The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2002 on FOX

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  • Burt Reynolds played god and kept trying to get Wayne "Numbers Serial Killer" to stop killing becuase he had the power to stop but kept doing what his number told him to do and he was finally killed by John Doggett

    This episode my friends told me they hated it, but I love this episode it's my favourite one best in the series and Chris Carter wrote this episode so great it makes it fantastic. Love all the number/numerology things in it eg-Scully's autopsy, the pairs of three in the street when Burt Reynolds is singing to the song,the number six comes up a lot-the windows, dominos etc. Plus the music I love as well I admit I sing to this episode when I watch it the music is so nice that it gets stuck in your head and has a good beat A big 10! YAY! for this episode don't care if people hate it, I love it number 1 in my vote