The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 1993 on FOX

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  • Before anyone passes judgement, may I remind you we are in the arctic.

    I adore movies and TV shows that make most of a plot in one single setting. "Ice" is just another example of that. The acting carries this episode, fueled by the classic X-Files theme of mistrust. This A "cult classic" with an epic opening scene.
  • Its a classix X-Files

    Its a cklassic episode. No conspiracy, but we get Xander Berkeley, and Mulder and Scully turning on eachother. Alien lifeform in the ice.
  • Who did it first, who did it best, or who cares?

    Yes, this is a ripoff or homage to The Thing. The question is whether you let that weaken the episode for you. I'm glad I didn't, because I quickly found I prefer this to The Thing; it's smarter, more concise, and it's got Agent Scully, who I'm liking more and more.

    That who-did-it-first reservation is a learned (not innate) bit of self-consciousness. I don't like it, but it's a reservation all the same. So that's why I give this an 8.5 and not a 9. It's a great episode anyway.
  • Lucky They Didn't Get Sued

    It's only the 8th episode, and the writers were already so out of original ideas that they had to rip-off "The Thing"? This is an episode so terrible and unoriginal that I have little else to say about it. Both Mulder and Scully act so out-of-character that it's painful to watch, and there's really nothing good to experience in this 45 minute waste of time.

    THIS EPISODE WANTS US TO BELIEVE IN: Ancient parasites alive in arctic ice that makes people homicidal.


    Sadly, the idea of the ancient parasites isn't too bad or unbelievable in itself. But by out-and-out ripping off several well-known movies from start-to-finish, the creators opened a whole 'nother can of worms. Shameful!

  • Parasitic worms

    This is the best episode of the season which shows Mulder and Scully going to Alaska to investigate a missing team that mysteriously vanished and it turns out that they have been infected by some kind of worm that makes you angry and want to attack people and two worms are in a human and they are both fighting they both die which is why all the team died.Mulder and Scully go with two other people and when the pilot is bitten by a dog that has the worm he gets it and it kills him and everyone thinks Mulder has it.
  • Ice - A wonderful episode

    What a GREAT episode! Making a clear homage to the horror classic "The Thing" (John Carpenter), are almost 45 minutes of pure mistrust, isolation, fear and a lot of blood! Full of twists and pure tension, the story takes on a basis of experiments in Alaska, where the pair will investigate the death of a group of scientists who apparently went mad and killed each other. As the plot develops, many questions arise in the air, like how much we can trust each other, to what extent our confidence may go without betraying us. The monster of the week would be a small worm that enters the bodies of people and makes them aggressive and inhuman, unable to defend themselves. The worm would be something unknown, something that invades us and makes us altogether, not making us accountable for our actions, let alone establishing limits for them, something uncontrollable. Scully and Mulder are very victims of the enemy and completely discreet, but destructive. Pro final, there is still more conspiracy theories about government and its handling of information, to relieve all that pauleira suspense before. A very complete episode.
  • Ice was awesome!

    Ice was another great episode of The X-Files and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of action intrigue, drama and mystery. It was interesting to see the bad guys or villains in this episode were actually parasitic worms which take control of the host body. I liked how the story lines played out. This episode was definitely a tribute to the movie entitled "The Thing" and it was certainly well done. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • My first X-Files ever

    This is the first episode of the x-files I have ever watched back in the days. This is a really well written, played and directed scary story. Just watched it again recently and this episode has not aged a single bit compared to most of the episodes of the first season. Great episode to get into the xfiles
  • The catch phrase from this episode, "We are not who we are", has echoed down the seasons with an increasing resonance as we encountered the strangers-behind-the-masks in "Shapeshifter", "Irresistible", and Colony/Endgame". Issues of trust and faith are central to "The X-Files", and never more so than in this early and revealing episode.


    When it first aired, "Ice" was part of a younger, considerably less sure-of-itself show. Viewers had had little insight into the characters of Mulder and Scully, and even less into their personal relationship. The first time I saw it, I was disappointed with the imitative plot, but the texture and richness of the characterizations gave it a depth unusual in television prime time.

    By now, virtually everyone is aware that "Ice" borrows heavily from John W. Campbell's "Who Goes There?", which was subsequently made into two movies, both called "The Thing". With minor variations, the story is the same: an alien menace frozen in the polar ice for thousands, perhaps millions of years, is accidentally uncovered by a research team. The organism invades its host, turning the victim into a stealth killer while retaining the outward human form. It becomes impossible to tell who is friend and who is foe, even by reliance on that oldest of human skills, intuitive understanding of another human being. The puzzle becomes a race against time to flush the alien killer from hiding before all the humans are killed off one at a time. Granted that it is a familiar story, there is an artful subtext here that transcends the contrivance.

    From the riveting opening sequences, where a fight to the death becomes a mutual suicide pact between two desperate men, this is a very tight story of paranoia and trust. We have seldom seen so claustrophobic a setting in which to work out the dynamics of a relationship. For Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, this is the first real crisis testing their professional and personal relationship. Kudos to Glen Morgan and Jim Wong (may their shadows never grow less) for a subtler script than would appear on the surface. Two absolutely legendary scenes in this episode define the X- Files team's alliance and their interdependence better than anything else in the first season shows.

    The first scene, where Dana Scully and Fox Mulder are caught up in the paranoia of the situation, has them actually holding guns on one another. In most professional law enforcement relationships, this would be the end of this partnership. Few law enforcement agents could ever again work with a partner who had aimed a loaded weapon at them. In this excruciatingly intense scene, anger, fear, and something deeper than mere disappointment wash across David Duchovny's face to show us the struggle taking place within Fox Mulder. At last we see him really giving way to an emotion connected with his partner. Significantly, it is Agent "Trust No One" Mulder who lowers his weapon first. After those first few moments, he never again believes Dana Scully is infected by the alien organism, although clearly she believes he is. For such an innately suspicious man, it is a remarkable act of faith. In the same scene, Gillian Anderson gives us a highly emotional Agent Scully, struggling courageously to maintain her calm and her reason in the face of overwhelming fear. Remember, Mulder is supposed to have had several years of confronting the highly unusual and the downright spooky: Dana Scully is still getting used to the idea that this is not all some weird practical joke of Mulder's. When the mortal danger of her situation finally sinks home, her normal cool facade falls away. We see her true qualities begin to shine through: courage, determination, her trust of science, and most of all a commitment to justice. She will not, for example, make Mulder an involuntary guinea pig if there is some other way. At risk to herself, she goes in alone to his holding cell to try to reason with him.

    The scene between Mulder and Scully in the holding cell is incandescent. Scully's barely masked terror, Mulder's anger at and absolute trust in her, are two of the high points not of the scene or even the episode, but of the series. This is a crucial moment in the character's lives, when they will lose or re-establish the trust that binds them as investigators and as friends. I remember that on my initial viewing, I was astounded at the depth Anderson and Duchovny achieved with so few lines, such a short scene. If I had not been an admirer of the show until then, I would have been afterwards. Their mutual physical examination radiated a repressed sensuality that spoke of the unacknowledged attraction between the two, while witnessing a fundamental trust that words could not have accomplished. It was a superb combination of writing and acting, the first indication (to me) that this show had extraordinary staying power.

    Interestingly, it is the team which does not question one another, Dr. Hodge and Dr. DaSilva, which is flawed at the heart. From the outset these two present a united front against the government agents they distrust, yet as the crisis deepens their fragile alliance, built on cynicism and a shared enemy, begins to fragment. Yet until the very last, Hodge is willing to trust Dr. DaSilva more than anyone else. His basic mistake is that his allegiance is based on the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend; Mulder and Scully's partnership is based on faith in one another. Like mirror twins, each pair reverses the image of the other.

    I think of the scene when, after re-establishing their belief in one another, Mulder and Scully stand in the doorway of the holding cell, clearly a team, clearly together again as partners and friends. Like paired electrons, Scully and Mulder spin in opposite directions yet are tightly bound in their mutual (if eccentric) orbit around their search for truth. It takes enormous energy to pull them apart, and the result is likely to generate both heat and light.

    If it had had a more original script, this would have earned a 10. As it is, the mounting tension, taut writing, excellent characterisations, and outstanding acting earn it a strong 8.

  • My favourite X-Files episode!

    This is hands down, my favourite X-Files episode. I love episodes with small casts, limited sets, etc. It demands a lot from the actors, I'm sure, but when done well, I feel like they're really going to their full potential. (One other example of this type of idea is a Star Trek original series episode entitled "The Tholian Web", where the Enterprise crew are trying to rescue Kirk from an inter-dimensional world before the alien Tholians complete their web, ensnaring the Enterprise.) I really have difficulty saying, besides that, why this is my favourite episode, but would give it a perfect 10 any day.
  • a tribute to " The Thing "

    This starts out well, set in Alaska, reminiscent of John Carpenters 'The Thing' - you see a bloodied man in front of a camera, giving a chilling warning message – 'we're not who we are!' - this sets the tone for the whole episode. Cold, dark and chilling!!!

    We see Mulder and Scully watching a tape dated 5 Nov. 1993 (Bonfire night for those of us in the UK)… - how did the tape get to them so soon? Who went in and retrieved it? Or was it sent via video link?

    Scully wearing a white duffel coat, (she's bound to get lost in a snowstorm)…. at the airport, given that they're travelling over another country would they need to go through passport control??

    The team of 'experts' start to catalogue who was where, etc… Scully takes photos. A dog out of nowhere attacks Mulder and is helped by the Pilot, who gets bitten – you know right there, that the Pilot isn't going to last long.
    Checking out the dog, they find black nodules, was any of them wearing gloves while examining the dog?

    Someone suggests it could be the Bubonic plague, but then something is crawling/moving under the skin of the dog…… again, you can see fear starting to creep in.

    Murphy the geo-physicist finds organisms in the drilled ice core samples, that had started to melt…– how though???, given that it must be really really cold in Alaska (well it was 13 years ago, okay today it's gotten warmer)…

    The atmosphere builds, especially the pilot who seems tetchy/edgy, he refuses to give a blood/stool sample to find out if he's infected – you definitely know he's not long for this world, time is definitely running out for him, the others try to calm the situation and it seems as though he would give the sample…… until he smashes the empty jar over Mulders head – which did not mark Mulder at all!
    When glass hits skin, it cuts and the skull has a rich supply of blood going to it, so therefore you'd expect lots of blood pouring out from a wound….. somehow Mulder doesn't get cut! Not a scratch….. who is he? Mr Invincible?

    This is the first time I noticed Mulder getting panicky on the radio, when they extract the organism from the pilot, the worm is alive, but the pilot isn't….. well you knew it was coming.. - So we've learnt that, when retrieving an organism from a host by extraction, the organism kills the host by releasing a toxin….. nice!

    The scientists discuss their theories, and reason out why the organism makes the host aggressive… The infection rate is pretty quick, within a matter of hours, the organism seems to take control of your body. Does Ebola work as fast?

    Mulder and Scully argue, it's clear that the situation is stressing everyone out, even 'checking out' each other doesn't alleviate the situation, Scully barricades herself in the room of one of the dead crew.
    Personally I would have done the same.
    Everyone is scared and nervous, Mulder wakes up hearing a noise, he has to investigate (typical Mulder, hear a noise and rush off in search of the source)……
    Mulder checks out the lab area, hears/sees the dripping blood from the freezer, as he opens it a dead Murphy falls out (throat cut?) and Scully arrives with Hodge (which to me sounded like Hajj)
    So who is the killer? whoever did it would be covered in blood, you cut a main artery, and you know the blood will come spurting out.

    Scully, being Scully defends Mulder to the hilt, the situation escalates, and becomes a very tense stand-off with guns pointing at people ….. Mulder relinquishes his weapon and is locked in the store room….
    DeSilva and Hodge working on the blood samples under the microscope ….. communication between the two becomes edgy, DeSilva apparently mixed the wrong batch together, and Hodge spits the dummy. If the guy wanted a job doing, he should've done it himself! pointless having a go at someone else.
    Scully looks the slide with the blood on and notices that the two worms are killing each other. Aha! So they've found a possible cure!

    Taking a worm they try the test out on the infected dog – What would Animal Rights have to say about that?! – however it works and the dog passes the dead worms out in it's stools, so clearly a fair few hours would've passed by??
    Only one worm left…… it's for Mulder - oh dear....
    Scully convinces to the other two to allow for her to persuade Mulder to take the worm voluntarily. Mulder telling Scully he's not infected and that if she gave him the worm – she'd be infecting him….. Scully rechecks Mulder for the worm – he's clear.
    Obviously their partnership is still in it's infancy, so Mulder isn't sure whether Scully is who she says she is. He roughly grabs hold of her to check her, Scully is shocked by his actions – we now know they're both clear.

    Scully tells DeSilva and Hodge, that Mulder's not infected, they're having none of it and decide to carry on with the plan. Sigh of relief when thankfully Hodge notices that DeSilva's infected, thus saving Mulder. DeSilva bolts, Mulder instinctively releases Scully from her 'prison' and Hodge picks up the worm.
    Mulder chases after DeSilva with Scully hot on his heals, he wrestles DeSilva to the ground, Scully holding her down, whilst Hodge gives the last worm to DeSilva.
    How and when did she get infected?

    I must say I was disappointed that more people didn't die, 4 survivors and one dog…. Even 'The Thing' had two guys trying to keep warm at the end, after 'defeating the enemy'….. leaving the viewer wondering – did they make out it out alive?
    The last scene at the air strip, Mulder still wants to go back there and uncover more of the truth… and you can see the disappointment on his face when he's told the place has been torched….. so no real investigation can take place, the story of Mulder's life.

    I liked this episode, I love science fiction and I liked the premise of the 'The Thing from another world' scenario…. Again Mulder and Scully's characters want to trust each other, even in a tense situation they still respect each other… even in those very early days of their partnership.

    I give this a tense and gripping 10 out of 10.
  • Mulder and Scully find themselves trapped on a base in Alaska with a group of scientists trying to investigate why the previous team went crazy and killed eachother. There they find a parasitic worm that infects people, turning them into aggressive kille

    This, in my opinion, is the first great X-file. The first seven episodes, while on some levels interesting, are all rather boring and weak. Not this one. This one hits just the right notes and is very tense and suspenseful.

    One of the highlites here is how intense Mulder and Scully's relationship plays out, really for the first time. The scenes where Scully has to wonder whether or not Mulder is infected kept me on the edge of my seat.

    Another thing that made this episode work are the notable guest actors Felicity Huffman of "Desperate Houswives" and Xander Berkley of (insert ANY show here)
  • Trust Each Other

    Besides the beautiful direction, what I love most about this episode is the establishing of trust between the agents. It's fairly early in the series - only the eighth episode. I sometimes wonder how it is that the ever paranoid Mulder came so quickly to trust Scully, when he assumed she was sent to spy on him. In re-watching the first seven episodes, I paid special attention to the dynamic and I can now understand that the show's producers worked very hard to provide those small, intimate moments that helped establish the level of trust reached in this episode. I love the moment of guns pointed at each other. And the line, "I would have, but you pulled a gun on me." It's so early in their relationship for sarcastic anger, but I suppose in their line of work they have a sort of sink-or-trust relationship forced on them. Bravo. One of my top five favorite episodes.
  • Simply Amazing. One of the best episodes of season 1.

    While growing up there was a movie out that always entertained me no matter how many times I watched it. This movie was "The Thing" by John Carpenter. Well I recently watched the episode "Ice" and I must say, this episode captures the creepiness and isolation of "The Thing". I loved this episode, it was a great turning point in the trust of Mulder and Scully and was one of the first X-Files episodes that scared me a little. It's cool how they take "The Thing" formula and add their own twist with the aggressive worms, it's a good idea and it really payed off with an excellently entertaining episode that shows why X-Files IS the greatest show ever made.
  • This is my favorite episode

    This is my favorite episode of the X-files. This is because the whole thing is basically an allusion to one of the best science fiction movies ever, 'The Thing'. Mulder and Scully have to go find out what happened to a bunch of scientists or something at this research post in Antarctica because they're all dead. Just before the last two died, one left a cryptic message (We are not who we are) and sent it to headquarters just before he was attacked and committed suicide. The one-odd characters in this one are a nice touch, and paranoia is always good. A must-watch for any fans of the show.
  • A hijacked storyline, with a special X-Files twist

    I felt that this episode was a cross between "The Thing" and "Event Horizon." The former being released long before this episode and the latter well after. What we end up with is a chilling episode and one of the better episodes of Season One. After a strange transmission is received from an Arctic research group, Mulder and Scully head into the frozen wasteland to try and determine what happened to said research group. What unfolds is creepy and exciting as the team is reduced to paranoia and violence, an unfortunate side effect of an infection by an age old organism uncovered deep in the ice. A dark, twisted X-Files that pits Mulder and Scully against each other that I would highly recommend watching.
  • While trapped in a remote, frozen outpost, Fox and Scully most work with a team of scientests to solve the mysterious death of researchers and what it has to do with a tiny, unknown creature discovered deep underground.

    This is one of the best episodes of the season, as well as the entire series. The episode allows for the development of Fox and Scully's relationship while making a classic B-movie premise fresh and scary for early 1990's network television. The episode's writing offers a great mixture of character development, surprises, chilling suspense, realistic paranoia, fear, mistrust and illustrates how not all space men need be little green men. It is hard to find fault with this episode, but their are a few complaints. The episode cannot win too many points for originality as it is largely copying a classic B movie premise that other people -- such as John Carpenter -- had done earlier. I always felt that the survivor researchers, if not the new alien, deserved a follow up in a later episode, but that never happened.
  • Ancient worms are nasty little parasites.

    Mulder and scully go to teh artic. They and a team of scientist have to determine what happened to the other group of scientist taht killed each other there. The other scientist were drilling through the ice, where they found worms. the worms infected them causing them to react violently towards eachother. the last surviving members of the scientist shot themselfs possibly to prevent others from getting them. Scully learns that the worms are the cure for worm infected people/ dogs. The worms kill each other. One of the scientist dies and they blame it on mulder saying that he is infected. only scully doesn't believe it. they only have one other worm left. either they cure mulder and get rid of all the worms for good or have to infected people...
  • Evil worms from outer space...

    ..Well actually buried deep in the ice. Mulder nad Scully travel with a team of 3 other people to an Arctic base where the members of the previous team all shot each other on tape. The worms, when inserted into a body heighten feelings of anger and aggression. Its such a good episode because there is some suspense,when you don't know which of them has the worms in them. The plane pilot, Bear, has a worm in him and when Scully and another person try to cut it out of him he dies. But then Scully finds that if two worms are put in the same jar or the same host, they will kill each other and cure the person.
    Great episode!!
  • Season's One classic

    Ice is a classic episode, one of my favorites from Season One. It's exciting and creepy and had me at the edge of my seat throughout the 45 min of its runtime. The concept of a remote icy research base overcome by an extraterrestrial form of life is brilliant and gives a claustrophobic mood in the episode. But what really makes this episode stand out is the tension between Mulder and Scully. The moment where they put their guns against each other is awesome. I also loved the special effects in this episode, the alien worms were very believable. Ice in an unforgettable episode for any X-Files fan.
  • The little things!

    When I was so much younger this episode ranked among the top five. As I grew older this episode has slowly sunk to much lower places. The reason for this is that althout a great story, this episode lacks continuity and good storytelling. Apparently, having such a good story canned in only 40 minutes is a hard mission to accomplish. The set is just cheap and the actors are not very good. On the other hand, the creepy parasites are well made and look realistic.

    A nice episode if you are really young. A regular episode if you are a grown up with a mature mind.
  • brilliant

    This was truly a tense and dark episode. Excellently executed, wonderful acting and atmospheric directing, 'Ice' is one of my favorite episodes. Along with 'Pusher' 'Grotesque' 'Wetwired' and 'Home' (these are quite good in dark atmosphere in my case) It seem quite realistic to me, their paranoia, their suspicion and their ever growing rage was perfectly executed by the great actors. However, 'Ice' had a problem that I got over after a few watches: it was too short i wanted more

    Overall, 'ice' had what 98% of all X Files episodes have: Excellent acting, Intense story-writing, gritty directing. All the works.

    10 out of 10
  • Mulder and Scully travel to Alaska with a group of scientists. Once they arrive, the members of the group start mysteriously dying, and soon it's every man for himself. Mulder and Scully soon realize that they may not be who they are...

    Utter Perfection. This episode is great. Having Mulder and Scully stuck in one location with the danger of disease is brilliant. The plot remains consistently interesting, and it is very suspenseful. Mulder and Scully bond as partners in this episode, and their relationship is forged closer together. It is a series classic. I love it for the 50's Sci-Fi movie-esque plot and the execution of Mulder and Scully's characters is great. Overall it is an exceptional stand alone episode that I highly recommend. If you are having a hard time getting into the series, watch this episode. It will seal the deal, it's just that good.
  • It's not paranoia if your partner really has a space worm in his neck...

    Admittedly, this episode owes a lot to John Carpenter's The Thing and Campbell's original short story. But the paranoid atmosphere and, of course, the alien in the ice fit perfectly in The X-Files, and this is one of the most harrowing episodes to watch, the suspense so thick you could cut it with a knife.

    Interesting characters, a nice new spin on alien life forms, a plot that thickens and lots of tense character moments - what's not to love? This will make you uncomfortably rub at the back of your neck for ages after the episode has ended... Better get the dog checked, too.
  • A very creepy and well written episode.

    This is classic X-Files stuff, one of the best episodes of the series entire run. Mulder and Scully's relationship is still growing, they have to learn to trust each other. This episode has been compared to the movie "the thing" many times, it is very similar to that movie. But, the X-Files does it better, in its 45 minutes it manages to be more suspenseful that an entire film. The special effects are cheesy, but that only adds to the fun and the low budget horror film feel that made this episode so memorable. I love the ending, it leaves you breathless and as cold as ice.
  • Excellent!

    This was a strong, exciting, well written, well developed episode. It was very exciting to see Mulder and Scully interact with other people, such as, the doctors, geologist, and plane driver that went on the trip with them. This episode mixed excitment with romance in a subtle and sweet way. The inspection scene, between Mulder and Scully, was one of my all time favorite scenes. The one problem I have with this episode is that i can not figure out how the person that got infected got infected (I'm trying not to give to much away). Other than that the show was, as I said earlier, excellent and well worth watching.
  • Although some parts of this episode just don't work, overall this is an exciting addition to The X-Files.

    Ice is an episode that fans are willing to forgive for a lot because it is so entertaining. The episode isolates Mulder and Scully at a base in the Arctic where a team has been drilling for ice cores. The agents are sent to investigate when the team mysteriously dies. What they soon discover is that an alien parasite had infected the members of the team, and now they are in danger of being infected as well.

    Emotions run high in this episode as even Mulder and Scully are pitted against each other in a fight for survival. The palpable tension is one of the best parts of the episode, even though the conclusion leaves a bit to be desired. The member of the team who ends up being infected is the one who apparently had no contact with the virus, making the revelation a little lackluster and also rather dissimilar from the patterns of violence in the earlier team's members. Still, it is easy to forgive these flaws in light of such a fun episode, and also the first episode where we get Mulder shirtless and Scully tackling a guy who is much bigger and stronger than she is (always fun and much more frequently occurring in later seasons).
  • Ice, the one with all the ice and the parasite thingys. :)

    Seriously, I wanted to put Delicious as the classification for this episode, the only thing i had a problem with was the way our agents turned on each other in a way, I just wish that they wouldn't had done that, I mean for god sakes Scully it's me. Jeese, everyone in the world needs to just learn that Mulder is always right, if we learned that fact, life would be a lot easier. But really, you have to love this episode, it is actually a series classic, and i cant stop talking about it, not only was this a great episode, but we got to see a shirtless mulder, yummy. :)
  • The X-Files' take on "The Thing"

    This episode is very similair if not almost identical to John Carpenter's 1982 horror movie "The Thing". The movie is great- but I can safely say this episode packs everything from that movie into 43 minutes and makes it just as exciting.

    With great guest stars like Xander Berkeley and Felicity Huffman this episode has great twists and a lot of spooks as well. The suspense will keep you on the edge of the seat as you are never really sure who can be trusted and who can't.

    I would definitely consider this the best episode of season 1 and easily one of the top ten episodes of the entire series!
  • One of the best episodes of season 1.

    This episode is such a good example of the kind of quality The X-Files can provide, and can be forgiven for a few negative points.

    Relying heavily on various Sci-Fi films and occasionally over-used concepts, this still manages to shine through the characters and steady plot. Ok, so the relationships between the characters (particulary Mulder and Scully) were sometimes under-developed but provided a slice of essential UST amongst the drama.

    The plot was well-paced and gave a satisfactory (if slightly predictable) ending. The tension was spot on and the dialogue on-character and interesting, as were the different reactions of each person as they tried to deal with the difficult situation.

    A must see for any newbie to the series.
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