The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 2

Redux II (3)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 1997 on FOX

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  • Smoking will kill you ya know.

    . I can't recall an X-Files episode before packing this much emotion especially for one of these mythology episodes that usually deal with very specific details and plot points. More than once here were slowed down to see how these characters are reacting to major events, lots of reflection happening and it was all awesome. In addition to that too we got some bigger moments including the killing of Cigarette man.... so were led to believe and Fox's sister finally reunites with him? I wasn't sure about faking Fox's death at first but it turned out that this and the last episode were quite involving. Good job guys.
  • Redux II

    Redux II was a superb and very entertaining episode whose story follows up the season five premiere of the X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because things heated up as Mulder is approached by the Cigarette Smoking Man who asks Mulder to come work for him after reuniting Mulder with his sister who calls the CSM, dad. Mulder is questioned by a panel including the section chief, whom Mulder names as the man behind the conspiracy and Scully's illness. I loved watching the story unfold and for Mulder to go all the way. It was touching to see Mulder visit Scully in the hospital. I couldn't believe the ending when multiple men are shot to protect the secret and Scully's cancer goes into remission. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The one where Cancer Man gets shot

    The end of a three-part episode and definitely the best of the three.

    It begins with Mulder going to the hospital because of Scully, he finds Skinner who doesn’t want to let him in to save him from something.

    Meanwhile Cancer Man has his own agenda, he wants Mulder to work for the government and in that way he will give Mulder something that will stop the cancer and he wants Mulder to go to a place and wait.

    Mulder does what he asks and then he sees a woman that looks like Samantha, she tells him that she doesn’t remember to well but doesn’t want to. She now has a life with Cancer Man who she believes to be her father. Mulder wants her to go to mom but she can’t and then leaves, she tells him that she will think about it.

    Meanwhile Scully is struggling with her cancer and she decides to let that thing be implanted into her but it doesn’t work. So then she restores to her faith and wants a father to pray for her.

    Mulder is then with the dilemma and possibility to be accused for the murder of the man, when one of the men tells him to give Skinner the fault instead in the meeting he gives that man the fault who gets shot in his office and put in scene as if he had shot himself.

    At the end Mulder tells Skinner about it and that Scully’s cancer has turned and is suddenly doing fine and they don’t know how and why.
    Skinner then tells Mulder that Cancer Man was shot and even though his body wasn’t found, there was a lot of blood loss and is presumably dead. He was holding a picture of Samantha and Mulder who may be his offspring.

    The episode was shocking and extremely well written. Mulder’s cries were sad, especially the pillow biting in Scully’s room.
    Also the conversation between Mulder and Bill Scully was very well acted and well done.
    The end of a three part episode, excellently well done.
  • Brilliant mythology episode

    "Due to what?" "She's dying!" It was a beautiful way to open the episode - with Mulder still in denial about Scully's impending death, Skinner fighting him off, watching it from Scully's bedside where the glass cuts off the sound. Overall, I liked this episode the best out of the three possibly because it has all the "answers" and ties all the loose ends (as much as possible for an X-File). I thought the writing was brilliant, the acting was so convincing and the story was so touching. I don't usually give 10.0 ratings (very rarely) but this episode is up there in my top 5 ultimate favorite X-File episodes. Just the epitome of X-Files mythology. Scully's cancer, the culmination of the threats and CSM's role in this, Mulder's desperate quest for answers and solutions amid his own collapsing belief system, and the treacherous twists within the FBI heirarchy.
  • Scully learns she's dying while Mulder searches for help.

    For a show that likes to take its time revealing stuff, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much was actually revealed in this episode. Usually, Mulder is left in the dark at the end of these types of myth-arc episodes, but this time, he finds a lot more than he expected.

    The episode basically continues the story that began with the Season 4 finale; Mulder is still attempting to figure out what exactly is going on.. whether or not his quest to find the truth has been a hoax the whole time or the actual truth. Scully's cancer worsens and she finds herself facing the prospect of passing away. Meanwhile, a man that nobody would've expected to help steps forward to offer an olive branch: The Cigarette Man.

    Whereas some of the episodes in the past that revolve around the myth-arc use these conspiracy angles horribly and leave us completely confused and befuddled as to what in the world is going on, this episode seemed to much simpler than usual episodes. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole "everything since the beginning was a hoax" plot, especially considering the little hints C.S.M was dropping to Mulder about some of the stuff being true. It also makes things even more complicated when C.S.M finally introduces Mulder to his sister, Samantha, after thirty plus years. It was a touching moment, and Duchovny does a great job with it, but it bothered me a little bit that he didn't put up a fight or ask more questions, especially considering some of the stuff she was saying (C.S.M is Samantha's father? For real?) I suppose we'll never know the truth now, because the episode ended with a pretty big shocker: the death of C.S.M. He was certainly a huge roadblock for Mulder, but it appeared he was beginning to help.

    However, for all the nitpicking I'm doing, I must admit that the episode did a great job of using its forward momentum. The show backpedals a lot, and this episode, with all its reveals, explanations and occasional shocking moments, deserves its spot near the top as one of the better myth-arc episodes in the show to date.
  • Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave...

    A pivotal episode given all that occurs: Scully's cancer (apparently) goes into remission, the Syndicate is close to being exposed and starts killing off its own, CSM is (apparently) assasinated and Mulder (apparently) meets his long-lost sister, Samantha, whose actual father is revealed to be none other than CSM (apparently). There is so much going on that it's hard to keep score of all the players and the team for which they play.

    There is still a lot of talking going on in this episode, but thankfully none of the annoying voiceovers employed so borishly in the previous episode, "Redux." At times, the episode veers awfully close to the realm of soap opera, what with all the interpersonal drama being displayed with little to no overt action. So much is revealed, however, that I still really enjoyed this episode and consider it one of the classics.
  • Surprise ending makes this episode pivotal and a suspense classic.

    This is one of my favorite episodes from the whole series. Everything about it is just... wow. I like how it goes from frantic to calm, explaining to puzzling, everything is pulled together only to make it all explode in the end.

    The acting is superb, CSM (his character is my guilty pleasure) is extremely enjoyable and I remember my jaw hanging in shock during a few moments, William B. Davis + David Duchovny scenes have a tendency to leave me breathless. As confusing as it seems, I at least think I know what the implication is in the end (and all throughout, really) and I believe it. This episode aired during a peak in the X-Files series...when X-Files was on everyone's lips, when X-Phile conventions were in demand and when the series was written and executed flawlessly. I miss those years we'll never live again. I dedicate this review to my friend Becky, who added such immense joy to our greatest high-school obsession ;)
  • I watched this three-parter for the first time last night... great!

    I watched this three-parter for the first time last night and I thought it was very cleverly-written. Scully and Mulder are working together and while she is trying to prove the government is responsible for her cancer, Mulder is deep in the Pentagon looking for the cure. He has to avoid being caught by the military and CSM and has a few lucky escapes. He's using a dead man's security card, the man being the corpse found in Mulder's apartement which everyone thinks is Mulder. Apart from Scully, who knows what he's doing and is lying to protect him and expose the government.
    Skinner plays a major role in these episodes and I believe it is at the end of Redux II where the true friendship between Mulder and Skinner is born.
    There are some family moments with Scully and her brother and mom, in Gethsemane. And Mulder also finally meets up with Samantha in this trilogy!! But she has disturbing news for Mulder as she tells him that the Cigarette Smoking Man is her father. This raises questions for Mulder too, and when the CSM also tells him how to cure Scully Mulder is thankful but suspicious. And indeed CSM is not being entirely self-less - he wants Mulder to quit the FBI and work him, and in exchange Mulder gets to know the truth. Mulder declines the offer. "No deal."

    I don't think I can go into everything that made me think these were such great episodes. Just cool conversations, action sequences, mysteries and touching moments. :-)
  • A test of faith

    "Redux II" is a success and a failure at the same time. The failure part, however, is not its fault. That part being the mytharc advancement that happen here, for the simple reason that they're way too convoluted and confusing. I am still unclear as to what the Syndicate's plan was with Mulder and their feeding of false information to Michael Kritschgau. At this point, it's difficult (to say the least) to determine who's working for who, against who and for what agenda. CSM, Blevins, the Elders, motivations remain murky all around. But then again, "Redux II" at least tries to make some sense of the mess that the previous two episodes left.

    It does so by focusing on the implications the events have had for the characters. Scully is dying. leading to some very powerful emotional scenes both for her (as she regains her religious faith) and Mulder, as he is confronted by Scully's brother as having failed both his quest and Scully. By the end of the episode, Mulder is relieved to still have Scully around, but crushed by losing his sister again and by now knowing that his quest was for nothing.... or so it seems.

    Which is one thing that of course no viewer truly believes which begs the question: Why bother with this diversion? And that is the reason why "Redux II", despite its brilliance as a character piece and a conspiracy thriller, it fails to have a truly lasting effect on me as far as the Mytharc is concerned. In that regard, it remains a footnote.
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