The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 15

Jump the Shark

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2002 on FOX

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  • The Lone Gunmen saddle up for one last adventure.

    OK, if you haven't heard by now, let me give a brief SPOILER ALERT! There, that's out of the way. In this X-Files episode, the Lonegunmen series comes to an end. That's right, this is a finale episode for another series. I never watched much of the Lonegunmen series, but I enjoyed their characters throughout X-Files, and liked how they were portrayed. Here, in "Jump the Shark", we see Byers, Langley, and Frohike in their last adventure. They start out the episode as really down and out, one step away from bankruptcy, hocking all there gadgets and gizmos, and having put off printing of their beloved conspiracy paper for months. Things do not look rosy for our geeky trio. They find themselves reuniting with old friends from both shows to get to the bottom of a bio-terrorist plot, and in the end, they have a choice to make on how they will be remembered. They chose to sacrifice their lives (and yes, they do die) for the sake of thousands who never knew they were in danger in the first place. Their deaths were meaningful, without any pomp and circumstance. Their funeral service was small, and yet the impact that they had on the lives of others is shown as the few who knew their sacrifice reflected on their passing and their lives.

    In my opinion, the Lone Gunmen were true heroes, putting their necks on the line and receiving no thanks for it. This is how most heroes bow out, making a stand and getting little recognition for it. It was nice to see that their deaths were meaningful yet not flashy. They gave their lives for a good cause, and that was it. All I can say is that the only thing missing from this episode was Fox Mulder, the closest X-Filer to these three Nerds Supreme. It would have been nice for Mulder to have had something to say about his friends, either in this episode or in later episodes, and what they meant to him. Scully was able to do a good job of this on her part, but Mulder's relationship with them was deeper than anyone else's.