The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 1998 on FOX

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  • The one with a second Pusher

    A brilliant episode bringing back the pusher, and to be honest, I liked it a bit more than the original episode.

    The episode begins with him escaping but he doesn’t make the dumb guard kill himself, he just tells him to let him go.

    Everyone thinks he went out to pay his revenge on Mulder, and he’s also dying. When he goes to steal food he makes a guy think a bat is a snake but once again he does not kill the man, but instead someone who wanted to catch him in the past was under blue paint, something was written on the walls ‘Kitsunegari’ which means ‘Fox haunt’. Mulder believes that Pusher might go after the man’s wife and she indeed has an appointment with Pusher but they sve her by being on time and a cap caught Pusher but then realises it’s another cop and Pusher made him believe it was him.

    When Mulder catches the guy but listens, he is let loose but not killed and Mulder doesn’t understand it and thinks that maybe Pusher doesn’t want revenge after all but instead it’s someone else. he believes it’s the wife of the dead man. When Mulder goes to talk to a nurse she gets a phone call and she electrocutes herself and dies, making Mulder’s last lead dead.

    But Mulder turned out to be right, the woman escapes and goes after Mulder. when he arrives to a place he finds Scully ready to kill herself and she shoots herself but then the woman arrives with a gun and she says that she is Scully and then she shoots the woman who was behind Mulder after all.

    It was too bad that Pusher died, he turned out to be a great character and his death scene was very well done and emotional. His twin sister told him he was happy and his body to give up.

    The end was fantastic and so was most of the episode, I liked the second pusher. She turned out to be Pusher’s twin and the episode was very effective. Skinner was also finally back and he has respect for Mulder. a very good episode.