The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 14

Gender Bender

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 1994 on FOX
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Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders where the suspect seems to be both male and female. Their investigation leads them to the small town of Stevenston, Massachusetts, where a group called the Kindred have set up a village back in the woods.

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  • Welcome Nick Lea!!!

    I agree with a lot of the reviewers here, the plot was . There are signs of good acting, but it can't fully materialize because there isn't much of a plot to support it. It was cool to see Nick Lea's debut though...
  • A weird episode

    Some old cult is doing cermonies while one of their kills a lot of people, they protect and take care of their own. Scully almost killed. There is no conspiracy here either wich is a let down, wish it was more of it in the beginning.
  • Let's throw a bunch of randomness together and call it an episode

    This episode was too weird for me at first, then I thought it held promise, and then all went to hell. They kept throwing in kinks and never straightening them out. They can change sexes, there are no children, they bury people alive who then proceed to reverse aging. They can make people have sex with them, there's something special about walling themselves up in clay, oh and they just flew away in their space craft which was somehow completely hidden the entire time Mulder and Scully were snooping around. What? And if they are aliens, why make themselves stick out by living like the Amish? Apparently they don't have issues with advanced technology since they have a freaking space ship! I simply adore the show but this episode totally rubbed me the wrong way.moreless
  • A Rollercoaster of a Story

    Now, this is a strange episode. It starts off bad, gets good, then gets bad again at the end. I don't know whether too many writers worked on this one, or not enough. But it winds up a terrible mess of half-hatched ideas that just seem to be thrown together.

    Oddly enough, once I got past the ridiculous opening scenes and introduced to The Kindred, I thought the story became interesting. Of course, it still had moments of off-the-wall silliness, such as Scully being overwhelmed by her lustful hormones and Mulder doing his invisible-as-a-ninja routine in the cave, but it was looking like it was going to be an episode well-worth watching. But then, the writers just summed it all up with a "they're aliens!" cop-out ending that was nothing more than a quick, cheating way to "explain" everything.

    THIS EPISODE WANTS US TO BELIEVE IN: Shape-shifting, Lust-inducing Murderous Aliens Living Amongst Us as Religious Zealots.


    I gave this episode an extra point for the excellent cinematography throughout. Good or bad episode, the look of the scenes are outstanding in this last half of the season. There's nothing easy about filming at night, and even the day scenes are extrordinary-- the work of a quality crew.moreless
  • The kindred are aliens

    This was a really good X-file episode as it showed a real mystery when Mulder and Scully investigate murders committed by the same person where victims are different sexes and have been killed shortly after sex.This lead them to a strange group called the Kindred and one of them tries to kill Scully and in the end appear to be aliens when they some how take the killer from the murders Mulder and Scully are investigating and vanish into thin air and in the field a shape of some sort of alien aircraft was there which means they have left and that the kindred was a type of alien race.moreless
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Brent Hinkley

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David Thomson

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Kate Twa

Kate Twa

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Doug Abrahams

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Principal setting: Germantown, Maryland; Steveston, Massachusetts.

    • In the scene of the first victim, as Agent Mulder was carefully studying the body with a cotton tip, you can see the actor playing the victim's closed eyes moving under his eyelids. Somebody seems to be ticklish when they're playing dead.

    • A painting by H.R. Giger can be seen on a wall in the background of the night club twice.

    • Revealing Mistakes: Watch the opening scene as the camera pans through the night club. If you look very closely (if you have the DVD you can play it frame by frame) you will be able to clearly see the steadi-cam operator in the reflection of the stairs as the camera goes up them to the next level. He seems to be wearing a beige t-shirt and blue jeans.

    • Continuity: After the part where the head Kindred woman tells Mulder and Scully "I asked you not to interfere", Mulder leads Scully away. From one camera angle, he is leading her away by the hand. In the same scene, but from a different camera angle, he has his arm around her. When we go back to the first camera angle, he is once again leading her away by the hand.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Mulder: The Addams family finds religion.
      Scully: Take me back to the 20th century.
      Mulder: You believe all that back there, Scully?
      Scully: Believe all what?
      Mulder: All that "we take care of our own" business?
      Scully: Well, they better take care of their own or that man at the dinner table is a dead man.
      Mulder: I think it was all an elaborate act.
      Scully: What? The choking?
      Mulder: No, all this simple life, living from abundance crap. These people know something, Scully. You can see it in their eyes - the way they look at one another.

    • Scully: You think there's a new drug on the streets?
      Mulder: The oldest drug, not even illegal. Each body showed the presence of huge amounts of pheromones.
      Scully: The chemicals animals secrete? You mean, sexual attractants?
      Mulder: Radar love. Only about a hundred times stronger than found anywhere in nature, strong enough to product anaphylactic shock or a coronary.
      Scully: So you think somebody is synthesizing them?
      Mulder: It's been done, but in nowhere near these concentrations and hold on to your hat, Scully, 'cause you're gonna love this. The pheromones we're talking about - they contain human DNA.
      Scully: Well, there's still a question as to whether humans can produce pheromones. So how can that be?
      Mulder: I don't know. But if it's true, then this guy is a walking aphrodysiac. He's the ultimate sex magnet.

    • Scully: I don't understand, how can they just disappear? They have no means of transportation.
      Mulder: No earthly means of transportation.

    • Scully: We can't rule out the possibility that who we're looking for is a transvestite.
      Mulder: I think Don Juan in there knows the difference between the male and female of the species.

    • Michael: The club scene used to be so simple. It's off the record.
      Mulder: (gives salute) Scout's honor.

    • Mulder: I know what I saw, Scully. And I saw you about to do the 'wild thing' with some stranger.

    • Mulder: [upon seeing the abandoned Kindred home] Maybe they went to the movies.

    • Scully: So what is our profile of the killer? "Indeterminate height, weight, sex. Unarmed, but extremely attractive?"
      Mulder: It gets weirder.

    • Scully: There's something up there, Mulder.
      Mulder: Oh, I've been saying that for years.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Mulder: The Addams family finds religion.

      The Addams Family is a creation of cartoonist Charles Addams about a bizarre family who delight in all things frightening and macabre. They first appeared in the 1930s as a cartoon in The New Yorker and later as part of a popular 1960's television series. In the 1990's the comic was adapted for a series of films.