The X-Files

Season 8 Episode 13

Per Manum

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Scully initially enters office waiting room, it's empty but a few seconds later, a lady is in a dark top laying on the seat behind her.

  • Quotes

    • Scully: Excuse me, Agent Doggett but are you investigating me?
      Doggett: No, I was doing a background check on Mr. and Mrs. Haskell before I drop the case like you asked me to do.
      Scully: No, I didn't ask you to drop the case I said there was nothing to do.
      Doggett: Well if there is nothing to do then why are you investigating?
      Scully: You are jumping to conclusions
      Doggett: No, I'm just trying to do my job only it gets hard to do if the person you're working with is keeping secrets and telling lies.

    • Doggett: At least you're okay. Why didn't you tell me?
      Scully: I was afraid. Afraid that they'd use it against me, to take me off the X-files so I couldn't find Mulder.
      Doggett: I told you I'd help you. I said we'd find him.

    • (speaking to Scully)
      Mary Hendershot: My name is Mary Hendershot. My baby's in danger. So is yours.

    • (flashback)
      Scully: Okay, if... if you're trying to politely say "no," it's okay. I... I understand.
      Mulder: See what's weird is... this sounds, and this sounds really weird, I know, but I... I just wouldn't want this to come between us.
      Scully: Yeah, I know. I... I understand. I do.
      Mulder: Come on... The answer is "yes."
      (Scully hugs Mulder)
      Scully: Um... well, I'll call Dr. Parenti, and I assume that he'll want to meet you and go through the uh, the donor procedures
      Mulder: No, at that part I'm a pro.
      (Mulder walks out the door)
      (Flashback ends)

    • Dr. Parenti: Dana? You want to come on back?
      Scully: What did you find?
      Dr. Parenti: I looked at this ultrasound that you sent me and... I don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing, but it looks fine to me. As does your own ultrasound.
      Scully: You didn't see anything strange?
      Dr. Parenti: Why do you ask that?
      Scully: I just wanted to be sure. I've had.... complications.
      Dr. Parenti: It's normal to be worried.
      Scully: Okay. Thank You.
      Dr. Parenti: Your only concern right now is when you're going to tell the FBI. Can't keep it a secret forever Dana. You're going to start showing soon.

    • Mulder: Never give up on a miracle.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Narrator: Zeus Genetics - Germantown, Maryland
      Zeus is famous in Greek mythology for fathering many, many children with many, many women. His wife, Hera (also his youngest sister), was very jealous and would do everything she could to foil him. Thus, he would appear to women disguised as their husbands, other men, or animals. And these women, would sometimes have to go into hiding while they carried his child, to be safe from Hera.

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