "Are the two of you, you know, an item?"

    Mulder shot him a dirty look.

    "Agent Scully is my partner, why would you ask such a question?"

    "I don't think it's a good idea for you to be messing things up in this time." Kryten scolded.

    "She may very well be your great great great grandmother."

    "Naw," Lister replied nonchalantly.

    "I was just going to ask her out for a pint."

    "I think plastic head is right." Cat said angry that she rejected him.

    "We should leave her alone."

    Mulder looked at them strangely beginning to put the pieces together in his mind.

    "Ya see, I was in stasis for three million years.." Lister explained.

    "I was put there as punishment for smugglin a Cat on board the Dwarf, (that's our ship) and there was a radiation leak so Holly (our ship's computer) didn't take me out until it was safe. By that time, everyone on board the ship was dead except my cat's decendents because they were safe inside the ship's hold."

    "Are you, time travelers?" he asked.

    "Of sorts," Kryten replied.

    "We've been wandering through space trying to find Earth. We must have gone through a worm hole which transported us through space and time."

    "Then he's..." Mulder gestured towards Cat.

    "Yes, he evolved from Lister's smelly cat." Rimmer interupted with annoyed impatience.

    "Hey who're you callin smelly, grand am nostril nose?" Cat retorted interupting Rimmer's speach.

    "And I'm a hologram and he's an android." he finished bluntly pausing only to glare at Cat.

    "Now haven't we had enough of this loathsome talk? I've got places to be and things to do."

    "Like what Rim-MER?" Lister smirked.

    "You're a hologram, you can't really DO anything."

    "Like get away from you, you silly git!" Rimmer replied.

    The four boarded Starbug and left at which point Mulder rejoined Scully in the car.

    "So did you find out who they were?" she asked with indifference.

    "The tall one was a hologram, the short one was a human who's been in stasis for 3 million years, there was an android hiding in the bushes which you didn't see and the one with the fangs was a creature which evolved from a house cat and they were all time travelers from three million years in the future."

    Scully shot him a dirty look,

    "I shouldn't have asked." she said.

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