The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 2

Redux II (3)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1997 on FOX

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  • The one where Cancer Man gets shot

    The end of a three-part episode and definitely the best of the three.

    It begins with Mulder going to the hospital because of Scully, he finds Skinner who doesn’t want to let him in to save him from something.

    Meanwhile Cancer Man has his own agenda, he wants Mulder to work for the government and in that way he will give Mulder something that will stop the cancer and he wants Mulder to go to a place and wait.

    Mulder does what he asks and then he sees a woman that looks like Samantha, she tells him that she doesn’t remember to well but doesn’t want to. She now has a life with Cancer Man who she believes to be her father. Mulder wants her to go to mom but she can’t and then leaves, she tells him that she will think about it.

    Meanwhile Scully is struggling with her cancer and she decides to let that thing be implanted into her but it doesn’t work. So then she restores to her faith and wants a father to pray for her.

    Mulder is then with the dilemma and possibility to be accused for the murder of the man, when one of the men tells him to give Skinner the fault instead in the meeting he gives that man the fault who gets shot in his office and put in scene as if he had shot himself.

    At the end Mulder tells Skinner about it and that Scully’s cancer has turned and is suddenly doing fine and they don’t know how and why.
    Skinner then tells Mulder that Cancer Man was shot and even though his body wasn’t found, there was a lot of blood loss and is presumably dead. He was holding a picture of Samantha and Mulder who may be his offspring.

    The episode was shocking and extremely well written. Mulder’s cries were sad, especially the pillow biting in Scully’s room.
    Also the conversation between Mulder and Bill Scully was very well acted and well done.
    The end of a three part episode, excellently well done.