The X-Files

Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 1999 on FOX
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As the year 2000 draws closer, the agents are up against a man from the Millennium Group who believes that he can bring about the end of the world on the 31st of December if he resurrects 4 former members from the dead. To gain more insight into the group and its practices, Mulder and Scully enlist criminal profiler Frank Black to assist them in the investigation.moreless

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  • Millennium

    Millennium was another perfectly entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was pretty intriguing and it was interesting to learn what the Millennium Group believed. I also enjoyed watching Mulder and Scully investigate, especially as Scully was confronted with unexplainable circumstances. Frank Black was a great character and it was awesome to see him come to the rescue. I liked how every thing played out and I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Decent episode of the X-files but an unfulfilling conclusion to Millennium.

    "Millennium" is an awkward episode on a couple of levels but it does fit nicely at this point in season 7. We have Scully confront a real (un)live zombie. All of the zombie stuff was just over the top and on the verge of unintentionally comical. The incorporation of Frank Black and the Millennium Group failed miserably as an episode, much less a conclusion, to the series Millennium. The fact that I did not like season 3 of Millennium might have something to do with this. I enjoyed Frank's "profiling" but missed his "flashes." Since the episode was more from Mulder and Scully's point of view, I guess this is acceptable. I was glad to have the religious overtone present but it seemed downplayed by the fact that the case involved only 4 members of the group who spurred off onto their own mission. This is necessary, though, because the group was not just a weird shamanistic cult about zombies. That is as far as I go with the Millennium aspect.

    This episode was an X-file and it presented all of the challenges of a typical X-file and really forced Scully to confront some hair-raising stuff for the second time this season (see "Sixth Extinction"). It also forced her, again, to consider her faith but this aspect could have been given much more attention. We only get a brief theological discussion between her and Frank, which never really scratched the surface. There was so much potential in that discussion alone. The scene in the basement was kind of retro-horror scary but as I previously mentioned, it was also a bit over the top. Mulder and Scully kiss for the first time and it is spawned not by deep longing and affection as it nearly was in "Amor Fati" but by New Year's Eve. Still, their facial expressions afterwards spoke volumes more than much of the episode managed to accomplish. This was pretty standard as far as an X-file goes with no major flaws (although Frank's profile was so good it was almost a plot device) but the fact that it fits so nicely thematically with where the show is going is what gives it style. Scully is not quick to dismiss anything and although it is still her rational and methodical detective skills that save Mulder and Frank, she still embraces her faith. Note, as a Millennium episode: Writing 0/2 Directing 1/2 Acting 2/2 Character 1/2 Entertainment 0/2: 4/10. As an X-file:

    Writing 0/2 Directing 1/2 Acting 2/2 Character 2/2 Entertainment 2/2: 7/10moreless
  • A satisfying zombie episode of X-Files that has a surprising ending.

    I've never seen Millennium and didn't even know it existed until I started watching this show, and I must say it intrigued me. I'm glad they didn't focus too hard on making this episode all about Lance Black and the Millennium plot.. as a result, we get a satisfying episode of X-Files, even if it didn't accomplish stuff that Millennium fans wanted.

    People told me Season 7 was one of the worse ones besides the last two, but so far, I'm a fan. The stand-alone, Monster of the Week episodes have been good, and here, we get Holmes Osbourne as a guest-star raising the dead, claiming he's preparing for the end of the world. There's not too much explanation for it all, but it's a small little zombie episode that addresses the year 2000 in a minor but entertaining way.

    And the ending.. it's yet another kiss between Mulder and Scully, likely hinting at the fact that they're going to hook up by season's end. While it's true most shows will eventually hook up their male/female co-stars, I'm glad the show has held off for so long, but it really makes sense that these two would be together after all they've shared. Even though it seems Mulder may never be able to do anything with anybody until he resolves his sister issues.

    Either way, while I had no knowledge of Millennium before this, I was happy with the way the episode turned out.moreless
  • The inevitable crossover episode between X-Files and Millennium.

    I never watched 'Millennium', it was actually too dark for me which is saying something but this episode was interesting because it goes into some of the other series' mythology without getting bogged down in it.

    Talk about a creepy intro – stripping the jacket and shirt off the corpse and giving him a cellphone? Just what every dead guy needs.

    Mulder's theory was almost acceptable, the necromancy, it's not his most farfetched theory. The one agent actually threw Mulder a bone, that the person thought they were raising the dead… Mulder just has to take it a step further and announce that the person *was* raising the dead. It's like Mulder doesn't actually have a filter between his brain and his mouth, and from past experience he doesn't seem to have any self-preservation instincts either. It's one thing to believe his crazy theories (and he is usually more-or-less right) but why he feels the need to make himself the object of ridicule by announcing them to anyone who'll listen is beyond me.

    A very rare event - Scully actually witnesses a supernatural event – a good, old fashioned zombie. I half expected the usual – head trauma or the like – which would allow Scully not to believe Mulder's theories. It's lovely for Scully to be shaken by something she cannot explain.

    One thing bothers me – the deputy zombie was stopped by a shot through the head. Yet all of the four dead FBI agents were suicides by gun shot to the head – does the head shot only work once they're already a zombie? Pretty quick thinking for Mulder to draw the salt circle.

    Watching the countdown at the end of the episode, it's quite ridiculous now when you think what a fuss some religious groups made on 31 December 1999, that the world was going to end. Which midnight would that be? Which time zone? Religions throughout history have always had their doomsday myths, a specific date when the world will end and it's always hilarious to see their reaction when the date comes and goes and nothing happens – they always have an excuse and change the date.

    This was well done, just enough about 'Millennium' was introduced to make this episode possible without needing the huge amount of detail to explain the other series. Pretty good.moreless
  • All that end of the world stuff...

    I've never seen the show Millennium but I figure after this episode I might have to watch it. Mulder and Scully investigate some corpses that have been dug up and there investigation leads them to former FBI agent Frank Black. Frank Black is a charracter from the Millennium tt series and I really enjoyed his character and the performance of Lance Henriksen. I would have liked to see him get some more screen because he was just amazing. Another first for the series is Zombies and Apocolipse. Those two just go together just so well. Anyway as always Mulder and Scully along with the help of Frank Black stop the zombies the remaining Millenniumm group member and the end of the world. Hey, Mulder and Scully even kissed in this episode.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At the beginning of the episode, right before the agents meet Frank Black, they show the outside of Hartwell Psychiatric Hospital. The shot of the building shows that it is daytime. When they show Mulder and Scully walking down the hall, and speaking with Frank Black, it is very dark.

    • When Skinner hands Mulder and Scully the Millenium Groups symbol, we can see that it's a Ouroboros. This is the same symbol that Scully got tattooed on her back in Never Again.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • After watching the ball drop on New Years' Eve we see the second on-screen kiss between Mulder and Scully.

    • Vince Gilligan's tradition of including his girlfriend's name (Lucy "Holly" Hartwell Rice) in all his episodes continues here - much of the episode takes place in Rice County, Maryland, and the institution where Frank stays is the Hartwell Psychiatric Hospital (in Virginia - Vince's home state).

    • This is the only explicit "crossover" with the cancelled Millennium show. A previous character crossover featured Scully's favourite writer, José Chung (author of "From Outer Space"), in the Millennium episode "José Chung's Doomsday Defense", both episodes written by Darin Morgan.