The X-Files

Season 2 Episode 24

Our Town

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 12, 1995 on FOX

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  • Mulder and Scully investigate a disappearance of a man who appears to have been eaten by the town.

    This is an episode I will always remember for the giant man with the tribal mask killing people with his axe and the town helping to cover it up as they eat the victims but when one man they eat has a disease that is given to everyone else it causes problems for them.Scully is also abducted once again to be beheaded but is saved by Mulder who shot the man with the tribal mask and it he was revealed to be the sheriff who is seen throughout the episode.The rest of the tribe ran off and an investigation was set up into the chicken factory.
  • Our Town

    Our Town was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, scary and definitely makes me think twice about eating chicken! The guest cast was superb and the it was sad to see Scully be abducted yet again. Why does Mulder send her off by herself in these situations after all that has recently happened? It was a truly scary moment thinking about being put in her situation where others force you and you have no way to escape. I liked the underlying message in the episode, which is to perhaps be more aware of where your food comes from and being aware of what you are actually eating. I liked how every thing played out and the references to a cannibalistic tribe. The ending was great and I look forward to watching the next episode to see how season two wraps up!!!!!!!!!
  • Mulder and Scully investigate a town full of cannibals

    Reading through some of the older reviews, I can't help but 100% agree with the notion that the show, has fun as it may be, rehashes plots over and over and over again. It's tough for a show to remain original over time, but as this is just the second season, I worry that some of the plots may be re-used more and more as the show goes on. That being said, despite this feeling like a re-hash of other episodes, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

    Mulder and Scully start looking into the mysterious deaths of people at a chicken factory, and as the show goes on, we start learning more and more secrets about the men and women in the town, specifically that they are cannibals who have been killing and eating certain people. The reasoning behind a lot of it is hazy and difficult to decipher, but the impact and imagery of the man in the mask chopping people's heads off was haunting. If "The X-Files" gets anything right, it's certainly the mood of an episode.

    As the episode preceding the finale, I was impressed, but I hoped they would start building up the finale a little earlier instead of giving us another stand-alone episode.
  • Chicken?


    “Our Town” is annoying because it resembles “Die Hand, Die Verletzt”, as in it’s about a crooked town and voodoo. Basically a corrupt chicken factory are putting people in food, and spreading a disease. Mulder and Sully investigate. Skully nearly gets her head chopped off and Mulder shoots a woman into a big bowl of chicken guts. In the end the whole town are guilty of something, it’s a stupid episode for all the wrong reasons, its not even funny stupid, its stupid stupid. I would say this is a filler episode as it is just a waste of god damn time.
  • Scully... victim again

    Pretty disgusting case, although I bet there have been other, but the idea of people eating people and be conscious about made the whole episode creepy.
    Our favorite duo investigate this case and they come up with theories and facts that could've been explained better. It was never clear to me - and it was some sort of a plot hole - why Paula looked so young after finding out she was more than 40 years.
    Nice to hear Scully have a sick idea and nicer to see Mulder eager to listen to it. Again, she is taken and Mulder does his best to save her, that moment when he takes the tape off her mouth and take a strand off her hair... What can I do? I'm a shipper after all.
  • Not too tasty

    Marking his second X Files episode – and a mildly interesting riff on the 1954 Spencer Tracy movie "Bad Day at Black Rock" – Frank Spotnitz's penultimate episode in an outstanding Season 2 is a little hampered by some basic plot anomalies. Scully's usual scepticism about the validity of a case is for once merited, as Mulder's evidence that this missing person report constitutes an X File is a bit hazy. The townsfolk of Dudley who are suffering from Kreuzfeld Jacob disease (one of particular relevance to us Brits because of mad cow disease) seem to swallow some kind of pill that cures them instantly of their affliction – I'm sure the drug companies would love to get their hands on a product like that. Chaco's plan to keep the town free from outside interference is fundamentally flawed as it involves killing 2 FBI agents, an act which would almost certainly bring hoards of fellow agents flooding into the town. And if they are such great pains to get rid of the 2 agents, how come Mulder is left to do whatever he does, while Scully is all trussed up like a chicken? Minor missed detail that; if they'd taken care of Mulder too they'd have been able to carry out their plan instead of him coming in and shooting up their party. But probably the biggest mistake of all, and a continuity mystery of almost epic proportions, is how the hell was Scully able to examine Paula's brain when her head was seen on the slab completely intact?

    Other than that, this is a relatively workmanlike episode, boasting little of anything truly spectacular. Given that this is the 24th episode in what has been a lengthy run, it shows little signs of fatigue and certainly the cannibalism aspect dropped into the plot about ¾ of the way through is a suitably gruesome new twist. Pity the poor actress who plays Paula though. Not content with an opener that sees her cavorting about with her married lover in the cold and (audibly) wet, she then has to suffer the indignity of dying face down in a pile of disgusting goop. A few observations on our favourite agents: isn't Mulder the sensitive one? Getting nightmares from a simple videotape of a man ranting and raving. Nice to see Scully's dress sense has improved immeasurably from the start of the season and the atrocities she wore in Season One. Wouldn't have pegged her for a fast food kind of gal though. No wonder she's so quick to ditch the Chaco Chicken bargain bucket. See what kind of flippant comments we're reduced to when the episode itself fails to engage us?

  • Enough to turn anyone vegetarian!

    A supposed ordinary missing person's case turns into something far more disturbing.

    This combines a lot of strands - a degenerative brain disease, some very real chicken processing methods, some less than real ones, murder, cannibalism, ritual killing, eternal youth - and whilst there are some large plot holes, it's wonderfully nauseating romp.

    When BSE (mad cow disease) first was in the news here in England, there was some consternation and outrage when it was discovered that non-meat-eating animals were being forced to eat feed that contained the ground up bits of various other animals, essentially making them cannibals.

    KJD was then in the news, with some deaths - and it is not a nice way to go. It's clever the way they've extended these ideas to show some of the consequences of meddling with nature - in a very X Files way of course.

    So would the promise of prolonged life lead one to murder, eat the flesh of your friends and keep their heads in a cupboard? Grisly stuff.

    And the final scene with the guy doling out the chicken feed is just yeuch!
  • Utterly nauseating.

    Is it me or does it turn your stomach to think about cannibalism? Watching them eat the soup, knowing that it was supposed to be made from human flesh... and watching the last scene where the man is feeding the pigs what is allegedly the remains of that old man... really made me dry heave a couple of times. The episode itself was all right, but it seemed like a half-hearted attempt at a Mulder to the Rescue episode. They even named the chapter, "Mulder to the Rescue." But it was a trite effort with no real suspense. Scully's head was not even really strapped onto that log, and the masked man is hilarious - not scary. I'm still sensing something amiss in the two actors' chemistry with each other. I suppose this was during one of their "Can't talk to each other" moments? That's all I can think of to explain the appalling lack of chemistry between them in the past few episodes.
  • The one with the cannibalistic town

    This one was a very interesting and cool cannibal episode, so people are disappearing near a town and it turns out that the people in the town are eating the people to make them live longer and look young.

    It all begins with a girl and a guy going into the woods, the guy lost the girl and then he sees a man with an axe who kills him

    This episode was very exciting, apparently the guy who got killed had a sickness that was going to kill him and his flesh was put in the villages meat. And everyone who ate him began to get sick again, the girl started to hallucinate as first and the sheriff shot her.

    Mulder and Scully go to the wife of the man and she says that he went out with many young girls and think he went out of the country.

    Mulder doesn’t trust it and makes the sheriff dig out the lake, a lot of bones come up and they are all missing the heads.

    Mulder also finds out that Paula, the young girl was actually 47 years old. The man who’s the boss of the chicken company is the grandfather of Paula, he and almost everyone of the village knows what has been going on. Doris who was the wife of the killed man starts to feel guilty. She is now one of them but she doesn’t feel like she can anymore. She calls Mulder and Scully because she is afraid for her life but it’s way too late and the same cannibal fiend hacks off her head.

    When Mulder goes to the house of the old man, he finds the heads of the victims in a closet while Scully is knocked out by one of the cannibals, Mulder eventually saves her after Jacob has been decapitated and Scully almost as well.

    The disease of the man who was killed in the teaser killed all the cannibals and the chicken factory was closed at the end,

    The episode was definitely strong and creepy, specially when Scully almost lost her head.
    Some things weren’t explained though, why did the sheriff shoot Paula, Why was the sheriff the one with the mask and not Jacob who had lived with the cannibals, why wasn’t Scully decapitated at once like the others were? All questions that didn’t got answered but weren’t that big of a deal.
  • Mulder and Scully investigate several disapperences from a small town, only to find more bodies hidden in the river and a town with a few dirty secrets.

    This episode tackled the plot of a strange town, which is always open to the writer. You can take a small town and give it any kind of strange back-drop to play with, and it usually comes out interesting; this episode follows suit. Following a storyline of cannabalism, it steps outside the alien bounderies and looks at human darkness instead; although many episodes approach stories like this, 'Our Small Town' seemed to be especially dark. The fact that an entire town was involved in ritualistic cannabalism, full-willingly killing then eating their fellow townsfolk is truely disturbing. Everyone was in on it, and these types of episodes are great for leaving Mulder and Scully to fend for themselves. The story line in this season seems to be branching away from investigations given to the agents by the bureau, but each manages to fit in a little bit of continuing story line to keep avid fans thinking.