The X-Files

Monday 9:00 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 10, 1993 In Season





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  • wrote the previous harsh review, revisited/changed opinion.

    i initially wrote the critical review of the series "one of the most overrated series of all time", i admit i was unfairly harsh toward the x-files with my first experience, a little voice inside of me kept whispering for me to go back and give it another chance, and so i eventually went back and watched the entire thing and both movies.

    while i still do agree with my point about it being overrated in the context of people ranking it with perfect scores and saying it's the best ever, in that context i do think it's very overrated (because of the hype, etc) but upon my revisiting experience i did have a much more enjoyable experience and appreciated it alot more on my second attempt.. i just wanted to come on here and admit i was wrong in alot of what i said.. i still had to skip some episodes because alot of the "monsters of the week" i wasn't feeling but overall i did greatly enjoy my experience and have a new found respect/appreciation for the series. anyway, glad i didn't give up on it and gave it another chance.

    (it is the same person btw.. i forgot my password and using facebook login)

    anyway, that happens sometimes when you first experience something and it doesn't go well but then you revisit it later with a different mindset and different perspective and things change. so, my apologies to all x-file fans and everyone who worked on the x-files. -humble, new fan. :D
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