The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 2

Nothing Important Happened Today II (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2001 on FOX

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  • An improvement from the horrible part 1 but has serious flaws.

    Anyone else feeling a sense of déjà vu? They're doing to Doggett what they did to Mulder, and Reyes reacts exactly like Scully did.

    I am far from impressed by the beginning to season 9 but this episode starts looking up thanks to Lucy Lawless who is sympathetic and believable. Especially once she saves Doggett's life but there was something bizarre about that scene that was just off – she gets a fist through her chest and shoved into the water by a man without a head. Maybe I'm wrong but my attention would have been on the *headless man* and not turning my back on the thing and staring down at the water?! If it could still kill someone *after* it's head was removed, it would definitely be my priority, Doggett didn't even look. Now this incident was almost eclipsed by somehow getting off the ship in 15 seconds?! There are super humans in the episode but I didn't think it included Doggett, Scully and Monica.

    I never believed Kersh was dirty, just a obnoxious jerk who was being used, and apparently it's true. Kersh insists he's being coerced, that he's a friend. Something that might actually be true because he didn't suspend Doggett.

    I hope these two episodes are not an indication where this season is going because the first part was horrendous and this part was seriously marred by poor writing. Doggett, who I loved in season 8, has actually turned into a sad version of Mulder, running around yelling 'conspiracy' to anyone who'll listen. Have these writers heard of a thing called 'character consistency'? In season 8, Doggett was what Scully had been to Mulder – a level head and a calming influence – but now that's completely gone and as a result, chaos reigns. I can't believe this is the same series I fell in love with in high school.
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