The X-Files

Season 4 Episode 13

Never Again

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 1997 on FOX

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  • The one with the tattoos

    ‘Never Again’ was a great way to continue this season with a thrilling twist towards the end and character development for Scully.

    The episode begins rather slow with a guy going to a shop and getting a new tattoo. The guy seems rather depressing, soon his tattoo begins to talk to him and is jealous of other women. The tattoo makes him kill a woman who was making noise downstairs and he burns her.

    Meanwhile Scully and Mulder aren’t exactly getting along and he is going for vacation, he decides to leave her with a case while he goes to an Elvis place. When Scully takes off to go to a tattoo shop she meets the guy Ed, his tattoo is very jealous but he decides to talk to Scully and give him his phone number to hang out.

    When Scully calls Mulder and they have a disagreement she tells him she has a date and goes over to Ed’s place and they hang out and go out, but his tattoo is bleeding but he doesn’t want to show it to her and instead tells her to get her own and so she does. At his house he shows her his tattoo and then they start to make out, the next morning some police men come to their place and tell Scully that the woman below is missing and that his blood was found at the apartment which also had something in it. Scully looks it up and it turns out to be something which makes them act differently.

    Scully asks Ed about it and he tells her about the tattoo, then when she goes to change he finds out that she’s an investigator and he gets mad and attacks her, then tries to burn her but she escapes. Instead he burns up his own hand which looked very nasty.

    The great thing about this episode is that Scully could shine once more and prove that she’s also on the show. She also got a tattoo and finally became a woman. I really enjoyed the sexual tension between Scully and Ed. Most of this episode was great, the twist was that the tattoo wasn’t really talking to him it was just that he was poisoned. Also the episode ends with a fun joke of Mulder telling Scully that she has already survived two X-files.
    ‘Never Again’ was an excellent episode that started a bit slow but turned out great.