The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2002 on FOX

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  • Blame It On The Bossanova

    As the final season limps to the end of its run, I imagine that Carter intended this episode to be his last great attempt to make an episode THAT MATTERS. This is a well-thought out and well-written (for the most part) episode with great production values, a novel theme and groovy music. Unfortunately, Carter chooses Reyes as his muse and, well, it all goes to hell....

    Reyes is unrelentingly and annoyingly kooky, which is exactly what is NOT needed to sustain any sense of drama in what is basically an X-Files Lite episode. The episode needs a strong lead with a serious purpose to complement the otherwise breezy tone of the episode. Reyes just serves to weigh down the episode with unnecessary goopiness.

    And then there is the whole X-Files Lite issue. Some like them, others hate them. My feeling is that this late in Season Nine, with Mulder still missing and presumed dead and with Scully's worries about baby William, it's not appropriate to toss in a "gimmick" episode. It just doesn't ring true given all the pathos of the last few episodes.

    The music is great, for a comedy or lighthearted romance movie, but it seems incongruous for an X-File, even an X-Files Lite, with everyone (including Scully) bopping along to that "crazee" samba beat. It's undeniably groovy, though, and who could have predicted back in Season One that the series could do groovy?

    Burt Reynolds joins the ranks of Victoria Jackson, Kathy Griffin, Nora Dunn, Michael McKean, Gary Shandling, a Cher lookalike, Ed Asner, Lily Tomlin and Jesse Ventura in the "unnecessary has-been celebrity guest" category. He gives a fine performance as, um, well as Burt Reynolds playing God.

    Then there is the final scene, which is terribly misguided and a huge wart on the posterior of the episode. Really, what was Carter thinking? I understand that he fancies this episode a sort of homage to Italian operas but did he have to film an ENTIRE scene with two guys singing entirely in Italian and without a single X-File regular to be seen? It's mind-boggling in its utter irrelevance and conceit.