The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 1

Nothing Important Happened Today (1)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2001 on FOX

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  • Nothing Important Happened Today

    Nothing Important Happened Today was a perfect beginning to the ninth season of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story continues from last season. Mulder disappears leaving Scully to care for her baby alone while Doggett and Reyes are questioned by Kersh. Guest Star Lucy Lawless was a great sight and a little scary in her role of a woman with superhuman abilities. I liked the cat and mouse games within the F.B.I. and really look forward to watching how this plays out in the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • This was a great way to start season 9...

    I loved this episode. Now Monica Reyes is offically on the X Files. Scully is looking after her child William and Mulder is on the run, after just getting back! I thought Scully was very cold to Agent Doggett. I don't like the new guy Brad Folmer much, anyway i thought this episode was well written. The plot was intresting and the way the episode ends leaves us begging form more. Is Doggett ok? I know he is but some parts want to bevieve he is dead. It's sad when i look back and see that season 9 is the last season but it is great. Agent Doggett's charactor is becoming great. Although Gillian Anderson is not in Season 9 as much as the previous seaosns i still feel that its great. I love this episode. The Lone Gunmen are also great in this one. I don't know why David Duchovny wanted out of season 9 but i think this show is still great without him. It's a big hole to fill not having Mulder around but the writers are doing what they can.
  • The Morning After

    It's morning in DC after the events of the Season Eight finale and everyone seems to be suffering from a hangover, the writers and producers included.

    Mulder has abandoned the new baby that he embraced so lovingly with Scully in the previous episode. Scully appears to have become a Stepford Wife as she blankly tells Doggett that Mulder is simply gone, with no tears, no curiousity, and no apparent interest in the X-Files. Skinner is back to his version 1.0 self from the earlier seasons.

    This is a dark, dour episode in which not a whole lot happens, more than living up to its supposedly ironic title. Xena stalks around like a hulking water pixie gone bad for no apparent reason. New AD Brad has all the charisma of a date rapist, which, in fact, he appears to be as he munches on Reyes without warning when she visits his office. Reyes continues to show a rather singular interest in Scully, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, welcome to the season of Doggett and Reyes, a season in which you can expect not much to happen.
  • Haven't seen as much ooc since... well can't remember...

    Seriously what the heck is going on?

    Scully has returned to her sceptical self. She apparently does neither care for Mulder nor for the x-files. She does a poor job of mothering her baby when she puts him to rest with a blanket on more than one occasion. Supposedly William is but a couple days old yet she leaves him with her mother to fly to Quantico to perform an unauthorized autopsy. She lies down fully dressed with make up on and her hair all done and the next scene (supposedly hours later) she wakes up and looks still fabulous, her clothes unwrinkeld... yeah...

    Doggett is pissing everybody off, Skinner is ambigous at best wich is already saying it all for him. Reyes is on some kind of lesbian trip although she calls up AD Brad Can't keep my fingers to myself. And what's up with him? I mean he is soooooo (lacking the english word but let's just say yak!)

    And Mulder? Leaving the FBI, the X-files, the truth, Scully and his baby without so much as a goodbye? Why did DD request this kiss between him and GA if he knew he'd be gone for season 9 without a single scene? Was he hot for her or did he just didn't care what happened to the series lore after he left?

    Besides I feel like I have missed an episode. Why is Mulder suddenly in so much danger he has to leave town? If it is because of what he knows than Scully and William and Skinner even Doggett and Reyes are at risk as well. What does he know? He never actually saw any hard evidence.

    What a disappointment after the great finale of season 8.
  • Forget the X-Files, this feels more like the Twilight Zone. The entire episode makes no sense and every character except Doggett is acting out of character.

    Whole new title sequence – David Duchovny is pointedly not there but Monica, Doggett and Skinner are.

    What happened?! Suddenly everyone but Doggett have turned into cowards, running to save themselves – including Skinner, Monica, Scully and Mulder. Scully's gone from hugging Doggett and a sudden first name basis to telling him never to contact her again.

    Monica should really not try the whole femme-fatale thing, she sucks at it. Manipulation's really not her thing.

    I highly approve of Kersh's replacement, Cary Ewles, who is extremely talented at playing the handsome, charming guy who can turn into your worst nightmare if you cross him. He'll be perfect as the new A.D. Surprising to see Lucy Lawless, it's been a while.

    Little William may be more interesting than he looks – possible telekinesis.

    At the end of the episode I just stared at the screen – what was this?! The story (what little there is) is gibberish, some weird fish woman wandering around staring at people, the everyone acting out of character, Mulder is gone with no explanation. Even for a double episode, the first part is supposed to stand on it's own and this one catastrophically does not. 'Nothing important' is right.
  • I don't know why I chose informative over the other choices, but this is a good opening to the series, packed with questions and answers that may or may not be true

    It's not the greatest ever and the second episode doesn't quite do it, but I don't agree that the irony of the title is lost. Something important has happened today - it's the first episode that Mulder isn't in with no explanation, Scully's baby is showing evidence of some abilities that might not be usual, we now have Annabeth Gish, Robert Patrick and Mitch Pileggi (it's about time) in the titles, and as is explained at the end of the second episode, which is weaker, the title is a quote from a King, who was missing everything, when there were such amazing and important things going on around him.

    This is also the introduction to the supersoldiers which, despite what you think of them, form a big part of the season's underlying story.

    I think it could have been better, but given all the new stuff they had to deal with I don't think it's a bad opening, especially as they had to deal with the disappearance of Mulder for no reason they could really outline.
  • Season 9 starts with a whimper...see, fellas, it's only ironic to call an episode "Nothing Important Happened Today" if in fact something important DOES happen.

    Mulder vanishes without so much as a goodbye, Scully hits the sidelines, and the Reyes & Doggett show kicks off. All of which might be acceptable if this didn't feel so much like someone desperately attempting to make a show that's alot like the X-Files, but isn't the X-Files.
    Xena drowns some guys and we'll just have to wait until next episode to find out why we should care.
    The feeling is setting in that perhaps we really should have called it good with the Season 8 finale.