The X-Files

Season 2 Episode 10

Red Museum

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 1994 on FOX
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While investigating the connection between the abduction of several teenagers and a rural religious cult, Mulder & Scully discover a secret test being performed on the children using the "Purity Control" alien DNA from 'The Erlenmeyer Flask' which leads Mulder to the Crew-Cut Man, Deep Throat's murderer.moreless

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  • It's Purity Control Mulder.

    The brief mythology was the only interesting part of the episode. The whole ideology surrounding the Red Museum felt weak and unoriginal, and the psychotic pedophile character was poorly written (his motives were confusing). However, Steve Eastin and Mark Rolston delivered respectable acting, and managed with the plot they were given.
  • Deep Throats killer is back

    Mulder and Scully investigate when some teenage kids are kidnapped and turn up in their underwear and a message on their back saying he/she.This links Mulder and Scully to a religious cult and the man who shot Deep throat who is back to kill the teenagers because they have alien D.N.A in them called purity control just like from the Erlenmeyer flask.Mulder and Scully find that he isn't the man kidnapping the kids but he is trying to kill them,Mulder who wants him alive doesn't get the chance when he is shot dead by the sheriff in revenge for killing his son.I would say it was an average episode in the end but with a big storyline.moreless
  • Red Museum

    Red Museum was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development, awesome acting, directing and editing. This episode really made me feel engaged with what was happening. The story was awesome and a definitely has an important message. The Red Museum was interesting as were it's members and their beliefs. This episode was also perfect because there was something really big happening here, involving unknown truths, which Mulder and Scully eventually discover. I would love to see a compilation of all mention and use of Extra-Terrestrials or their DNA. It was typical for the Sheriff's son to be the leader of his friends and to pick on the members of the Red Museum. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was great as was the message in this episode. I don't know if I could but it might be worth looking into becoming a vegetarian. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Season 2's nadir

    At one point, about halfway through this misbegotten episode, Mulder asks the local sheriff “Any clue what this is about?” And it’s something we could well ask Chris Carter as he makes a complete shambles of a nonsensical hybrid between the pilot episode and “Genderbender”.

    The fact of the matter is that “Red Museum” is just all over the place. Is it about the dangers of small town bigotry, and the fear of the outsider? If so, where does the possession theory come into it? What does the Red Museum sect actually do and stand for, seeing as they certainly don’t seem to represent any earthly danger? What about the Peeping Tom/ child abuse angle? Is that just another red herring? Walk-ins, anyone? Take your pick. Why are the teenagers left alive? Sure, it’s traumatic to be dumped half-naked in the woods with no memory and some magic marker scrawled on your back, but why? And while we’re at it, why are Mulder and Scully even involved in this bogus case in the first place?

    About halfway through it transpires that the Red Museum aspect is a complete bum steer, as is the theory that bovine growth hormones are responsible for the strange goings on in town amongst the test subject teenagers. Instead this lamely turns out to be some kind of limp addendum to “The Erlenmeyer Flask”, somehow expecting us to be able to pull all the disparate elements together and make some sense of what’s going on. Hey, if even Mulder and Scully can’t, what chance do we have? (Though admittedly the late addition of the alien DNA in the teenagers ups the ante for all of, what, 5 minutes.)

    And as if the list of questions about this episode wasn’t enough, here’s a few more. Why was the killer attempting to destroy the meat-packing plant? Was it just that it seemed like a cool place to have a climax? (It isn’t.) And why was the Red Museum hangout a safe place for the teenagers?

    It’s a bad show when the most interesting observations that you can make about an episode is that thankfully Scully’s clothes sense seems to have improved no end since the first season, and that she’d better be careful, eating ribs whilst wearing a white suit.

    This season’s “Space”. Two strikes now against Chris Carter. 1/10moreless
  • Not bad

    I always hate it when a show such as X-Files, Supernatural or Fringe gives us a compelling over-arching plot to an entire season and then focuses on stand-alone episodes midway through that are exciting but do little to interest or carry the plot forward. Both X-Files and Supernatural have the tendency to fall victim to these things, and this episode (save for about five minutes) was about as dull and confusing as they come.

    Mulder and Scully investigate a town where people disappear and reappear hours later, disorientated and marked with the phrase "He/she is one" on their backs. The first place they look is a cult named the "red museum" These people believe that if you live the right lifestyle, you are able to transfer spirits with some other living thing... or leave your body.. or something like that. I never exactly got the gist of it.

    Things start getting confusing when you add in a group of people (doctors, farmers etc.) who are implanting an unknown substance into animals and humans. There's a sketchy guy who hides in the walls of a house of a family and films them. What reason? I never really figured that out. Maybe other people could, but it was lost to me.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The cult leader in this episode that is set in 1994 speaks of a final judgment eighteen years in the future. This would set the cult's apocalypse in 2012, the year given in "The Truth" for the the final alien colonization of Earth.

    • When Mulder walks out the restaurant, he pulls off his bib and tosses it aside. The camera cuts to the ruffian and then back to Mulder who tosses the bib aside a second time.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Mulder: (about the doctor who crashed in a plane holding a briefcase with millions of dollars) Well, wherever he was coming from, I'd say that was one hell of a house call.

    • Mulder: You know, for a holy man, you've got quite a knack for pissing people off.

    • Scully: File number XWC060361. The identity of the man shot in the slaughterhouse has yet to be determined. His name, any record or artifact of his past, present or immigration status have yet to be found. His fingerprints are not on file in either the F.B.I. or National System of Records. At this time, it remains doubtful that anyone will come forward to I.D. or claim the body... Under further analysis, the inoculant found in the broken vials was isolated and determined to be an unstable antibody of no known biological origin. After three weeks of study, the components of the serum, probably synthetic, have broken down structurally and, in this retrograde state, cannot be analyzed further. This coincides with the development of a severe and undiagnosed flu-like ailment affecting the children who were believed to be inoculated and some of the local families.... To date, none of the congregants or members of the Church of the Red Museum have contracted this illness. I suspect whoever was doing this may have been using them as a control group. The F.B.I. investigation into this case is currently at a standstill. The case remains open and unsolved.

    • Scully: I just got the toxicology report back on the broken vial. The residual substance couldn't be analyzed because it contained synthetic corticosteroids with unidentified amino acids. That's "Purity Control," Mulder.
      Mulder: Do you know what you're saying, Scully?
      Scully: The man who died in that plane crash was inoculating those kids with antibodies derived from what may have been an extraterrestrial source.
      Mulder: He's been injecting those kids with alien DNA.
      Scully: No, Mulder, that was never proven conclusively.
      Mulder: But it's the same substance we found in the Erlenmeyer flask, isn't it? The same material my Deep Throat contact died for.
      Scully: Yes.
      Mulder: It all makes sense. The money in the briefcase, they've been conducting an experiment here. Somebody's been paying to have those kids injected with alien DNA to see how they'd react. It's been going on for years.

    • Old Man: Business changed. People changed too.
      Mulder: In what way?
      Old Man: Competition. Used to get by with fifty milk cows. Now, you got to have five hundred. Used to turn them out to pasture, now you keep them in pens and grain feed them.
      Scully: You said you wanted to show us something.
      Old Man: You're looking at it. See those men over there? Well, they're injecting the cattle with something called B.S.T. Bovine somatotrophin.
      Scully: A genetically-engineered growth hormone.
      Old Man: Yeah, shoot them up and the cow will produce ten percent more milk. Feed it to beef cattle, more meat on the hoof. Changed the business. Changed a whole lot of things.
      Scully: How do you mean?
      Old Man: Well, that, uh, fracas in town this afternoon. Ten, even five years ago, never would have happened. People around here have changed... gotten mean... spiteful... dog-eat-dog. We had seven rapes here last year by high school boys. Well, that, um... this, this business of the kids being found in the woods... well, I think that you're going to find it all comes from the same root source.
      Mulder: The growth hormone.

    • Scully: So, you started to tell me about walk-ins but I'm not sure if I grasped the finer points.
      Mulder: Well, it, it's kind of a new age religion based on an old idea. That if you, uh, lose hope or despair and want to leave this mortal coil, you become open and vulnerable.
      Scully: To inhabitation by a new spirit.
      Mulder: A new enlightened spirit. According to the literature, Abe Lincoln was a walk-in. And Mikhail Gorbachev and Charles Colson, Nixon's advisor.
      Scully: But not Nixon?
      Mulder: No. Not even they want to claim Nixon.

    • Mazeroski: There's something I think you ought to see first. They call themselves the Church of the Red Museum. They're followers of a guy named Odin that moved out here from California three years ago and bought a ranch.
      Scully: What's the significance of the name "Red Museum?"
      Mazeroski: Well, Odin and the rest of them are a bunch of vegetarians. They drove the ranch right into the ground, turned 500 head of beef cattle into pets. Calls it a monument to barbarism.
      Mulder: Probably went over big with the local ranchers.
      Mazeroski: Well, you gotta admit, it takes some big ones to set down in the middle of cow country and start a church like his.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode was originally supposed to take place in Rome, Wisconsin, when Chris Carter and David Kelley flirted with the notion of an X-Files/Picket Fences crossover. Although the networks (FOX and CBS) did not allow the crossover to go ahead, the corresponding episode of Picket Fences did feature two FBI agents conducting an investigation.


    • Mulder: I think the Spur Posse just rode into town.

      The Spur Posse were a group of high school boys from Lakewood, California who kept a score system to compare their sexual conquests.

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