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  • The X-Files brought a new concept to the television screens and audiences throughout the world. Although not being based on the full truth it brings a clever look to situations commonly reported from tribes, religious minds and day-to-day people.

    I've started buying the X-Files DVD boxsets via Amazon on 2nd hand for bargains. I was too young to view when it first got aired in my country (I was at the mere age of 5 in 1994). The show itself brings a fantastic atmosphere of what was around at the time, while not completely losing its modern value. This series, without the sometimes dodgy music, technology and fashion can still be well adapted in today's perspective. I've only just finished on season 1 (except for the season finale) and the time image is so fascinating to me, and so is the plot. Scully & Mulder are like the perfect couple and a well balance between the positive and negative, you'd die for some on-screen romance after 23 whole episodes, you can feel the chemistry between them. Some of the subjects are very farfetched like the werewolf theme and the alien killing sprees. With a bit of an eyebrow raised, and an open mind the fiction and non-fiction will be separated in a phenomenal television experience.
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