The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 1

Redux (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 1997 on FOX

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  • The one with a bunch of lies

    ‘Redux’ is the opening of season 5 which continues the lies of ‘Gethsemane’

    The episode shows what really happened to Mulder, he actually saw someone filming him and shot him in the face. I wished it would have taken a bit longer because in that way it would have been more painful for the viewers.

    Anyway, with this, Mulder goes to Scully and makes her tell the lie about his suicide. Then he uses the guy’s pass to go to something secretive and there he sees the guy who told him all the ‘lies’ in the first place/ But Scully had already identified the guy so when Mulder leaves to find the truth the guy gets taken away by the military.

    When Mulder enters a top secret room he finds a whole bunch of aliens lying on tables, when he enters another room he finds a lot of women impregnated with something. When he looks deeper he finds something that may be the cure but the lone gunmen tell him that it’s only water.

    Cancer Man keeps being an extremely interesting character, somehow he just sensed that Mulder was alive and when he could have stopped him he didn’t.

    Also Scully believes that Skinner might be working for the bad guys from the beginning,. She finds some calls of his and when she speaks with a jury she wants to tell them about Skinner who might have given her cancer but then she suddenly has a nose bleed and passes out.

    The episode is a brilliant way to continue the first part and might as well be even better. The voice-overs were great and the scenes of history that were used fitted perfectly. A great way to end the second part.