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  • Some fantastic episodes, but on the whole, a colossal waste of time

    I watched the first six seasons of The X-Files twice, really hoping to like it, but came to the same conclusion each time. The series is highly overrated in terms of users giving it a perfect 10 or commenting that it's the best series ever. If it weren't for the fact that only two or three episodes per season are worthwhile viewing while the rest are utterly forgettable, that would be true. The best episodes are easy to spot, because they always start with a very captivating teaser and they make you forget how vapid and one-dimensional the main characters are. Take Mulder for instance, a male Mary Sue who is way too perfect to be believable or interesting. He shoots perfect free-throws, bowls perfect strikes and has most cases solved before the opening titles are even finished. Even things that he couldn't possibly know, he predicts with uncanny accuracy. He's just a big know-it-all who is constantly and nauseatingly reciting obscure references in his usual subdued monotone voice as if reading from an encyclopedia. The cliche where Mulder is either presumed dead or hints at resigning from the FBI is so overused, it's insulting. Skinner is nothing more than a shady, antagonistic boss who constantly complains to Mulder and Scully about how they're busting his balls. There's nothing at all interesting about him and most episodes could've had his scenes removed with no significant effect. Many of the story arcs such as Scully's alien abduction in season two are often left totally neglected for an entire season without so much as a single mention. They leave you watching one self-contained episode after another wondering when, if ever there was going to be any point for it. The writers seemed to get their ideas from Unsolved Mysteries and virtually every Mysterious Legends segment of that show had an X-Files episode counterpart. This series gets a 5 from me for the roughly half dozen episodes throughout the series that deserve a 10 out of 10 score, the rest deserving of far less.
  • FILES X.

    Marcou poca. Uma das melhores sries de fico cientfica. Casal de atores carismticos. A 10 temporada no traduz o que foi a srie no passado. Vamos ficar com a lembrana de quando comeou a srie.
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  • An Enjoyable TV show

    One of my favorite shows. ever.
  • In its Nineties heyday, The X-Files was great water-cooler TV.

    The epic success of The X-Files was in large part due to its powerful poking at three major buttons; the paranormal, conspiracy theory, and long lasting sexual tension. Definitely worth a watch. The earlier seasons have dated but it's a brilliant series.
  • it was a year ago...

    ok, the last episode of this 'new season' were a year ago. so what happened? cancelled? the writer become bored again? thumbs down!
  • a blast from the past

    i liked this reuninon and I really hope there is more coming. Watching X-Files really took me back to the 90`s and it was great fun then and now.

    the chemestry between them are more real now and the new additions to the team fit right in.
  • this film hurts my feelings it is so horrible

    i don't like skully and molder, i used to have to watch this as a kid, i don't want to have to be reminded of my childhood years.
  • Great show

    The sad thing is that there is only 6 episodes in season ever if there is no season 2.
  • Brilliant.

    Last ep. (4) was so brilliant, but, unfortunatly, ppl will not understand it, i like this new episodes even better then the ones from old series ( i was a true fan ), but , i guess, i grew older as the characters did, different things important now i guess.
  • Great followup

    Hi there, just saying i think it''s the best follow up ever have to see all episodes in relation to S01 to a a new show keep that in mind!!

    How it's gets a longer 2nd season! (lets just do 24 episodes!) ;-)
  • Bummed but still watchin anyway

    I'm bummed I thought for sure the 6 episodes were going to be 6 kick ass episodes the 1st 3 were great just like before these past 2 was disappointing.. The last one is supposed to go back and wrap up what the 1st 3 was about and hopefully its a 2hr season finale cuz they need more then a hr to wrap up what the 1st 3 was about... I'm watching any way because well its the X-Files and back then it was my absolute FAVORITE show and when I found out it was coming back on I was like a little kid... So excited and counting dwn the months,weeks and days for the return.. So yeah on that note I'm disappointed BUT still a faithful X-Files fan!!
  • Wasted opportunity

    Wow, I really though this time they will use the mini series format to actually carry a single theme arc.

    What a wasted opportunity. After good first episode it all quickly fell into a diluted monster of the week.
  • Schedule my Friday nights around this show.

    Back when it first aired I would schedule my Friday nights around this show if people wanted to go out and party, it would have to be after 10pm LOL back then there where no DVR's. Now I schedule my Monday nights around this show, even with a DVR I prefer to watch it during it's regularly scheduled time. I truly hope they go beyond six episodes.
  • Writer search begins anew! (We can only hope)


    The first 2 episodes were rock solid - 9 or better. The third was a 12 year old boy's silly fantasy, and the 4th just a gore fest with only the thinnest contribution to the series storyline. Don't you guys have any adult supervision? For Godsake buy a vowell! You've got tons of great current and recent series - Gotham, Homeland, Justified, Blacklist, etc. have an edgy storyline that binds the show from week to week. If you don't manage the horizon line and just let/want an adolescent fantasy puke all over the screen, bouncing between goofball, and revolting, interspersed with an occasional tight, great show, X Files will have a very short run. You've proved good/great is possible. Please hold writers responsible!!
  • Thanks for coming back!

    They are doing a great job coming back. Keep 'em coming!
  • is how I like my

    For me this show is more funny than scarry. But I like it. Moulder and Scully are even better than before :)
  • Like wine, better with time !

    I was not really sure what to think about the return of the X Files, one of my favourite tv show back when i was a kid, i have to say after watching the first 3 episodes that they stil got it !

    definitely gonna watch

    So far so good! Feed us more, please!
  • Great Episode

    The opening credits were a real trip down memory lane, I had forgotten how creepy and unique the music was and it was great that they kept the original sequence younger selves and all. Duchovny and Anderson still have great "on screen" chemistry and the stories retain the entertaining creep factor of the original series. Really looking forward to seeing the next 6 episodes and hopefully, maybe we will get more?! Would love to see a Toombs 2.0, that character freaked me the hell out!
  • Great first episode of the X files reborn 2016

    I thought it was a great episode . It followed the story line with a natural progression leading to the present day .

    I very much look forward to watching the next episode : )
  • Astonishing!

    I hope a few years from now we get to watch a special season of Fringe too, that would be awesome!

  • Best Show EVER!!!

    Just like Anton Spelec I too was chasing girls in 1993, as I was 16 years old. I used to see it periodically when I watched TV which wasn't much back then but in 2005-2006 I started to watch it on TV as I was a bit older and had just had major spinal fusion surgery. So I went out and bought the 1st season on DVD and lets just say the binge watching began. I ended up buying and watching every season and both movies as the show became my favorite of all time. Even today my wife and kids call the X-Files, 'old faithful", for me as every few months when I've watched everything interesting on Netflix and Hulu and plopped in my old X-Files DVD's and binge watch all the seasons again with the movies going in where they belong. I just hope after the 6 episodes they are airing now that it gets picked up again for a LOOONG run.
  • What the X files means to me

    Back when I was little, my bedtime was 8 o'clock, and the show started at 9:00 pm. I would crawl through the hallway, all the way to the living room, and my daddy would let me watch it from behind the couch, so that my mother wouldn't catch me. She also didn't want to let a 6 year old watch a show about aliens. It is one of the most wonderful memories I have of my childhood and of my father. This show will always hold a very special place in my heart.
  • One of my top 2 favorite shows

    The other being Seinfeld. Oh, the sweet 1990s...

    The X-files is such a special unforgettable TV classic, I can't even begin to describe what I think and feel about this show. The incomparable David Duchovny plays the lead. The show also has an enormous sentimental value for me because I started watching it as I went to college. The X-Files became such a huge success because of the excellent ensemble of actors and superb writing. Even though this is a fiction TV show, the way it portrays the government is very true to life.
  • Pains me not give a better review

    Grew up watching with my dad on sunday nights. So I had some nostalgia going into re-watching the show. There are so many gold episodes that make this one of the great shows of all time. On the flip side, beginning in the 5th season, the series really starts to become hit or miss. The monster of the week episodes that make the first few seasons great, start to become repetitive and drag, making you really only care about the anthology episodes. By the time the second half of the 7th season rolls around, it starts to make you miss the old ones. Dogget is interesting for a little, but the show was about Mulder and they should not have kept making them. They should have saved the "Closure" arch for the end of the 7th season and called it quits. Everything is solved by that point. The smoking man, the tests, his sister, the program. The rest is hogwash. So In my opinion you can rank the seasons as followed: 3 4 2 5 1 7 6 8 9

  • THE X-FILES are back

  • X Files is on 3 different channels still!

    You can catch the X Files still in 2014 all over the dial!

    El Rey Network; Chiller; & Now LOGOTV are all showing This amazing show!

    So happy it still lives on TV
  • Amazing show

    The original, nothing over this one in tis genre.
  • One of the very best

    Simply put, one of the best TV series of all time, Only LOST betters it in the Sci-fi/fantasy genre.
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