The X-Files

Season 3 Episode 9

Nisei (1)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 1995 on FOX

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  • Nisei

    Nisei was a perfect episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. The story was awesome and very well written. The acting was superb and the over all production was perfect. It was cool to see the alien autopsy and also to see the Japanese transport a living hybrid onto the train. The drama and intrigue were intense as Skinner tells Scully to do whatever to make Mulder not get on the train, thought to no avail. I was on the edge of my seat as there were so many juicy sci fi moments with in this episode. I look forward to watching how every thing will play out in the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • First the Germans, now the Japanese!

    While I enjoyed the subplot that furthered the abduction subplot involving Scully, I found myself wanting to skip through the chasing-hiding-behind-corners-tense-music-leading-nowhere scenes with Maulder. I admit that I prefer the stand alone episodes that are more like the Outer Limits and Twilight Zone, where they visit a specific x-file. (Though I could do without the inevitable "But Maulder, that's crazy!",... I mean, seriously what does it take to get this woman on board!?!) I have never particullarly enjoyed the alien/covert government stories. I find it hard to believe that in the light of Maulder and Scully's actions in these episodes that feature their lack of compliance to the FBI and government agencies, that they would be allowed to continue working as agents, let alone being fully reinstated time after time. Give me more like Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose and Ice.
  • Mulder gets a videotape of what appears to be an alien autopsy and chaos ensues

    Once again, The X-Files focuses on my favorite, and what I'm sure is everyone else's favorite, plots: alien abduction, government conspiracy and experimenting on humans. However, this two part episode is a lot more complex and intriguing than previous episodes. It all begins when Mulder buys a videotape of an alien autopsy, and learns there may be some validity to it.

    From here, Mulder and Scully take two separate paths: Scully finds a group of women in Virginia who have all been abducted like her and been experimented on. She learns that the micro-chip in the back of her head is similar to ones other people have and that it has the potential to read the thoughts of the person it was in. Meanwhile, Mulder learns that a group of a Japanese scientists have been using a secret train path to conduct autopsies and other experiments on alien life forms, perhaps creating human/alien hybrids. The way Chris Carter and the rest of the crew slowly and steadily build up the suspense here is just a testament to how talented they are.

    The episode couldn't have ended in a more cliffhanger-ish way: Mulder on top of a train and Scully warning him to get off. It was really nice to see the return of the "X" character, somebody that has helped Mulder as many times as he has screwed him over. It was also nice to see Skinner, although he was completely void of help.

    I love it whenever Mulder gets himself into these situations and I would love to see him one day find the truth. But who knows if that day will ever come...
  • New discoveries

    It's interesting how Mulder always gets his hands in weird pieces of evidence, getting him, most of the times, in grave danger.

    The shock about the episode is what Scully finds out. She's told something she was probably afraid of knowing and she has more doubts than before. Staying in the X-files is more important now than anything else.

    Now the question, what really happened to Scully? Was she taken by the aliens or was she part of some government experiment? I think we all know the obvious, unless it's a combination of the two.

    Mulder, as always, ditches Scully and worse, doesn't really listen to her. But hey, we all know Mulder... The truth comes always first.
  • good episode

    This episode reminds me a lot of what Season 1's Mythology used to be. You know, when it was very slow and didn't really reveal much. But was good due the writing and characters.

    the biggest revelation in this episode was the revealing of Scully's abduction. They hadn't really spoken about it in a while so it was nice that the writers hadn't forgotten about it. I liked the scene where all the women showed Scully their chip. Kinda creepy. The biggest reveal in all of this is that the women believe to be fatally ill.

    Mulder's part in this episode is to once again reveal the existence of extra terrestrials. His part of the story was a little too slow and not interesting enough. But it was well-executed and ended with the cliffhanger of Mulder jumping on a dangerous train that might've been carrying an Alien.
  • Some interesting revelations

    Proving the theory that episodes generally work better when the agents are split up and go off and make startling discoveries of their own, "Nisei" sets up the Japanese side of the conspiracy that was uncovered in "Paper Clip". So it becomes clear that the conspiracy is a lot more far-reaching than we all originally thought – it truly is an international beast. The episode kicks off in spectacular style with the massacre at the alien autopsy on the secret train, and then follows it up with some deliciously sly digs at Mulder. Scully walks in on him viewing a video and remarks that it's not his usual brand of entertainment. Shortly afterwards there's also a joke about Mulder always losing his gun. All of this is a sure sign of the show's confidence now for here, midway through only its third season, it can make jokes about itself. Both agents are particularly well used in this episode. Frankly Mulder's journey is the less interesting one; after all we've often seen him go chasing after strange leads and having near-miss sightings with UFOs. This is certainly an invested quest for him as he has no objection to flouting all sorts of rules to get to what he wants. The withholding of the Japanese diplomat's pouch, and his unauthorised boarding of the Talapus are all sure signs of this. Initially it's none to clear to him what is on the ship, but it comes as something of a surprise to see the heavy artillery drafted in to stop him. His subsequent discovery of a clean-up UFO and the Holy Grail itself – a real living alien – make this everything that Mulder has ever been after. His determination knows no bounds, and no respect for his own safety, as the episode ends with him flinging himself onto a train he's been expressly told not to board. However, the really fascinating journey here is the one that Scully reluctantly embarks on. Her investigations lead directly into the personal core of her own being, and, with Scully, the more personal it gets, the harder it is for her to deal with it. This aspect brings a whole new dimension to what was essentially just a run-of-the-mill conspiracy episode, and lifts it up to a higher level. It's yet another demonstration that the best X Files involve something that relate directly to the agents themselves.

    So it's a real shock when Scully routinely knocks on a door in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and comes face-to-face with the aftermath of her abduction last year. And as the MUFON ladies congregate to meet their latest unwitting member, we start to appreciate the true breadth of the conspiracy, and how it has affected innocent people all over. The revelations continue. The implant that Scully discovered in her neck in "The Blessing Way" is not particular to herself alone. All the women have one. And if that wasn't shocking enough, here comes the (literal) killer. They're all going to die of cancer. It's largely at this point that Scully goes into full denial, as all of this cuts way too close to the bone. But it sets up all sorts of questions in our mind, and makes us more than a little fearful for the fate of our leading lady. (Here's hoping that Clyde Bruckman's prediction that she doesn't die is true.)

    All these news prompts Scully to finally do what she should have done a long time ago and actually investigate her implant. What Agent Pendrell tells her of its possible applications, that it could possibly read her thoughts, has some very frightening and very invasive implications. (And we should also note that Mulder doesn't seem unduly bothered by Scully's discoveries, as his are obviously much more important to him.) This seems to finally trigger some memory flashes for her, right down to identifying the Japanese doctor who performed some tests on her. "Nisei" would have been a strictly average episode without all these revelations, as it's a road that we've been down several times before with "The X-Files". Mulder chasing UFOs? That's not so unusual to us anymore. But it's the emotional layers applied on top that up the ante, and leave us panting for the follow-up. 8/10
  • Take The Last Train To Nisei

    An action-packed and revealing Mythology episode. The opening scene with the dissection of the alien is nicely constructed. We assume we are watching government scientists involved in the conspiracy but suddenly the tables are turned and we witness their brutal execution by (presumably) government soldiers. We don't know what is going on and this generates a nice sense of paranoia as we try to piece together with Mulder and Scully what exactly is going on.

    Mulder has some of the best action sequences to date in this series as he escapes a boat-full of commandos and later sneaks a peak at an alien spaceship inside a nearby warehouse.

    Scully's story is deepened and expanded considerably as she is confronted with evidence of her own abduction and the involvement of one of the Japanese scientists killed during the alien dissection.
  • What a great Episode.

    This episode focus on a group of secret Japanese scientists who experiment on Extra terrestrials. Scully finds a group of MUFON(Mutual UFO Network) women that have been abducted and that remember her. The plot of the Alien/Human conspiracy thickens with a secret train that the experiments are conducted on. A great scene to start the episodes where Trained gunmen tak out the men in a train cabin. (the men are real life trained Rangers to add realism) Pushing the boundaries we see another side to skinner, giving up on mulder and his cause. Scullys worries of dying and the cancer she could have and what are those little chips they put in to all the abductees?
  • Great viewing.

    “Nisel” is part 1 of a 2 parter. It sees Mulder buy a video of a supposed alien autopsy. When he tries to find the guy to sold it to him, Mulder becomes tangles up in more government conspiracies this time involving Japanese diplomats, Murder, the lone gunmen and trains. Skully also finds of group of abductees that remember her from when she went missing. This is a good episode with some nice touches and character development for Skully. The episode leaves us on the edge of a cliff-hanger- if you know what I mean. 8 out of 10. Great viewing.
  • One of the most thrilling mythology episodes of the X-Files.

    This review might be a bit biased as this was the first X-Files episode that I watched upon buying the DVD sets. This episode deals with a subplot which is linked to a greater plot (as we learn in the next episode). In this episode, Mulder is chasing government agents (again!) and hopes to uncover something about the existance of extra-terristrial beings, although the government agents Mulder is chasing are not from the US but instead are from the Japan.

    This is one of my favorite mythology episodes for two reasons, first: Its tense, thrilling and edge-of-your-seat, second: The subplot it deals with fits perfectly with the mythology episides, and is very easy to follow (unlike other X-Files myth episodes). Scully also gets involved in a very intriguing situation, but its not completely explained and left for further seasons. A.D Skinner and The Lone Gunmen also make a small appearance and manage to leave an impact. Great suspense and action, along with amazing performances from the cast make this one an instant classic.

  • The one where they know Scully

    This episode was another add to the mythology. Not the most exciting episode, but definitely a good storyline.

    It begins with some scientists doing a test on an alien (I presume) but then some soldiers walk in and kill them all and take the alien with them.

    So anyway, the most interesting part about the episode was Scully. This is probably the third time I liked her more than Mulder, while investigating she goes to a house with some woman who claim to have seen her when they were abducted, and they also bring some bad news. The chip that was put into Scully apparently brings a sickness with it. The woman are dying of cancer, this starts a big storyline for Scully in the further show.

    Anyway, enough about Scully. It was mostly about the men who experimented on aliens, they are all being killed and Scully begins to remember one of them’s faces when she was in the UFO.

    So anyway, stubborn Mulder has to find out what they are carrying and he jumps on a train at the end. But the problem is, those people know that he’s there, Mulder has to learn to obey. We saw Skinner back who doesn’t want to do anything with the case and we saw X back who warn Scully.

    To be continued…
  • Scully is getting freaked out

    Wonderful episode, with a nice balance of suspense and fear that stimulates an examination of character as Scully confronts the reality of her abduction and Mulder dances around the fire he so badly wants to touch.

    The scene where Scully is introduced to her 'sisters' is truly creepy. Combined with the other information we learn in this episode, we begin to get a glimpse of just how big and consuming this conspiracy is.

    When Mr. X tells Scully to make sure Mulder doesn't get on the train, I was truly undecided about his sincerity. This closing scene was well-played and well-scripted, such that you really don't know what Mulder is getting into.
  • Mulder gets a video tape supposedly showing Japanese scientists conducting an autopsy on an alien subject, and attempts to investigate on the thin lead. Meanwhile Scully encounters a group of women claiming to be abductees who know who she is and who may

    This episode had the alien touch to it, which always gives The X-files a great show. Chris Carter was behind the helm again for this one, seemingly involved in the writing whenever the prospect of aliens comes up, or a plot ties into the series; both happened with "Nisei". The word is Japanese, loosely meaning a North American child born to Japanese parents; essentually thats what the women in the abductee 'support group' were: products of the experiments of Japanese scientists. The addition of WWII scientists, this time also being Japanese instead of the classic Nazi was surprising, meaning the Conspiracy only thickens, although it was already world-wide.
    Apparently the original plan was to make this a stand-alone episode, but given the plot, and subject, as well as its importance to the serie's overall storyline, that just wasn't possible, and it makes a great two-parter.
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