The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 14

Gender Bender

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 1994 on FOX

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  • Gender Bender

    Making a big jumble of movies like "The Village" and "Basic Instinct", this great episode of "The X-Files" has a level of suspense as good as the level of weirdness. It begins with a sexual mystery, then walks to social isolation and ends well in the climate of the series, not counting the endless theories. After all, there is indeed a pheromone created by humans in their correspondence with their mutual sexual partners? Hard to know. But the similarity of the human and other animals wild and irrational has never been denied, especially in the desires and instincts, which becomes clear when Scully, a victim of "charm" of one of the residents, appears as the classic example of how human beings are submissive to their most primitive desires, which even if not it will make such an attitude, it is undeniable that he was about to make, mesmerized by the look, smell and touch of hands. The question murderer or killer established in the episode reveals nothing more than the multitude of threats facing inside, is a secret society, mutants or aliens. There is indirect in great episode about religious fanaticism and repression Catholic, explicit dialogue "Are not they famous for practice abstinence and ridges? - It seems that one of them forgot to wash your nails, "ie, the group is host to many hypocrites who pretend to have clean fingernails. On the isolation and secret society formed by the fear of violence monstrous contaminant of social norms, the modern way of life, what remains is to think how these motives influence on his trip ... or taken in a safe distance. It is clear that the killer wanted fugitive experience our world of instant pleasures and accessible, but it was a slip up group than mild severely self-excluded. The ending, although very risky, the episode ends well and concludes the reason why so much isolation and experimentation done the pleasures of the human population. An episode very tense, very eclectic in his themes and it had everything to go wrong, but ended up giving quite right.