The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 10, 1993 on FOX

Episode Recap

A girl is running through the woods at night, she stumbles and falls, suddenly she sees a bright light in the sky. A man walks out of the light and heads towards her, he gets to her and the bright light follows him over, he picks her up, there is a whirlwind of leaves around them, the white light completely engulfs them. Complete white out. Collum National Forest, Northwest Virginia The next morning, there are police investigating her death and they can see no sign of attack except for two small lumps on her back. Detective Miles IDs the body as Karen Swenson, one of his sons' classmates. FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Agent Dana Scully checks in and reports to an office, there she is asked about her background as a medical doctor and if she is familiar with Agent Fox Mulder. She says she knows of him by his reputation as the best analyst in the violent crimes section and by his nickname at the academy "Spooky Mulder." She is told that she has been assigned to assist Agent Fox Mulder with his work on the X-Files, cases that the FBI has found no explanation for and has suspended from investigation. She is to find any validity in his claims, "debunk," and write reports on him. She goes to the basement, where Mulder works, they introduce one another and then Mulder starts up a slideshow of the dead women in the forest. He asks Scully to identify the lumps on her back and a molecule which was found there. He says that the same lumps and molecule were found on bodies in Texas and South Dakota. The girl is the 4th person from her graduating class to die under mysterious circumstances, Mulder believes that the explanation is extraterrestrial, but Scully believes there is a scientific explanation. The next morning, Mulder and Scully fly to Oregon. Later they are driving into a town when suddenly the radio starts breaking up and emitting a high pitched tone, Mulder stops the car and sprays a large 'X' on the road. Coastal Northwest Oregon, March 7, 1992 They are at a graveyard where Mulder is going to have the body of Ray Soames, a previous victim, exhumed. The medical report says he died of exposure, on a warm July night. The county medical examiner, Dr. Nemman, turns up and Mulder questions him as to why he didn't do the last autopsy, he says he was on holiday but is angry at Mulder's insinuations and leaves. The coffin is being lifted out of the grave when the cable suddenly snaps and the coffin slides down the hill, slamming against a gravestone. Mulder opens the coffin and sees inside a blackened, shriveled and clearly non-human body inside. At the autopsy, Scully says that the oblique cranium and large ocular cavities indicate that he is not human, she guesses a monkey, but Mulder thinks it is an extraterrestrial. They do x-rays where they find a small implant in the nasal cavity. Raymon County State Psychiatric Hospital The next day, they meet Ray's old doctor who says that he treated all the other victims from his graduating class and that two of them are still there. They are Billy Miles and Peggy O'Dell. Billy is in a waking coma and Peggy is wheelchair bound after a car accident. Peggy's nose begins to bleed. Mulder and Scully see that Peggy also has the two marks on her back. Mulder believes they were abducted, but Scully obviously does not; saying there is no scientific evidence for abduction. That night, Mulder and Scully are in the forest looking about, Scully sees an ash-like substance on the ground and takes a sample, just then Detective Miles comes over a hill and tells them to leave, as they are trespassing on private property. They set off in the car, Mulder checks his watch and a compass, the compass is spinning and the watch says 9:03. Suddenly there is a bright flash of light and everything goes in slow motion, the car slows to a halt. Mulder says the car has lost all power and that they have lost just over 9 minutes, his watch now says 9:13, they have stopped next to the X on the road, a clear sign of extraterrestrial activity says Mulder. Scully is at the hotel typing on her laptop when the power cuts out, she notices two marks on her back but Mulder says they are mosquito bites. Mulder tells her how when he was 12 his 8 year old sister just vanished one night. He says via deep-regression hypnosis he remembers a bright light and a presence in his room the night his sister vanished. He thinks she was abducted and he has been obsessed by the paranormal ever since. He says that there are governmental files which he has been blocked access to by higher echelons of power than he, and these files prove that the government knows about the abductions and that this is the closest he has ever gotten to proving it himself. Suddenly there is a phone call, Mulder answers it and is told that Peggy is dead. They arrive at the scene and the truck driver says she ran in front of his truck, but she should have been wheelchair bound. Scully notices that Peggy's watch stopped at 9:03. Mulder tells her that he just got a phone call which said that the body was stolen from the lab, so they go back to the motel and they see it burning, they have lost all the x-rays, pictures and files relating to the case. Teresa Nemman is there, she asks them to protect her, she says she has the two marks on her back and that every now and then she finds herself in the woods at night, without any idea how she got there. She says her old classmates do the same thing. Then Detective Miles and Dr. Nemman arrive and take her away. Mulder and Scully think they are the ones who stole the body and burnt the motel. They go to the graves of the other two victims and find that they have been dug up and are empty. Mulder believes that it was Billy Miles who took the bodies and killed Peggy, he thinks that at 9:03 the kids were summoned to the forest and time stopped for nine minutes. But at the hospital the nurse says that Billy was there all night, but Scully notices the ash from the forest on his feet. They head to the forest to take another sample and see the Detective Miles' car. They hear a girl scream in the forest and they rush in. Scully gets knocked out by the Miles who then encounters Mulder, he persuades him to try and stop Billy, who is holding Teresa in the middle of a whirlwind of leaves and a bright light. His dad shoots at him, but Mulder pushes the gun aside and he misses. There is a blinding light and a loud noise, then Billy wakes up from his coma and the marks on his back are gone. Teresa is lying on the ground. March 22, 1992, FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Billy is in a hypnosis interview, he is being questioned about his actions and the deaths. He says he first saw the light at a graduation party in the forest with some of his friends. He says he was taken to a testing place and was told to gather the others so tests could be performed on them. They put something in his head which made him follow their orders, but the tests didn't work and he was ordered to kill them. Later, Scully is being questioned about the unscientific basis for her report; there is now evidence for what she says. Scully produces the implant from Ray Soames' nose, she gives it to them and says the material it is made of could not be identified. Scully is in bed when she gets a phone call from Mulder. He says that he was on the phone with the DA's office in Oregon and that they said there is no file on Billy Miles, the paperwork they filed is gone. Meanwhile, one of the men from Scully's debriefing is walking down an aisle in a large warehouse with shelves covered in identical brown boxes, he walks up to one, opens it and takes out a small box containing 5 implants, he takes the one Scully gave him from his pocket and puts it with the rest, then he leaves the warehouse and the door reads "Pentagon Evacuation Procedure."