The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 2

Redux II (3)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 1997 on FOX

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  • Scully learns she's dying while Mulder searches for help.

    For a show that likes to take its time revealing stuff, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much was actually revealed in this episode. Usually, Mulder is left in the dark at the end of these types of myth-arc episodes, but this time, he finds a lot more than he expected.

    The episode basically continues the story that began with the Season 4 finale; Mulder is still attempting to figure out what exactly is going on.. whether or not his quest to find the truth has been a hoax the whole time or the actual truth. Scully's cancer worsens and she finds herself facing the prospect of passing away. Meanwhile, a man that nobody would've expected to help steps forward to offer an olive branch: The Cigarette Man.

    Whereas some of the episodes in the past that revolve around the myth-arc use these conspiracy angles horribly and leave us completely confused and befuddled as to what in the world is going on, this episode seemed to much simpler than usual episodes. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole "everything since the beginning was a hoax" plot, especially considering the little hints C.S.M was dropping to Mulder about some of the stuff being true. It also makes things even more complicated when C.S.M finally introduces Mulder to his sister, Samantha, after thirty plus years. It was a touching moment, and Duchovny does a great job with it, but it bothered me a little bit that he didn't put up a fight or ask more questions, especially considering some of the stuff she was saying (C.S.M is Samantha's father? For real?) I suppose we'll never know the truth now, because the episode ended with a pretty big shocker: the death of C.S.M. He was certainly a huge roadblock for Mulder, but it appeared he was beginning to help.

    However, for all the nitpicking I'm doing, I must admit that the episode did a great job of using its forward momentum. The show backpedals a lot, and this episode, with all its reveals, explanations and occasional shocking moments, deserves its spot near the top as one of the better myth-arc episodes in the show to date.
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