The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 05, 2002 on FOX

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  • Release

    Release was a superb and pretty entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, intriguing and interesting. I liked how Doggett and Reyes investigated and found possible links to the death of Doggett's son. There was a lot of action, suspense, drama and character development. I liked how every thing played out and this was definitely a episode with lots of growth for the characters. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • This episode seals the future fate for "Monica and John." They come to realize how much they love and support each other in this episode.


    This episode allows John to experience the freedom he needs to move forward with his life. He and his ex-wife can now let go of their son Luke who has been murdered. That is Robert Patrick's real life wife Barbara Patrick. Brad Follmer turns out to be the bad guy. I never liked the creepy guy anyways. A new young cadet is the one who helps them figure out the murderer. He seems to be psychic and have abilities to aid them with the case. There's more to his story than that. He's actually a mental patient who's schizophrenic and got a job at the FBI. His schizophrenic/psychic abilities allow him to solve cases. He gives John the info needed to solve the case before he is found out. They do solve the case. Brad shoots the bad guy (I forgot his name). I love the scene at the beach with John and his ex-wife, they release Luke's ashes. It's very touching then he goes and greets Monica. This seals their future fate, realize they are in love and have a future together. Really touching.

  • Doggett gets closure in his son's death, as we continue wrapping up plot threads.

    Less an X-File and more an episode of Law & Order, but great nonetheless. Fullmer's conflicted, gray area character gets a moment to shine, even if he manages to rob Doggett of a more personal form of justice in the process. The schizo cadet almost seems added baggage, just so that there's something supernatural going on. The case could have been solved virtually the same way without his presence, especially since we have Reyes, queen of the extraordinary guesswork.
    Overall, a well-crafted, emotional episode that's been a long time coming.
  • Doggett gets the closure he has been looking for for over 9 years.

    This was a very touching episode. Its very sad that Doggett lost his son but finally he gets the release that he deserved the truth about his sons death. I absolutly loved this episode, also in this episode Brad gets into deep crap when it is revealed that he has ben taking bribes. The endig of this episode where Doggett and his ex-wife throw their sons ashes in the sea almost made me cry. Only three episodes left of the X Files. Really enjoyed the storyline. Agent Doggett really is a great charator. This episode was very well writeen and is amoung my favourites of season 9.
  • Thrilling, sensational masterpiece!

    When whatching this episode you instantly know from the beginning it's going to be another classic story. Very carefully the plot ties into the other episode which dealt with the death of Agent John Doggett's son. I like the fact they they took three different episodes and moulded them into this one story. This is a mind bender story where you really need the back up eps to understand this one. Acted brilliantly by all parties and the story written stupendously. Episodes like this, that challange your thinking and intellect are why this one in particular is definatly worth watching. As well as a bit of insight into the Doggett/Reyes relationship!
  • An excellent multi-layered episode.

    I love Doggett as a character and like Mulder's Samantha, Luke has always haunted John with that same guilt.

    The cadet is seriously creepy and wonderfully acted. Probably psychic, he seems to have a gift with violent death, seeing things and making the kind of deductive leaps that made Mulder famous as a profiler. The FBI's screening process must be pretty flimsy that he was able to get into the academy.

    I must admit I am very disappointed about Brad. I always liked him and there are times he's helped with no agenda and to find out he's dirty, I had hoped he would be more like Skinner, a potential ally. He did Doggett a favour killing his son's killer but has probably destroyed his career and will face criminal charges. He shot an unarmed man in the street in front of witnesses, there's no getting away from that. Suggests how desperate Brad was that he'd be so stupid about it, there's a dozen better ways he could have done it and gotten away with it. I hope he's not out of the series, I really do like him.

    A fascinating case, such a simple explanation for a child's death: wrong place, wrong time.