The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 05, 2002 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Barbara Doggett: Agent Scully? I'm Barbara. John's ex-wife.
      Scully: Hi. I'm Dana. Nice to meet you.
      Barbara Doggett: He said you'd be coming by.
      Scully: You weren't able to make an identification?
      Barbara Doggett: I didn't expect to. You know he doesn't think clearly about this. He can't.
      Scully: He blames himself.
      Barbara Doggett: He thinks he failed Luke. In his mind, he can never do enough, never suffer enough, for what happened. I think if you can help him find the man who did this, maybe... he could move on. He and Monica could really have something together. He just won't let her in. They're letting him go?
      Doggett: For now.
      Barbara Doggett: I'll be at my mom's 'til tomorrow.
      (She leaves)
      Doggett: Tell me you got something.
      Scully: As you asked, I compared the wounds inflicted on your son, with the wounds on these two women.
      Doggett: And?
      Scully: There are similarities between the trajectory of the wounds and the force with which they were delivered.
      Doggett: Meaning Regali's the guy.
      Scully: Meaning that it was a brilliant forensic deduction on Cadet Hayes's part. But that's all it is. The killer used different weapons, he demonstrated no consistent MO and no clear victimology.
      Reyes: None of it will hold up in court.
      Doggett: Well, something out there will.

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