The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2002 on FOX

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  • Hellbound

    Hellbound was a superb episode of The X-Files and I really enjoyed watching. The story revolved around Reyes and visions she had connected to some gruesome murders which was interesting. I liked the character development and the general theory of what was happening. It was great to watch the agents investigate and figure out the possible reasons for what was happening. The guest cast was great. I liked the ending and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Skin Deep

    One thing that has remained consistently good about the X-Files is the casting. The guys in this episode really do look like ex-cons. Other than the casting, there isn't really much to recommend this episode. Oh, there is a shot of a sweaty Reyes in a black camisole waking up after a bad dream (with Doggett rather incongruously listening in on her from the next room). Too bad she is still overwhelmed by the role and she gives yet another bleh performance, which is unfortunate since she is the focus of this particular episode.

    The initial suspect in the murders is so obvious that we know it can't be him. And as there aren't a whole lot of other characters left alive, it's pretty easy to figure out that the killer must be either the group counselor or the bored detective. So flip a coin.

    In the end, the storyline ends up being pretty clever, it would have made a nice feature film in itself. It seems completely arbitrary that Reyes has some psychic connection with the events, but it's reminiscent of a previous X-File episode where the agents discover their past lives, so I'll give this plot contrivance a pass.
  • Reyes has spooky feelings, the plot is not believable, even for X-Files.

    This episode makes no sense, and the whole time it feels like all these convenient things are happening just so Reyes can have her mysterious revelation. Meanwhile, the whole premise is ridiculous. It's based on the idea that when the murderer dies, his soul is transferred to a newborn baby, like exiting the vagina is somehow a soul-giving moment. For this to work, the soul would have to be passed upon conception, but conception is impossible to pinpoint by looking through files, and so we get this episode. Just a real clunker. I'm not one of those people who bashes season nine; it has its strengths. But it also features most of the worst episodes in the series, this one included.
  • The storyline is great as in every single episode.

    I think the problem that fans have has nothing to do with the storyline but with the characters solving it.

    If you look at the storylines, the cases, itself you know they are great and that Chris Carter didn't lose his touch. I think we just see them different because they are investigated in a different way, with a different aproach. We are used to Mulder and Scully solving, or at least investigating, the cases in their own special way and in this season we lose that and we get 2 new characters, Goggett and Reyes, who investigate the cases in a complete different way. We loved Mulder and Scully's way so for us it's hard to see it different.

    But I repeat, the storylines are still great, they are as x-files as they have ever been.
  • A series of gruesome murders reveals more about Monica Reyes and her subtle psychic or empathic abilities.

    This is not the greatest episode in the world and the story is rather convoluted and fields weirdly somewhat far-fetched even for an X-Files episode. I don't know whether it's in the writing or the direction, but it just felt a little 'clunky' alongside other better ones. That being said, it is still pretty good with a fair share of chills and gore. The premise is around a series of murders of four people, a similar set of murders that has been happening on certain dates in the past. The deaths of one set of victims correspond with the births of others etc.

    The method of murder is skinning alive and the special effects team really comes into its own here. The body is very believable - though less so to me was how someone could remove the skin and leave all the arteries and veins intact without an incredible amount of skill. There is a particularly unsettling scene in an abattoir, which is already place with dead carcasses in it.

    It does tell us more about Monica and her abilities - actually it's a shame these weren't further exploited, but that would have probably taken another series of the X Files. The ending and the culprit are a little easy to guess.

    So I wouldn't call it a classic, but it's still worth a look.
  • Another fascinating Monica episode.

    Given I didn't like her in season 8, she has proven to be what makes season 9 watchable. The two best episodes, the other being '4-D', both revolve around her. This is a typical X-File, vengeful spirit who is somehow managing to be reborn in each 40 year cycle to extract revenge on the four souls who killed him, each stuck in the same loop. The last player is Monica, her identity the only one in question, who tries during each cycle to stop the murders and fails every time. Her powerful connection to the original murder has made her a part of it. As a multiple reborn soul, it could be the source of her psychic abilities, why she sees things others don't.

    Monica believes she failed but she did manage to alter this cycle – only three of the four souls died, even if the killer successfully was reborn. Perhaps Monica will succeed next time.

    A fascinating episode, Monica becomes increasingly interesting and I've a fondness for characters who have past lives and are reborn so this is a great twist. The perfect X-File episode.
  • A great example of an "X-Files" epsiode *SPOLIER*

    This had all the makings of what makes an "X-file", reincarnation, coming back to die the same way over and over again, a killer who skins their victims and that nice little twist at the end. It may seem boring at first, but just sit through it you won't be disappointed, except I would've liked a little more background on the miners and why it happened the way it did.
  • Every generation or so, a killer skins his victims alive.

    A fairly interesting episode, if not all that exciting. This is only the second time the show has touched on reincarnation (previously in the far surperior "The Field Where I Died"), and tackles the opposite end of the spectrum: reincarnation for the purpose of savage vengeance. Reyes' connection makes it a bit more interesting, as she tries to break the age-old cycle. But I'm starting to worry that her apparently ingrained paranormal nature is becoming too much of a catch-all. Between this, her visions in her early appearances, and her often huge-leap insights, the character could become a crutch to avoid genuine investigation. But with only a half a season to go, I suppose that'll never get a chance to be a problem.