The X-Files

Season 6 Episode 12

One Son (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 1999 on FOX
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CSM reveals all the government secrets from the past 50 years in order for his son, Jeffery Spender, to join him in his work. Mulder learns that the final stage of the conspiracy will soon begin with the hybridization of the Syndicate members and he must stop it from happening. Agent Spender deceives his father and arranges for Mulder and Scully to be reassigned to the X-Files, which doesn't sit too well with CSM.moreless

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  • One Son

    One Son was another exciting and perfectly entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story continued from the previous episode and was full of drama, intrigue, action and suspense. It was awesome to learn more about the Aliens, the Men in Black and the Cigarette Smoking Man makes some important decisions. The writing was awesome, the acting superb and it was awesome to see the aliens. I was shocked at the ending and certainly look forward to watching more of The X-Files!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • C.S.M reveals a huge chunk of backstory

    This episode was better than the first part and for one big reason: despite any clunkiness that the episode had, there were big reveals here, ones that left me satisfied enough to move on with some parts of the myth-arc. The episode was far from perfect, but it was good enough to keep me satisfied until we get the next myth-arc episode.

    There was a lengthy scene here where the Cigarette Smoking Man a.k.a C.G.B Spender tells Mulder a ton of stuff, stuff that seems like things the show would hold off on until near the end of the show. Nope, instead we learn that Mulder's sister wasn't abducted by aliens but instead stolen from the house by the Syndicate and offered to the aliens as test subjects for alien/human hybrids and that Bill Mulder said okay to it. However, what made me like the episode more than the average one was the fact that Spender went from being a stick in the mud to somebody who could see things from Mulder's perspective. He actually gets Mulder and Scully reassigned to the X-Files. But the show has to go and kill him just as he was getting interested. Lame. Some people here didn't like Spender, but I was just getting to the point where I was getting used to him.

    I hope the show can figure out a way to simplify things and get back to that intrigue that earlier seasons had with the myth-arc. Oh, and do something about Krycek. He's so random and needs to be dealt with.moreless
  • Meaty follow up.

    "One Son" is a meaty follow up to "Two Fathers," filled with pivotal plot developments in the alien mythology. Here we learn just how far the syndicate was willing to go to negotiate with the enemy, and we see that Mulder is perhaps falling to the same impulse, captivated as he is by former lover (and perhaps ex-wife) Diana Fowley. And, on a shallow note, we get to see Mulder and Scully check each other out in the shower. What's not to love?

    While this episode does much to clarify and advance the alien plot, there are a few things I don't like about it, and not just because we have to watch Diana Fowley mack on Agent Mulder. (It is just me or does Mimi Rogers bear an uncanny resemblance to a tranny Tom Cruise?) For one thing, a lot is going on here, and certain transitional scenes are missing. At one point, Scully (with the help of the Lone Gunmen) attempts to defraud Diana Fowley to Mulder. A rather electric conflict is going on here, with a potential rift between the agents. Then, before you can say "dangling plot thread," Mulder and Scully are back on the warpath together. How about a scene in which the two get back on solid ground? Any resolution is glossed over so other developments can be dealt with. That's the problem with episodes like this... way too much is going on at the expense of character development.

    Then there is the issue of Fox "Always Right" Mulder being so blind to Diana's manipulations. She lives in the Watergate Apartments (THUNK!) and CSM knows his way around her place. Either of these things might make him skeptical, but instead the lack of any concrete evidence makes him believe her, even over Scully and the Lone Gunmen's warnings. And why is Mulder checking out Scully one moment in the shower, then kissing Diana a few scenes later? He's all over the map.

    And don't even get me started on the final scene. Unrealistic, and not followed through in at least four subsequent episodes.moreless
  • We get a treat seeing Mulder and Scully naked in the shower!!

    In this episode, we get some questions answered. We see how the parents of our supposedly more enlightend fathers tried to give away their children to appease the new alien enemy back in the Seventies. We see how evil the alien rebels have been in trying to kill the human/alien hybrids that the syndicate have been trying to keep secret. Mulder is told all he needs to know....But does that mean the end for the series that is the X-files?

    No we have far more to go on, and series write Chris Carter will have, i'm sure, more great story lines up his sleeve to keep us watching.moreless
  • Mulder And Scully Get Naked

    As seems usual for X-Files two-parters, the second half of Father/Son is the superior episode, but not by much. There is more action and less wordiness in this episode, which is usually a good thing in Carter-scripted episodes.

    The opening teaser is marred by a pretentious voiceover by Mulder, yet another example of Carter's penchant for overwriting. The teaser is also quite short and surprisingly unremarkable. The next scene is also a clunker, as Fowley unconvincingly explains to Mulder and Scully why they have been placed under quarantine. Scully assumes Mulder's usual role by angrily challenging Fowley while Mulder inexplicably defends Fowley. It seems contrived and way out of character for Mulder to simply "go with the flow" and accept Fowley's ridiculous sounding explanations. It also rings false that Mulder consistently sides with Fowley when Scully later presents him with evidence suggesting that Fowley is involved in the syndicate's activities.

    A bone is thrown to the shippers when Mulder and Scully are shown taking a shower together. It's a cute but throwaway scene.

    The "conversation in Fowley's apartment" between Mulder and CSM is interesting and revealing but it seems uncharacteristic for CSM to reveal so much. It does serve as a nice wrapping up certain threads of the Myth arc. In fact, a lot of threads are wrapped up as virtually the entire syndicate is roasted (!) by the rebels and CSM (seemingly) plugs the annoying Spender at the close of the episode. I laughed! I cried! I cheered out loud when I heard CSM's gunshot! Here's hoping it wasn't yet another shot into the wall behind Spender, as Mulder did when he seemingly shot CSM in an earlier episode.moreless
Robert Lipton

Robert Lipton

Head Surgeon

Guest Star

Scott Williamson

Scott Williamson

CDC Leader

Guest Star

Jo Black-Jacob

Jo Black-Jacob


Guest Star

William B. Davis

William B. Davis

Cigarette Smoking Man

Recurring Role

Chris Owens

Chris Owens

Special Agent Jeffrey Spender

Recurring Role

Nicholas Lea

Nicholas Lea

Alex Krycek

Recurring Role

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    • Mulder: (While the decontamination team was checking him out.) There must be some kind of mistake. I signed up for the aroma therapy treatment.

    • Mulder: (voiceover) Two men, young, idealistic - the fine product of a generation hardened by world war. Two fathers whose paths would converge in a new battle - an invisible war between a silent enemy and a sleeping giant... on a scale to dwarf all historical conflicts. A 50-years war, its killing fields lying in wait for the inevitable global holocaust. Theirs was the dawn of Armageddon. And while the world was unaware, unwitting spectators to the hurly-burly of the decades-long struggle between heaven and earth, there were those who prepared for the end; who measured the size and power of the enemy, and faced the choices: stand and fight, or bow to the will of a fearsome enemy. Or to surrender - to yield and collaborate. To save themselves and stay their enemy's hand. Men who believed that victory was the absence of defeat and survival the ultimate ideology... No matter what the sacrifice.

    • Krycek: I recovered all the medical records from the hospital. The doctors who examined her before she escaped are telling us Cassandra Spender may be the culmination of 25 years of this group's finest efforts.
      Third Elder: That's why the rebels struck. They were trying to kill her.
      Krycek: They killed everyone but her. They struck to keep her alive - keep us from killing her.
      First Elder: What do the rebels want?
      Third Elder: To destroy us. They know that when the aliens learn of Cassandra, colonization will begin.
      Fourth Elder: We must destroy Cassandra.
      CSM: No. Let colonization begin. We must turn over Cassandra. Save ourselves.
      Fourth Elder: Bill Mulder was against this. He said this would be our tragic mistake.
      CSM: Bill Mulder sacrificed his only daughter because he knew this day would arrive. What choice have we... if you want to see your families survive? If we want to see those we sacrificed returned to us?

    • Marita Covarrubias: I can't be seen with you.
      Mulder: Marita?
      Marita Covarrubias: If they catch me with you, they'll kill me this time.
      Mulder: Who?
      Marita Covarrubias: The Smoking Man and... his group.
      Mulder: What have they done to you?
      Marita Covarrubias: Tests. Terrible, terrible tests.
      Mulder: Like the tests on Cassandra Spender?
      Marita Covarrubias: No. No, Cassandra Spender is part of a program that's been going on for 25 years. A hybrid program.
      Mulder: Then what were the tests on you?
      Marita Covarrubias: I was infected with the alien virus - the black oil. My tests were on the vaccine against it... being developed in secret.
      Mulder: In secret from the alien colonists. The hybrid program was in co-operation with the aliens but the conspirators never intended to succeed... to finish the work.
      Marita Covarrubias: They were buying time.
      Mulder: To make a vaccine and build a weapon.
      Marita Covarrubias: But Cassandra Spender happened.
      Mulder: She's the first, isn't she? She's the first successful alien-human hybrid.
      Marita Covarrubias: If she is... and the aliens learn a hybrid exists... colonization of the planet will begin. With no stopping it.

    • (The Smoking Man is in the X-Files office, looking at picture of himself and Bill Mulder)
      Spender: Get out of here.
      CSM: This picture you have - I haven't seen it since you were born. You probably don't even know who the other man is.
      Spender: I don't care. Get out.
      CSM: It's Bill Mulder, Fox Mulder's father. Isn't that something? He was a good man... a friend of mine... who betrayed me in the end.
      Spender: I know more than enough about your past... enough to hate you.
      CSM: Your mother was right. I came here hoping otherwise. (He takes a gun out of a drawer) Hoping that my son... might live to honor me... like Bill Mulder's son. (He aims the gun at Agent Spender and fires)

    • Mulder: Interesting company you keep.
      CSM: Not as interesting as your apparent lingerie fetish.

    • (Scully pulls out a hideous pair of sweat pants from her locker)
      Scully: They burned our clothes.
      Mulder: I heard grey was the new black.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Makeup for a Series.

    • Although the train carrying the Cigarette Smoking Man and Cassandra Spender near the conclusion of this episode appears to be travelling at high speed, in reality it never got above eight miles an hour -- the speed limit in the rail yard used for filming. The illusion was created with sound effects, music, clever camera angles and quick cutting.

    • Jo Black-David, who played the murderous nurse, was casting director Rick Millikan's high school drama teacher.

    • This episode, which finally puts to rest everything about the government conspiracy with an alien species, begins with a montage of flashbacks stretching back to 'The Erlenmeyer Flask'.