The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 1994 on FOX
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Episode Summary

When FBI Agent Jack Willis is shot during a bank robbery, Agent Scully takes drastic steps to resuscitate him while the bank robber, Warren Dupre dies on the operating table. Afterward, Agent Willis begins to exhibit behavior strangely reminiscent of Dupre.

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  • Yawn.

    A rather interesting idea of transference but the dull plot just couldn't bring it to life.
  • a great episode

    Still no conspiracy. But good episode, we get to see a person from Scully's past, and we get to see her expertice in medicine as well as how tough she is. She is starting to believe too, but still confused. We also get to see how much she means to Mulder.
  • Wild at Natural Born Pulp Fiction

    Not much complexity here, and it's almost believable in its predictablity. But it's the details in the story that are hard to swallow. Dupre takes control of Jack's body--okay, but what the heck does Dupre know about where Jack works, the people Jack knows, and what an FBI agent does? He just slips right into Jack's life too easy. In reality, he wouldn't know where Jack's desk was, what he needs to do to act like Jack, or even where the bathroom is in the building. C'mon!

    Every character just seems over-the-top in this one, whether it's Jack or Lula or Lula's brother or anyone else.

    THIS EPISODE WANTS US TO BELIEVE IN: Soul-jumping, tattoo and all.


    I also find it hard to believe that Scully would have been hot for Jack in the past--was she the teacher's pet or something? C'mon!

    Not even the satisfying plot-twist (Lula set-up Dupre!) at the end can save this one, especially with Scully's "exorcism of Dupre from Jack" scene following it up. And what was that ridiculous business with Dupre's tattoo? C'mon!!!moreless
  • Two men was shot and only one of them came back......but which one

    This was an episode where you couldn't just watch half way through but you had to watch from the beginning when in the bank robbery Jack who was Scully's partner was shot by the robber Dupre and Scully shoots Dupre but when reviving Jack somehow Dupre gained control over Jacks body allowing Dupre to live.It was unknown whether Jack could have actually still lived and overcome Dupre inside of him but the lack of insulin killed him and he was too late to be saved.moreless
  • Lazarus

    As might be expected, the season is full of wonderful and some episodes and precarious. This "Lazarus" is the middle ground and reveals a very simple episode, supported by a police investigation simplistic and almost no spice appetizer or supernatural, at least as regards the soul of the murderer. Playing with the probability of two or more souls occupy the same body, especially at the hour of death and separation from the body-soul, the script very basic and dull nor give much attention to the case paranormal and only delivers a good story, full of twists and nothing impressive. In fact, the episodes related to spiritualism are proving increasingly limited, not by topic addressed (obviously), but the neglect of some lazy writers. It has enough twists, has only one Scully is Mulder's putting out the fire burn itself up, but overall it's an episode that neither federal nor smell, void of importance to the context of the series.moreless
Christopher Allport

Christopher Allport

Agent Jack Willis

Guest Star

Cec Verrell

Cec Verrell

Lula Philips

Guest Star

Jason Schombing

Jason Schombing

Warren James Dupre

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • At the end of the episode Lulu clearly makes a show of removing her wedding ring and dropping it on the ground. One shot later when she leans in close to Willis she's wearing it again.

    • Scully gets abducted for the first time in this episode .

    • Some character development for Scully. She had a relationship with Agent Willis who was her instructor at the FBI Academy.

    • Principal setting: Maryland; Washington, D.C.

    • Scully mentions that it is two months before her (and Willis') February 23rd birthdays, meaning this episode is set in mid to late December, but there is nothing to indicate it is near Christmas. In fact, two episodes previously (in the episode where Scully's father dies), when we see Scully's parents at her home, it is mentioned that, even though it's after Christmas, she still has the Christmas tree up.

    • Scully and Willis share the same birthday, the 23rd of February.

    • Plot Holes: When Lula contacts the FBI, Mulder states that they can't trace the call because she used Scully's cell phone. Well, couldn't the FBI try to triangulate the location or at least try to locate the cell tower that processed the call?

    • Factual Errors: Mulder makes a math error. He says they have an area of roughly 1000 households to cover and he has 100 officers at his disposal. Doing some quick math, he states that if every officer covers 30 households an hour, the entire area wil be canvased in 3 hours. Well, that doesn't quite add up because 1 officer would then do 90 households in 3 hours. The 100 officer would then have covered 9000 households in those 3 hours.

    • Factual Errors: When Scully is discussing Willis's sugar intake, she claims that consuming soda has given him hypoglycemia. However, hypoglycemia refers to having a low blood sugar. In Willis's case he would be suffering from hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Also the symptoms he would have been experiencing should have been excessive thirst, hunger, and urination, not abdominal pain.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Mulder: Can you at least accept the possibility that during his near-death experience some kind of psychic transference occurred?
      Scully: Can't you accept the possibility that this isn't an X-File?

    • (Jack is allowing Mulder and Scully to speak to each other on the phone)
      Scully: Mulder?
      Mulder: Dana? (Jack takes the phone from Scully) Dana?!

    • Mulder: For those of you who don't know already, this one's important to me, so let's do it right.

    • Mulder: Two men died in that crash room Scully. One man came back. The question is... which one?

    • Lula Phillips: Oh she's alive... she's not happy, but she's alive.
      Mulder: You listen to me. You lay one hand on Scully and so help me god...

    • Mulder: Do you believe he's predisposed to this type of psychotic episode?
      Scully: I believe it's a long way from saying Jack had a near death experience to saying his body's been inhabited by Warren Dupre. A long way.

    • Prof. Varnes: Well, the pilot became increasingly disoriented – a schizophrenic, his doctor claims – until one day he strangled his wife with an extension cord.
      Mulder: That's a nice story.

    • Scully: (to Mulder) Am I boring you?

    • Scully: The 65-year-old female teller was pistol-whipped. Died from a massive subdural hemorrhage all because she didn't put the money in the bag fast enough.
      Mulder: Lovely couple.

    • Jack: You call me that one more time, and I'll turn you stone cold.

    • Bruskin: Okay everyone, Mulder says he's got something.
      Daniels: What? An alien virus or new information on the Kennedy assassination?
      Bruskin: Hey, Mulder's all right. If you'd pay attention, you might learn something from the man.

  • NOTES (1)

    • In the original script, Dupre was supposed to jump into Mulder's body, but the producers argued against this, claiming that the basis of the show is that Mulder chases after paranormal phenomena and rarely holds any evidence. It would tone down the show's ultimate theme if Mulder directly experienced a paranormal event.


    • Episode Title: Lazarus

      The title is a reference to the miracle recounted in the Bible (John 11:1-44) in which Jesus brings Lazarus, a man who was dead for 4 days, back to life.