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  • What the X files means to me

    Back when I was little, my bedtime was 8 o'clock, and the show started at 9:00 pm. I would crawl through the hallway, all the way to the living room, and my daddy would let me watch it from behind the couch, so that my mother wouldn't catch me. She also didn't want to let a 6 year old watch a show about aliens. It is one of the most wonderful memories I have of my childhood and of my father. This show will always hold a very special place in my heart.
  • The Mulder seasons were good

    but I hated it when then changed the Alien plot line.
  • One of my top 2 favorite shows

    The other being Seinfeld. Oh, the sweet 1990s...

    The X-files is such a special unforgettable TV classic, I can't even begin to describe what I think and feel about this show. The incomparable David Duchovny plays the lead. The show also has an enormous sentimental value for me because I started watching it as I went to college. The X-Files became such a huge success because of the excellent ensemble of actors and superb writing. Even though this is a fiction TV show, the way it portrays the government is very true to life.
  • Pains me not give a better review

    Grew up watching with my dad on sunday nights. So I had some nostalgia going into re-watching the show. There are so many gold episodes that make this one of the great shows of all time. On the flip side, beginning in the 5th season, the series really starts to become hit or miss. The monster of the week episodes that make the first few seasons great, start to become repetitive and drag, making you really only care about the anthology episodes. By the time the second half of the 7th season rolls around, it starts to make you miss the old ones. Dogget is interesting for a little, but the show was about Mulder and they should not have kept making them. They should have saved the "Closure" arch for the end of the 7th season and called it quits. Everything is solved by that point. The smoking man, the tests, his sister, the program. The rest is hogwash. So In my opinion you can rank the seasons as followed: 3 4 2 5 1 7 6 8 9

  • THE X-FILES are back

  • X Files is on 3 different channels still!

    You can catch the X Files still in 2014 all over the dial!

    El Rey Network; Chiller; & Now LOGOTV are all showing This amazing show!

    So happy it still lives on TV
  • Amazing show

    The original, nothing over this one in tis genre.
  • One of the very best

    Simply put, one of the best TV series of all time, Only LOST betters it in the Sci-fi/fantasy genre.
  • FIGHT THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!

  • Best Season of all Time

    Scully please come. People want you!
  • A Dysfunctional Family, and Proud Of It

    The Simpsons is a show about a nuclear family residing in Springfield. Homer the father works at a nuclear power plant, Marge the mother is a housewife, Bart and Lisa go to Springfield Elementary and Maggie doesn't do anything. She's dead weight, like all babies. The show is really long, episode count speaking. I guess that's OK.
  • wrote the previous harsh review, revisited/changed opinion.

    i initially wrote the critical review of the series "one of the most overrated series of all time", i admit i was unfairly harsh toward the x-files with my first experience, a little voice inside of me kept whispering for me to go back and give it another chance, and so i eventually went back and watched the entire thing and both movies.

    while i still do agree with my point about it being overrated in the context of people ranking it with perfect scores and saying it's the best ever, in that context i do think it's very overrated (because of the hype, etc) but upon my revisiting experience i did have a much more enjoyable experience and appreciated it alot more on my second attempt.. i just wanted to come on here and admit i was wrong in alot of what i said.. i still had to skip some episodes because alot of the "monsters of the week" i wasn't feeling but overall i did greatly enjoy my experience and have a new found respect/appreciation for the series. anyway, glad i didn't give up on it and gave it another chance.

    (it is the same person btw.. i forgot my password and using facebook login)

    anyway, that happens sometimes when you first experience something and it doesn't go well but then you revisit it later with a different mindset and different perspective and things change. so, my apologies to all x-file fans and everyone who worked on the x-files. -humble, new fan. :D
  • The X files, no show ever excited me as much as the X Files. Great stories, great acting and great special effects make this show a personal favorite.

    I am not gonna say that i like this show because of Moulder or Scully, I am not going to say I like this show because of the creepiest, weirdest, strangest stories ever, I am not going to say I like this show thanks to the fact that I have always believed in aliens, no, not any of those reasons. The main reason would have to be that this show is a work of art, every single detail is well crafted and something supernatural comes out of all this, something that captures you and wont let you go, something that kept me for many seasons begging for more.
  • A Must

    The X-Files is quintessential viewing for any Sci-Fi and mystery geek. It started off slow with mild conspiracy theory. Later as the show progressed past the mobster of the week stories the conspiracy grew and at tines dragged the show down. Fortunately this was corrected, albeit slowly and the continued on a steady pace that can't be ignored.
  • Was good in its day....

    I loved the x-files first time around and found it thoroughly engrossing. Unfortunately, I rewatched it recently and found it to be incredibly cliched and wished I hadn't.
  • Good Scripts

    The family loved the show and no one came out of the closet, the whole family hated when Mulder left the show. Great writing and very very good acting made for great entertainment

    This show gave me nightmares as a kid, but now that i have re-watched the entire series I had come to the conclusion that it is incredible, while still giving me nightmares. Gotta love the tension between out 2 favorite FBI agents. Sadly, i dont care much for duchovney's replacement...
  • Fair to good.

    I think this is an interesting show but it is also a bland show in many ways. A vast conspiracy is featured involving a deal some wealthy men made with some aliens (??!!) which somehow makes sense in the context of the the meantime Mulder & Scully encounter all manner of unexplained phenomina-all tied to crime in some way. Different. There was never any theories aired about what could be a reason for all the unexplained phenominons except the alien conspiracy-which is not connected to all the unexplained things...Cool. Real Junior G-men stuff. I'm so cold. I did enjoy the chemistry that existed between M & S...but I often found S's skepticism in view of what she was experiencing to be strange. Well, 'tis gone now...right out into the sunset. I didn't like the sequel to the X-Files movie...really dull stuff in X-Files terms. The Lone Gunman was a good spin off but it didn't last for very long, unfortunately.
  • Will it go on?

    Will we find ourselves watching any more of Mulder and Scully? I certainly hope so...
  • Still my all time favourite show

    What can i say about The X-Files, other than it is the best experience i have ever had watching tv, and to this day,i still watch the whole show once a year,and i always seem to find new things in it. I was 23 when it began,so it took me on a journey i will never forget.

    The production value of this show still holds up today,even though some of the effects might look dated compared to new shows,but the writing more than makes up for that.

    I dont care about the nitpickers out there that say this show is merely mediocre, it wasnt,and isnt.

    If you want a good time watching aliens,monsters and all manner of other "out-there" stuuff,x-files is the way to go
  • A show that sears year after year

    The X-Files to me is not merely the greatest sci-fi series or horror series. It's basically the top creme de la creme of television itself. Why I make that exclamation is simply because it fuses various genres - horror, conspiracy, the supernatural, and of course comedy - into one source of perpetual entertainment that seems to intrigue the viewer throughout its nine-seasoned history. But the show never let plots get above characters: indeed, the most beautiful thing about The X-Files lies in its ability to contort perception and character in a remarkable manner. To say in the least, it maintained a clever balance of reason (represented mainly by Scully) and openness (by Mulder) throughout its mainstream seasons (upto 7) that never did remain resolved, even after Scully herself encounters paranormal activities on various occassions.

    Add to that the 'hidden pasts' of the various characters involved - including the ominous relationship between the Cigarette Smoking Man and Fox Mulder - and you have one wonderfully constructed mytharc that sears time and age. While other sci-fi series (such as Stargate) rely more on effect and expression for viewership, The X-Files always relied on impression and subtle hints to gain its critical popularity. It is a testament to its ovation that it remains, in every fan's view, the greatest series in television history, and not just limited to science fiction. And no amount of spin-off movies or comics or video games can erase that.
  • My favorite show !!!!

    I'm still waiting the third movie. One of the best shows ever !

    I hope that the series "unique" being prepared by Carter has at least as secondary characters Mulder and Scully !!!
  • one of the most overrated series of all time. most people give this a perfect 10 scoring? come on.. if this is what you consider a perfect series without flaw then i just don't even know what to say to you.

    i grew up in the 90's so i am definitely familiar with the x-files, although i never really followed it, just caught a few episodes here and there (i wasn't that into television back then). so, finally i decide to sit down and go on the long journey of 9 seasons and 2 movies that is the x-files.... i know alot of things i am interested in has influences from the series and it has so much praise... based on this i was going to just buy the whole series blindly.. thankfully i didn't and just tested out 3 seasons.

    i could only make it through 3 seasons of the long journey, it was like a punishment trying to get through it and so finally after 3 seasons i just said "forget this there is way better shows out there i still have to catch up on".

    basically you have the voice of science (dana scully) and of faith (fox mulder). they boringly sludge and stumble their way to find all the unusual, out of the ordinary things out in the world and it's just so badly done... most of the "x-files" are these ridiculous stories which mulder looks and feels like he's going to fall asleep while investigating.. there is no emotional connection or bond to be found anywhere in the seasons i watched, someone will die and it's just like nothing happened.. the way it's done and the way the actor's handle it is just so bad haha it's comical in a way.

    i feel nothing between scully and mulder.. there is supposed to be some connection or bond between them but you could find better chemistry just putting 2 puppets up there without a soull or heart or feelings and it might have more of a relationship... and this is usually the reason i follow a series is for the bonds and relationships that are formed but there is nothing in this series.. it's sparkless... it's one big giant void... empty of anything that resembles a true bond.

    there were a few interesting episodes here and there and i enjoyed seeing some of the early work of actors i really like.. for instance mark a. shepphard (from battlestar galactica/dollhouse/leverage,etc) playing a twisted guy who can control fire.

    i know some people will try and come to the defense of the series and say something like "you only watched 3 seasons it get so good later on".. and that is fine.. but i am 100% sure that even if i watched 100 seasons it would still be one of the most boring and overhyped experiences i've had in a series.

    it would of been good if it was cut down to about 6-8 episodes a season like they do in the uk and cut out most of the nonsense and just focused mainly on the conspiracy and alien story arch.

    i really wanted to like this series... i tried, to the point of almost forcing myself to like it and after not liking it i felt bad... like "is there something wrong with me?" because everyone seems to love it and rave about it.. but what can you do.

    i mainly write this to say to anyone thinking about getting into the series... that to not just go buy the whole thing blindly but to try and preview a season or two.. it might end up saving you alot of money which can be put to something that is great.
  • fbi agents mulder(david duchovny)and agent scully(gillian anderson) are investigators of x-files,which is unsolved cases involving the paranormal.


    i was born in 1990 so when i was young i used to hate this show but now that i am older i gave this show a shot b/c im a big fan of scifi tv.i was pretty shock how good the show is.

    the acting is great considering david and gillian have great chemistry.and i love how mulder(david character)believes in the paranormal world and scully(gillian character)doesnt.scully believes in science.

    the show mixes those little action scenes with alot of horror and mystery which makes the show even more better.(i love when they have those ugly looking monsters on the show)

    over the show 9 seasons run the writers were able to keep the show good,fresh and kept the plotlines and stories different and fun.

    the only problem i had was i hate how the writers would tell u 1 thing and then later u find out that was a lie:)but i guess its okay b/c it keep u wanting to know what the truth is.but one thing that bother me was the show started out very good but in the last 3 seasons the show wasnt bad but i just thought the seasons could have been alittle better.then on top of that the main 2 characters almost disappear during season 8 and 9 but the writers make it work.

    with all that being said.

    the show is really good.the acting great,the horror and action keep u on your toes,the plots are really fun to watch and the show is just great.

    the rating would have been higher but i didnt like how they would change things,the last 3 seasons werent all that and the main characters seems to disappear but the writers make it work.

    watch the show.:)every scifi fan should watch this show.

  • X Files - Quite possibly the most addicting show I have ever watched!

    Some of my earliest memories are that of me sitting in my bed listening to the X Files' historic theme tune floating through the house from the downstairs living room. Unfortunately being born in 1992, and therefore only being 1 when it was originally released, it has taken me up until now to discover The X Files. But wow, what a discovery to make! I am constantly in awe at the sheer brilliance of each episode, be it serious, disturbing or on some occasions down-right hysterical, I am always left wanting more. Moreover, I have begun to find myself really caring for the well-being of the characters. For example, I no longer watch the show merely in search of a thrill, but more in order to watch the development of each character and their relationships with one another. Therefore, I think it is pretty easy for me to say that I would highly recommend any and everyone to watch this show. And who knows, you may become as hooked as I have! :D
  • X Marks the Spot on my Mind!

    In 1993 Chris Carter Created a little show called the X files. Fox was sure it would be cancled after the first season, but by season 2, it had become a world wide pheomenom. The earliest memory I have of this Is a trailer for the Movie on my Home Alone 3 VHS, it looked really intersting. In 2008 when the second movie came out my teacher told me it was a great show, and he lent me the second season on dvd... the rest is history. I now own all 9 X files seasons, 3 Milleniums, Lone Gunmen, and both movies. I Love the X files.
  • The X-Files: The Best of the World Series and forever my favorite!

    A unique series that helped in the creation of several other series (not only science fiction series) and never merely the only science fiction, horror has, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Black Comedy, paranormal and governmental cover-ups of high grades, Misterios , Artificial intelligence and many more things beyond imagination and that defy science, X-Files besides being my favorite series was the first series I watched,''Surely 'X-Files''' and an unprecedented series, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in addition to having a great chemistry together as actors act very much like the Main characters: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, Mulder and Scully in addition to being the best pair already created, and The Adventures of Mulder and Scully are surely the best, when I watched the fox was much younger then and I was quite afraid to watch X-Files but still I watched, and to be honest until today I'm afraid, I've watch all the seasons and two movies for the record, X-Files was the best and is still the best series that came and FOX of any channel broadcast TV and cable channel and any channel in the world, thank God my parents and I have all The X-Files Collection on DVD My Collection relied on the Nine Season Two Films and X-Files, I hope you have a third and final so finishing the Serie X-Files movie with a very good X-Files has a faithful audience Known as The Excers, and I am one who Excer'll always find X-Files: The First and Best of all series and for Always My Favorite, the number 1.

    ps: sorry to note that only goes to 10 because X-Files deserve much more than 10, all X-Files is just perfect!
  • Okay show.

    I only watched this show a few times, but I left unimpressed. For many years I have been hearing what a classic show this was, but I fail to see what those people to see. I will say that the acting was good as was the suspense. I often found myself entertained in some episodes. The big issue I have was the fact that it got old real quick and I soon tired of seeing aliens and such. Overall, this is just an okay show to me and I will say that it has its moments at certain times. Thank you.
  • The best scifi show ever

    This show lasted 9 seasons before it was cancelled in 2002 this show will be greatly missed by every 1 who watched it the great actors storyline and everything in this show was great i was actually crying during the last episode i really was i loved this show ill miss it always
  • The X-Files gave us two FBI agents, by the names of Fox Mulder, the "believer" and Dana Scully, the "skeptic" to solve the unexplained, the weird, the "out there" and government conspiracies in this great series. The X-Files is just one outstanding show.

    Okay, I do have to say how much I loved the eerie music in the opening credits. Mark Snow is one hell of a genius. We meet a young pathologist who became a FBI agent to distinguish herself and gain respect. Her name is Dana Katherine Scully. She's given the task of working with my "out-there hero" Fox William Mulder. Together they solve cases that are left unsolved and ignored. The so-called X-Files. Unknown to them at the time, they become pawns in a much bigger game. This series is my very first television show that premiered when I was five, even though I probably started watching when I was six or seven. There has never been a series that I loved more than this show and probably never will again (except for Supernatural, but it might be ending, too). This series reminded me of Kolchak:The Night Stalker. I have to say how brave and grateful I am for Chris Carter and the team. I'll take this time to thank and say how much I miss Kim Manners. That man was legendary. Mulder and Scully gave me nine wonderful years and two movies, so actually XF is 16 years old? Wow. Just a Awesome And the Best show about Aliens Ever. Little Fringe will never compare. I know the truth is out there, you just have to know where to look.
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