The X-Files

Season 2 Episode 15

Fresh Bones

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1995 on FOX

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  • Can't go wrong with a voodoo X-File

    The voodoo storyline and the conflict between Beauvais and Wharton gave the episode some intrigue.
  • Mulder and Scully are caught up in a battle of a voodoo priest and a camp commander

    This was quite a spooky episode in a battle between a voodoo priest and a camp commander which results in several murders that was believed to be suicide but they don't turn out to be.It was a spooky episode when Mulder was chasing the kid and all that was left was a cat that also appeared at the end when Scully saved herself from the voodoo priest apparently dead coming out of her hand.There was so much spooky even for X-Files.
  • Fresh Bones

    Fresh Bones was another perfectly entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama, intrigue and suspense. It was neat to see a story involving Haitian refugees and Voodoo, though it was surprising who was behind every thing. There were some interesting issues addressed in this story such as the army and it's abuse of power. I liked the ending where the guy responsible got what he deserved. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • That Voodoo That You Do

    A mediocre stand-alone episode. We get Haitians in place of aliens and I just can't buy into it. I get the nagging feeling that the writers are just trying to make some kind of political point since they leave out any details about the voodoo going down at the detention center. How could the man locked up in solitary confinement have poisoned the soldiers? After all, I didn't see a frog-press in his cage. Why was there such animosity between him and the commander? It seemed that there was more behind that story but the writers did not flesh it out.
  • Not much boo with the voodoo

    Rather unusually, this episode sees "The X Files" getting political. Of course this show getting political means that it doesn't do it in an overt way, but there's enough clues laid out for us about the army's mistreatment of Haitian refugees in a detention camp to make us realise that we're being told something. Thankfully our lesson is couched in a tale of voodoo which is superficially interesting but which ultimately fails to make the grade as higher echelon X File material.

    And why would that be? There's a certain lackadaisical quality to "Fresh Bones" that seems to be generated by the episode's openendedness. Writer Howard Gordon has tried to ensure that he has every aspect covered – hell, he even manages to come up with a scientific explanation for zombification – but no X File can ever be so neatly summarised. There's also an air of familiarity that such gimmicks as the appearance of X can't quite disguise. The whole aspect of troubled US army personnel taking it out on their families harks right back to the second episode ever made, "Deep Throat". And the addition of the cheeky boy Chester who actually turns out to be a ghost is just a little bit too contrived. As in, how come nobody else in the entire camp remarked on the fact that this supposedly dead boy is running around at large?

    Still, there's enough here to keep our interest fuelled, and this is largely down to the efforts of director Rob Bowman. Mindful of how big the show is getting in terms of scope and iconography, Bowman like the director of the previous episode, Kim Manners, has pulled out the stops to give the series a big feel. Some of his cinematic close-ups of Mulder and Scully are poster material. But Bowman can also tell a good story. His opening teaser very neatly captures the tension of a household with its telling observation. As it transpires, the theme of the episode – that the brutalised Haitians are fighting back against their aggressors with the only weapon they have, in the form of voodoo – actually turns out to be more interesting than the story itself. The episode's highpoint is when Scully comes face to face with the reality of voodoo with a horrific sequence in her car parked outside a cemetery when her hand bursts open. Scully is able to avert disaster by reaching for a talisman, but does this experience make her acknowledge the power of voodoo? Absolutely not, and it's this lack of attention to detail that makes this episode ultimately a largely unsatisfying experience. Though there's no denying the horror of Colonel Wharton's fate at the end.

  • Mulder and Scully try to solve the mysterious suicides of soldiers

    Another episode of "The X-Files," another case that has nothing to do with extraterrestrials or the mytharc, but I really enjoyed this one compared to some of the other ones this season.

    The main plot is that a series of soldiers hired to guard refugees are committing suicide, and one of the soldiers believes it to be voodoo. Mulder and Scully investigate a man named Beauvais who is told to be heavily into voodoo. It appears he may be right after strange things beginning happening to Mulder and Scully, especially after Scully begins seeing things that aren't there.

    The episode was pretty straightforward with only a few truly shocking moments. I thought it was interesting the way they portrayed voodoo here.. can't say I know much about it, but it certainly lead to some odd moments that kept the show exciting. Also, we got the return of the mysterious government man who we last saw after Scully was abducted and after she returned. His appearance was pretty pointless, but it's nice to know the show is thinking of these characters.

    Also, I've enjoyed watching Scully slowly become more of a believer than Mulder. At times, Scully is the one experiencing these things and Mulder is the one skeptical. I'm glad they're fleshing out the characters more.

    Overall, not a bad episode though.
  • Mulder drags Scully on an investigation into two suicides that may be related to voodoo, only to find out that a high-ranking military officer in charge of a Haitian refugee camp is conducting a secret vendetta against a Haitian voodoo priest.

    This season is up and down in terms of episode quality. It starts off well with Little Green Men and The Host, then peters out with a few bad episodes until the brilliance of Duane Berry-One Breath (including 3), then loses momentum again until Excelsis Dei, at which point it goes into a gradual upswing. This episode is still part of that upswing: not great, but pretty darn good. Like the episode directly before it, Fresh Bones deals with very big issues, issues that have as their implications the spiritual make-up of the X-Files universe, and also like the episode directly before it, it leaves matters opened ended. The science in this episode was more convincing then usual, and it is possible to make a case that Scully was right and everything that happened is the result of fear, the power of suggestion, and toxins in the blood. We are left to make our own decisions, chilled by the possibilities but not alienated by the assertion that voodoo IS. Visually this episode was amazing, with the chaos of the refugee camp, the splendor of the ritual at the end, the live burial, and the cold darkness that seemed to infuse the setting better even than it usually does on this show. I love this show.
  • Voodoo people

    “Fresh Bones” is an episode about voodoo and the army. It’s an ok episode, but not a very exciting one. Basically loads of army guys go mad and kill themselves. They are all connected as they all work in some refuge camp. Then Mulder and Skully uncover a plot to do with riots, voodoo, zombies, army people abusing their authority, and they buy a Mc Donald’s for a ghost kid. And this big bald guy gets what he deserves. This episode shows that different cultures should not be looked down on no matter how strange that they seem to us. 7/10
  • The one with the voodoo

    This episode was a little disturbing, how can someone not love that?

    I think it started off very cool but the last 20 minutes could have been a little better.

    The teaser was very effective where we see a young man going crazy and hallucinating a whole bunch. When he looked into the mirror he saw himself as a zombie and then he crashed into a tree with a weird symbol painted at the back of it.

    His wife hires the F.B.I. because she thinks that someone killed her husband but she doesn’t know who or why, she thinks it was with voodoo and she found that weird sign in the sandbox of her child. She is very worried that something may happen to him.

    Mulder and Scully go to a place filled with people who aren’t allowed to go home. They meet a little child who gives them a protection charm even though Scully doesn’t want to accept it.

    The colonel tells Mulder and Scully that those people hate them and that they are cursing the soldiers, another one had died before.

    Mulder and Scully also find the guy that had died before, as some sort of zombie but not the kind who wants to eat delicious brains.

    In the cemetery Mulder and Scully see the little kid digging up graves, but it turns out that he is catching frogs because they sell.

    When they go to a restaurant and give the little kid food, one of the soldiers is watching them from outside. He tells Mulder that the colonel is doing everything and that his wife died when they were gonna marry, her stomach was filled with snakes.

    The Soldier is afraid of the kid who runs out, When Mulder chases the kid, he finds at a dead end a black cat but no kid.

    When the colonel is going to eat his food, it begins to bleed. He is upset and makes one of the soldiers beat the crap out of the guy who he thinks is responsible.

    When Scully and Mulder leave the place, she touches something that cuts her hand. When they drive away, that weird symbol was painted under their car.

    Later on the zombie guy kills his friend, but he doesn’t remember anything that happened. But it turns out that the colonel was behind everything all along, he was raising the dead for his own gain.

    When Scully and Mulder go to the cemetery she stays behind in the car but begins to bleed out of her mouth and something comes out of her hand that tries to kill her. Then the killed guy comes back and this time he kills the colonel.

    This was an exiting episode that had also a creepy factor, I liked the kid that turned out to be dead all along at the end of the episode.