The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 2

Nothing Important Happened Today II (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 2001 on FOX

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  • Boring

    What of this storyline is resolved after two hours? ZERO!

    We still don't know if this Shannon is good or bad, a vage conspiracy has been brought to a shady light because Doggett is too busy making Kersh responsible for everything. Skinner is in and out of this story and Scully seems to do nothing but nurse this baby. She never watches TV, reads nothing, never calls anybody. She's not even feeding the boy! Only carrying him around and sleeping occasionally.

    Reyes gets to stand around a bit, Scully is being frantic on this ship about finding her name when at first she didn't even want Doggett to investigate anything.

    Shannon gets a hand through her stomach but the person doing this (supposedly Noah) doesn't go after Doggett who not only catches up with the women in the next scene but is in front of them. He finds the msg about the detonation JUST in time and there is no report whatsoever that the ship blew up. What happened to the data? What exactly is the military up to? Ipregnating everybody with super soldiers is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I mean if they really can't be killed than what is to say that they are not breeding a new kind of super criminals?

    How is it that the military is able to change and alter the DNA of grown up people so they can breathe under water, do not need to sleep and decapitate people with their fingertips... Just a little to strong for my liking. Way too many wholes and ooc again (in regards of Scully who is again leaving her weak-old baby to risk her life so she can maybe get answers she doesn't want to hear and doesn't want to believe either...)
  • Slightly more like it, but far from great.

    Noel returns and we're back to super-soldiers again, an idea that I had really hoped had run it's course. Now, with speculation arisin' concerning William, it's safe to say I'll just have to get used to it.
    Scully gets to play a little in this one, but it's still clearly the Doggett & Reyes show now.
    A marked improvement over last episode, but not enough to fill me with optimism.
  • Nothing Still Happened

    Maybe a smidgeon better than the first "Nothing" but only because there is a bit more action and less of the dark, dreary storyline.

    The opening teaser is strangely dull and undramatic. Gee, a ship out at sea with a a heavily-secured laboratory. Yippee... Ever notice how many episodes feature boats? Usually the duller ones. There are an awful lot of hospital settings too, not even counting the obligatory Scully autopsies.

    Anyway, Xena gets more screen time and she even speaks some lines. I'm not sure whether she is a good witch or a bad one and I suspect the writers have no idea either. The whole chloramine thing seems a bit half-baked and the fake conflict between Doggett and Kersh is just tiresome.
  • An improvement from the horrible part 1 but has serious flaws.

    Anyone else feeling a sense of déjà vu? They're doing to Doggett what they did to Mulder, and Reyes reacts exactly like Scully did.

    I am far from impressed by the beginning to season 9 but this episode starts looking up thanks to Lucy Lawless who is sympathetic and believable. Especially once she saves Doggett's life but there was something bizarre about that scene that was just off – she gets a fist through her chest and shoved into the water by a man without a head. Maybe I'm wrong but my attention would have been on the *headless man* and not turning my back on the thing and staring down at the water?! If it could still kill someone *after* it's head was removed, it would definitely be my priority, Doggett didn't even look. Now this incident was almost eclipsed by somehow getting off the ship in 15 seconds?! There are super humans in the episode but I didn't think it included Doggett, Scully and Monica.

    I never believed Kersh was dirty, just a obnoxious jerk who was being used, and apparently it's true. Kersh insists he's being coerced, that he's a friend. Something that might actually be true because he didn't suspend Doggett.

    I hope these two episodes are not an indication where this season is going because the first part was horrendous and this part was seriously marred by poor writing. Doggett, who I loved in season 8, has actually turned into a sad version of Mulder, running around yelling 'conspiracy' to anyone who'll listen. Have these writers heard of a thing called 'character consistency'? In season 8, Doggett was what Scully had been to Mulder – a level head and a calming influence – but now that's completely gone and as a result, chaos reigns. I can't believe this is the same series I fell in love with in high school.
  • Nothing much happened here either

    Apart from a lesbian friend of mine who was in seventh heaven to have Gillian Anderson, Annabeth Gish AND Lucy Lawless in the same episode, I don't think most people will rate this one that highly.

    It's not awful and it does start off the season with the obvious lesson for us that it's no longer the David & Gillian show - and it continues the slightly darker edge that season eight had. Somehow, though, it's not the thrilling opening we might have hoped for.

    And of course it's missing one very important element - Mulder himself. Despite appearing in a frosted shower door at the beginning (which presumably was not DD himself) his disappearance isn't that well explained. The show itself is still watchable and pretty good, but now that there doesn't appear to be any real sceptic, it's lost a little of its edge. Annoying as it was to always have Scully come up with a scientific explanation, especially when the viewer had seen the 'truth', it really did keep the series going.

    I do like the fact, though, that they've changed the titles - it's about time (I know they put new images of DD & GA in before, but this looks much more like it.)

    So all in all, an okay but not groundbreaking episode.
  • Nothing Important Happened Today II

    Nothing Important Happened Today II was a perfect episode of The X-Files and an excellent follow up to the story lines involved. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development layered in the action, drama and intrigue. It was awesome watching the various agents maneuvering and I liked how Shannon played her part. Every thing played out in a very entertaining way and I liked the last few scenes as Doggett surrendered to Kersh as he couldn't quite prove anything and we are left to wonder how special Scully's baby just might be. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • This episode was better than part 1.

    Wow what a great episode a lot of stuff happened. Like the bit on the ship, Scully wanted to find her name and see if she was impregnated with alien DNA but we never find out...

    I think the whole Supersolder stories start to develop here. I was shocked when Doggett was almost killed. Kersh was a little anoying in this episode, i still don't know why he gave Reyes and Doggett the lead anyway, this season has lots of potential stories to tell. Only 18 episodes left... I love it so mich, Scully was in this episode a little more, but how did William move the thing in his cribb that was scary. I am liking the new series its a big change from the others but i like it.