The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 5

Lord of the Flies

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2001 on FOX

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  • Lord of the Flies

    Lord of the Flies was a great episode of The X-Files because it had an interesting story, great acting and a little intrigue. The episode was very entertaining and full of surprise, suspense, and lots of bugs. I liked the story which had a lot of depth and thought put into it. The story played out in a very interesting way. The ending was awesome. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Classic MOTW, deserves a much better rating than it has now.

    This episode made me laugh. It has many characteristics of a classic monster of the week episode: A social outcast, an overbearing mother, a school bully, some weirdo hitting on agent Scully...I loved it. It really feels like an X-file, which is saying a lot about any episode without Mulder. The guest stars have depth and emotion, are well cast, act well, and make us believe it. The main characters are all at the top of their game (except at the end when Scully gives CPR to someone who clearly does not need it), and there was a good mix of humor, mystery, adventure, and grossness.
  • This one reminds me of the good old scary ones!

    This episode has a really good plot in terms of a romantic, tragic tale about a teenage boy. Many things I did not see comming and liked the way all three agents worked together to solve the mystery. The whole story about the boy and his hope to date the most popular girl in school is an oldie but a goodie. You can probably say this episode has some of the fantastic scare elements of season one. It reminds me of the Ice, Darkness falls episodes which have a horror feel to them. I recommend people to see this one as it is one of the best standalone eps in the series.
  • Effects

    I think this episode is pretty good. The effects are great, especially the face of the first victim that's collapsed and the following insect swarm coming from his mouth. The storyline of human-insect -hybrids is pretty unoriginal but is handled in an average X-files style. One thing that was missing from this episode was an autopsy of a human-insect -hybrid by Scully, that would have been really interesting to watch, but clearly wouldn't have been appropriate concerning other parts of the storyline. The Dumbass -clips look pretty corny, but so does Jackass at times. I don't get why season nine is said to be so bad. This episode reminds me of the early seasons, though these are a bit more serious than them.
  • Dude, Where's My Dad?

    This is yet another teen-angst/"no one understands me" themed episode, of which there have been more than a few.

    There are echoes of Season Three's "War of the Coprophages" in this episode, what with the insect subject matter and the use of a wacky scientist who makes romantic overtures to Scully. It is not nearly as good as "Coprophages," which is an X-Files classic, but I detect a fair bit of "borrowing" from it.

    The "X-COPS" styled opening teaser is terribly misplaced and nearly made me skip this episode. It goes on for too long and only served to remind me how much I hated "X-COPS" and Season Eight in general. The death of Captain Dare is unconvincing. How did all those flies get under his helmet without anyone noticing the swarm? Since when do body lice know how to spell, as they do later on Winky's back?

    As in most episodes in Seasons Eight and Nine, the writers can't answer these types of questions because they don't care to think through their story premises in the first place.
  • A half human/half insect? Seriously?

    And I thought 'Jackass' was stupid and dangerous, this is the amateur version. I hate bugs to begin with and this was so lame, no attempt to even remotely explain it. Are they even hiring competent writers by this point or any hack will do? This is pathetic in an alarming long line of mediocre writing. I'm just hoping to finish out the season by this point and can only hope that there are some decent episodes along the way… though if this is an example, I'm not holding my breath. I wonder how embarrassed the actors must be to have to act this out, heaven forbid there be some actual character development.
  • Grisly and funny at the same time. The X Files and Bugs - terrific

    I really enjoyed the 'Dumb Ass' element of this one, and despite the rather horrible 'buggy' nature of the storyline, it makes for a welcome 'lighter' episode.

    The special effects guys are definitely on form. The Dumbass guy that dies at the beginning, who's whole head appears to have caved in is particularly gruesome and of course the stuff with the insects and the elongated mouths.

    It's kind of a sad unrequited love story with added larvae. I was a little thrown by the different ways Luke reacted - some he killed with flies, others he 'cocooned' - not a practice flies are involved with I believe.

    An enjoyable episode - not an absolute classic, but not the worst by any means.
  • A "Jackass" rip-off leads to a killer bug boy.

    The camcorder opening is an interesting change, though a bit over the top. And the idea of a kid with powers that are just developing with puberty is a new one for the X-Files, surprisingly. Very X-Men, and I gotta like that. Too bad it's wasted here. The episode can't decide if it's scary or funny, and lands somewhere in the middle without ever being the happy medium that past episodes mastered.