The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 2

Redux II (3)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1997 on FOX

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  • Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave...

    A pivotal episode given all that occurs: Scully's cancer (apparently) goes into remission, the Syndicate is close to being exposed and starts killing off its own, CSM is (apparently) assasinated and Mulder (apparently) meets his long-lost sister, Samantha, whose actual father is revealed to be none other than CSM (apparently). There is so much going on that it's hard to keep score of all the players and the team for which they play.

    There is still a lot of talking going on in this episode, but thankfully none of the annoying voiceovers employed so borishly in the previous episode, "Redux." At times, the episode veers awfully close to the realm of soap opera, what with all the interpersonal drama being displayed with little to no overt action. So much is revealed, however, that I still really enjoyed this episode and consider it one of the classics.