The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 1993 on FOX

Episode Recap

Artic Ice Core Project

Icy Cape, Alaska

250 Miles North of the Artic Circle

8:29 a dog walks around a room with bodies. No sign of life until a beat up man with a gun appears and says "we are not who we are. It stops right now." He is then attacked by another beat up man and they wrestle, both get away from each other and find guns but instead of killing each other they both kill themselves.

Mulder is showing a video of the men that made up the team of The Ice Core Project. He then says they have lost contact with the team until the last video communication was sent. Then he shows the Video of the man seen before. Mulder then tells Scully that they are the ones who were given the case because they are either thought of as brilliant or expendable.

Mulder and Scully show up at the airport and meet Dr. Murphy, Dr. Dasilva, and Dr. Hodge. Everyone shows each other their identification. They remark about their being two FBI agents, a geologist, a toxicologist and a Medical Doctor. We are also introduced to the pilot Bear.

They arrive at the building and they begin processing the scene. They find the Core samples and while exploring they come upon the dog who attacks Mulder. Bear comes to the rescue and then Dr. Hodge drugs the dog. The dog did not break Mulder's skin but it did break Bears. He goes to the bathroom to bandage himself. They think the dog has rabies but after examining the dog they find black nodules at is a symptom of the Bubonic Plague. They also notice the dog has been chewing at its self. They then notice that there is something crawling under the skin. It then shows that Bear has the black nodules.

Mulder finds Evidence that the ice shelf is twice as thick as it was thought to be. After finding out that the dead bodies also had the same thing they think they would test every one for it and then leave if no one has it. Bear gets irritated and aggressive and when asked to give a bold and stool sample he hits Mulder with a glass. They then wrestle him to the ground and he starts to scream and convulse. There is something moving under his skin. They cut it out to try to save him but he dies. Meanwhile Mulder has contacted the airport for an evacuation but there is a storm coming and no one can come to get them and it is coming their way so if they don't leave they will be trapped.

The doctor has examined the worm they pulled out of Bear and he says it is similar to a tape worm but it is not really like anything he has ever seen. He also can't tell how it is transmitted. Scully has found another worm in one of the bodies. It was located in the hypothalamus. They conclude that the worm is a parasite that feeds on the ascito-coline and it causes aggression. That is how the team started killing each other.

Mulder and Scully argue about what to do with the parasite. Mulder doesn't want to kill the worms because it could hold secrets to survival, also because if they kill it now they won't know how to stop it if something gets out later. Scully thinks they should kill it because if they don't it could get out into the population and quickly cause death and destruction. Their argument soon leads to yelling and the others hear them.

Dr. Hodge thinks that because Mulder and Scully are FBI they already knew what was up here and what would happen. He also thinks that Scully has the parasite now because she was exposed to Bears blood. Dr. DaSilva reminds him that he was also exposed to Bears blood. The Group decides that they need to be sure no one has the Parasite so they strip down and examine each other for the black nodules. No one has them but Mulder reminds Scully that the nodules disappeared of the dog and Bear. The team separates and we see every one doing something different. Scully uses a dresser to block the bedroom door. Dr. Murphy is listening to a game on a walkman. Dr. DaSilva is crying. Dr. Hodge is making a list

Mulder- Bitten by the dog.

Scully- Exposed to bears blood.

Dr. Murphy- Exposed to core sample.

Mulder tries to sleep but wakes up to a noise. He goes to investigate and finds Dr. Murphy stuffed in a cabinet dead. Just then everyone else walks in to find him pushing the body off himself. Everyone is suspicious of each other. Mulder found the body so he thinks it is one of them. They found him with the body so they think it is him. Scully and Mulder have their guns pointed at each other. Scully points out that they can't just take his word for it so he puts his gun down and agrees to be locked up. He tells her he will be safer in there then she will. Scully then sees Dr. Dasilva sleeping and goes to check her neck but Dr. Hodge grabs her. They argue that if Scully gets it and she is the only one with a gun then they are in trouble so she takes her gun apart and throws the bullets outside.

They are doing research on the blood and they find out that the worms don't like other worms. The worms from two different infected bloods kill each other so they try it on the dog and it cures the dog. Scully goes to talk to Mulder and tells him that there is a cure but he doesn't want it because it would be putting one worm in him and infecting him. He tells her he would have let her test him but she was pointing a gun at him. He also tells her he wants to trust her so he lets her examine his back. She goes to leave and he grabs her and examines her. They come out and tell the Doctors what they found but they don't trust Mulder and Scully so they attack them. Dr. DaSilva locks Scully in the same room and then gets the worm which is the only one left and tries to put it in Mulder's ear but Dr. Hodge sees that something is moving in her back so he pushes her off Mulder and she runs off. They let Scully out and run after her. Meanwhile she has found a gun but they wrestle her down and are able to get the 2nd worm in her ear.

They have been rescued Scully, Mulder, and Dr. Hodge have been tested and they are fine. And they are placing Dr DaSilva and the dog in confinement until they are sure they are cured. Mulder wants to go back and study it some more but Dr. Hodge tell him that 20 min after they left, the army / CDC torched the place so their won't be anything there. Mulder is bothered because he knows it is still there beneath the ice. Scully says to leave it there.

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