The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 15

Jump the Shark

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2002 on FOX

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  • The Lone Gunmen, who we met 9 years ago, work with agent Scully, Dogget, and Reyes one last time.

    Byers, Langly, and Frohike are approached by Dogget and Reyes with the former man in black Morris Fletcher. The three computer hackers along with Fletcher, Reyes, Dogget, and Reyes pursue biological terrorists in a heart-felt episode that ends with the Lone Gunmen becoming heroes, right where every X-File fan would want them to be.
  • I can honestly say that no television show has ever made me cry... but this episode of the X-Files did. Never in my life have I felt such a sense of loss as I did when the Lone Gunmen died.

    I can honestly say that no television show has ever made me cry... but this episode of the X-Files did. Never in my life have I felt such a sense of loss as I did when the Lone Gunmen died.

    To many this may sound very odd, crazy even, but to me, they were heroes... the only truly decent characters left on T.V. and here they proved it. By making the ultimate sacrifice, by giving their very lives to protect others, they proved that once and for all, heroes still exsist among us... even in the most unlikely of people.

    No one would ever suspect that these three humble men would become heroes to us all. They hoped to keep the dream alive, truth, justice and the American way, in this episode they did just that. For me, it was the greatest of losses, bringing me to the point of sobs.

    I will love them always and they will be sorely missed. And if there really is no way for FOX to bring them back, I think they met the most fitting of ends.

    John Fitzgerald Byers-The Idealist
    Richard Ringo Langly-Computer God
    Melvin Frohike-Man Of Action

    My love and admiration for these three characters is so great words cannot express it. Rest in peace guys, you are forever in our hearts.
  • one word where was mulder and scully when you needed them. they left us in a lurch to pursue other things that really didnt go anywhere. i bet mulder would give his eye teeth to come back and do some more xfiles. the second movie should be out soon hoping

    this was a sad episode where they kill the lone gunmen. what a waste of a great episode. we know the spin off won\'t be coming back . never really a good idea killing off characters because you never know when you might want to use them again and again.
  • The three wise men die, and Mulder could not have ever known.

    What is so sad about this episode is the fact that A. Mulder could not find out or be there for thier funeral. B. They were buried in Arlington. Mulder's list of friends grows ever thin, with him hiding I can't help think that if he were there, Mulder could save everyone. They didn't have to die, but I'm glad they died Heroes.
  • Why, Oh Why?!

    In terms of storyline, this episode was not that great but the death of the Lone Gunman made me cry my eyes out. I cannot believe that Frohike, Byers and Langly have gone. Fantastic characters since their first appearance in E.B.E, they will be sadly missed. It was also nice to see Morris Fletcher again. He does make me laugh even if he is a bit annoying.
  • The Lone Gunmen saddle up for one last ride.

    A fine heroic way to go out, too. Really, this is more of a finale for the ill-fated Gunmen series than a proper X-Files episode (Super-Soldiers or not), but if they did it for Millennium, they can sure do it for this. And one last chance to enjoy Morris Fletcher as well. Icing on the cake.
  • This isn't the best episode ever, but just the fact that it marks the end of the Lone Gunmen deserves a 10

    It's well done and well written, though it doesn't quite feel like an X Files episode. The three actors portraying the Gunmen have been consistently wonderful throughout the seasons and their demise is suitably selfless whilst still fitting in with their conspiracy theories.

    The story is good - a kind of terrorist plot, but with extra weirdness going on. And I do like the title - Jump the Shark - the signal that a series has gone too far and lost its integrity. I've never seen the Lone Gunmen series, so I don't know the connection to the X Files in terms of timing, but I'm guessing this was a way of ending that series and quitting them from this, which they knew was the last ever season of XF.

    Very moving, especially at the end
  • Goodbye Lone Gunmen

    This episode made me sad i never thought they would have killed off such great charactors. But this really was a great episode. The writers gave this episode the feel of a Lone Gunmen episode. I think they did this because so much of the plot was left open when they did not re-new The Lone Gunmen for a second season. Anyway the boys go out in style they save the world. They even brought back Morris Flecher and Jimmy Bond. Yves also made an appearence which helped to make this a great episode. I think the Gunmen will be remembered well. They were great charactors. They come back for a short scene in the Truth (the final episode). Really liked this one.
  • A very cute Lone Gunmen episode with the lovely inclusion of Jimmy and Eve.

    It's Morris from 'Dreamland' that does the hilarious voiceover at the beginning. They even used images from the Lone Gunmen series with Jimmy and Eve. He's moved on the private sector. Great to see him again, love the actor to pieces and Morris is always a riot. A very good episode, very funny and hilarious how they stab fun at themselves about the whole super soldier thing. Even having Skinner at the funerals?

    I honestly thought it was a joke until the credits - are they really dead? Are the really buried in Arlington, because seriously? I'm still not convinced – the episode's title is 'Jump the Shark' after all. I really hope it's not true.
  • Well, not really.

    I don't feel that this episode did the Lone Gunmen justice. I'm not one of these "fans" that say that the X-Files completely reeked without Fox Mulder (in fact, in my case, absence makes the heart grow fonder), but this episode, in particular, would have been better served with him involved.

    I never got the chance to watch the Lone Gunmen series, so I felt I was somewhat thrown into the middle of something I didn't have a good grasp on. I never really cared about the plot, just the ultimatum that it led to.

    In the end, we lose three (3) of our most beloved characters. They go down as heroes; as men that never gave up, never gave in, and never sold out. I just feel that the script was missing something, and it would have been found in Fox Mulder. Like Joey Ramone, the Lone Gunmen, Byers, Langly, and Frohike will live on forever in X-Files lore.

  • Didn't quite jump my shark

    I've just recently delved into season 9, and came upon this episode while hearing from reviews and forum posts that it ended our favorite little 3 man team of whistle blowers.

    I must say, it didn't do them justice, I was expecting a little more. My favorite part of the episode was the 2 minute intro recapping some of the exploits of the lone gunmen, moderated by Morris Fletcher, a character we all love to hate, but can't help loving just a little bit anyways. A very talented actor, or maybe just a natural sleaze bag, he can cross that line into sensitive caring individual in a heartbeat. The lone gunmen did fine, but Eve didn't do a thing for me, and the subplot inside of a subplot inside of a subplot (Maybe a super soldier, turned Lone gunmen, turned billionaires daughter, turned Virus stopping terrorist hunter) also didn't do much but make me think filler episode, and this episode didn't really make me think much.

    I also couldn't help but notice, we never actually see the lone gunmen die...
  • Blood In The Water

    Uh oh, another Lone Gunmen-centric episode. You would think that with the "The Lone Gunmen" spin-off series being cancelled after only 13 episodes, the writers would have had a clue as to the viability (or lack thereof) of our three nerdly heroes as leading actors. Ah well, perspective can be a difficult thing to maintain....

    The writers apparently intend this episode to be the finale for "The Lone Gunmen," which they never had the opportunity to make due to the abrupt cancellation of that series. As such, there are an awful lot of new characters and subplots from the "Lone Gunmen" series that will be new to the X-Files fan who has never seen the spin-off (which is probably most of them.)

    I've never seen any of the "Lone Gunmen" series and therefore much of this episode comes across as muddled and confusing to me. Who is this Yves woman? Who is the Gunmen's new sidekick, Jimmy? Why is Morris Fletcher back? What the heck is up with the imbedded virus and how does it tie in with the Super Soldiers storyline? (I'm guessing it doesn't, really.) There is simply too much in this episode to absorb without some knowledge of the "Lone Gunmen" series.

    The episode just doesn't work as an X-Files and it's a bit unfair to dump it into the tail end of the series just to placate the wounded feelings of the writers who had their series yanked before it completed even a single season. I love the Gunmen characters, but they are supporting players and not suited to carry entire episodes. A little goes a long way. It's unfortunate that the writers choose to kill them off and I sense some bitterness mixed with petulance behind this rather "final" decision. What happens if the fabled second feature film manages to get made? Are we then to endure the ghosts of the Gunmen, as we must in the series' final episode?
  • The Lone Gunmen saddle up for one last adventure.

    OK, if you haven't heard by now, let me give a brief SPOILER ALERT! There, that's out of the way. In this X-Files episode, the Lonegunmen series comes to an end. That's right, this is a finale episode for another series. I never watched much of the Lonegunmen series, but I enjoyed their characters throughout X-Files, and liked how they were portrayed. Here, in "Jump the Shark", we see Byers, Langley, and Frohike in their last adventure. They start out the episode as really down and out, one step away from bankruptcy, hocking all there gadgets and gizmos, and having put off printing of their beloved conspiracy paper for months. Things do not look rosy for our geeky trio. They find themselves reuniting with old friends from both shows to get to the bottom of a bio-terrorist plot, and in the end, they have a choice to make on how they will be remembered. They chose to sacrifice their lives (and yes, they do die) for the sake of thousands who never knew they were in danger in the first place. Their deaths were meaningful, without any pomp and circumstance. Their funeral service was small, and yet the impact that they had on the lives of others is shown as the few who knew their sacrifice reflected on their passing and their lives.

    In my opinion, the Lone Gunmen were true heroes, putting their necks on the line and receiving no thanks for it. This is how most heroes bow out, making a stand and getting little recognition for it. It was nice to see that their deaths were meaningful yet not flashy. They gave their lives for a good cause, and that was it. All I can say is that the only thing missing from this episode was Fox Mulder, the closest X-Filer to these three Nerds Supreme. It would have been nice for Mulder to have had something to say about his friends, either in this episode or in later episodes, and what they meant to him. Scully was able to do a good job of this on her part, but Mulder's relationship with them was deeper than anyone else's.
  • Farewell to the Real Heroes

    I have since discovered that Jump The Shark makes a heck of a lot more sense if you've seen "The Lone Gunmen (TLG)" spin-off series, which is quite good, by the way. I can see where people might not like this episode, having not seen the other series, oh, and for killing off the beloved Gunmen.

    That aside, Jump The Shark is still a very good episode. I like how Mark Snow incorporates the theme music from the "TLG" series throughout the episode. It has a very interesting plot, with a deadly virus being grafted into a terrorist's body.

    Obviously, the episode must cater to the X-Files fan who never saw "TLG", and doesn't know the characters of Yves and Jimmy who were an integral part of the series. Sadly, that means that Jimmy's role was hugely diminished. Morris Fletcher returns having starred in the series finale of the TLG series. Morris is always a slime bag character but still likable. But in this episode, he comes across as an even bigger jerk and less likable.

    I don't know if I buy college professors as terrorists willing to do suicide killings. It's a bit of a stretch.

    It's interesting that Yves sends the lone gunmen after the terrorist and tells them they must cut the virus out of his chest if they found him. Though, I'm pretty sure none of them had a knife on their person. Yes, their death scene was a bit contrived. How would they know that giant blast doors would come down and seal them off when the fire alarm was pulled? They could have pulled the alarm and escaped underneath while keeping the terrorist inside.

    Jump The Shark stands as the only X-Files episode to make me cry. It is so sad to see the lone gunmen meet their demise. Scully has some touching words at the end where she makes a cameo along with Skinner.

    Jump The Shark is not a perfect episode, but it makes me emotional each time I see it. Since they were made to look like bumbling idiots in 'Provenance/Providence', it was nice to seem them redeemed and fitting to see them go out as selfless heroes, and doing whatever it takes to save the world.

    I give 'Jump the Shark' an 9.5 out of 10.
  • Jump the Shark

    Jump the Shark was a superb and very entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching this ode to The Lone Gunmen who were awesome and courageous patriots of the U.S.A. and it was touching to see that they were honored in their deaths. I liked the story and how bizarre it was relating to Shark Cartilage. It was touching to see the Lone Gunmen accept their fate and protect others. I am sad to see them go but it was a fitting farewell for these beloved characters. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Fantastic

    Its one of the absolutely best X-Files episodes ever. We say goodbye to 3 legends. Fantastic acting, its so sad that David Duchovny chose not to be part of this episode. The chemstry between hom and the Lone Gunmen was fantastic. This was the ening to the too short lived Lone Gumen series, wich was great too.