The X-Files

Season 7 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 1999 on FOX

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  • Rush was quite a rush!

    Rush was a very entertaining and perfectly produced episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was interesting and intriguing. I also liked watching Mulder and Scully investigate and come up with different theories. The cave was beautiful and I only wish that more had been explained. There was teen angst, drama, murder, and fast times. I liked how every thing played out and certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • A group of high-schoolers can move faster than the speed of light.

    I agree with what some people said of the episode: it is your standard "Monster of the Week" type of episode, but compared to the goofiness and experimental nature of Season 6, I'll take what we've gotten so far with Season 7 anyday. I don't know why people would think this is a bad season. Maybe the myth-arc will be bad, but so far, the actual stand-alone episodes are fantastic.

    This episode was probably my least favorite of the three that have aired so far after the season premiere, but it was definitely entertaining. We have some good Scully/Mulder banter, an interesting case and a set of teenagers who have found something that is truly crazy. The scenes where we see what their super-speed can do is superbly done.

    As usual, we don't get much in the way of an explanation, but when an episode like this is doing so much right, one shouldn't try to nitpick or complain too much. The episode moved at just the right pace and made me care about these characters, even if some of them were horrible people and some of them weren't built up so much.
  • A very interesting episode.

    What a wonderful example of stellar police work – the deputy's eye glasses are sticking out the back of his head and the sheriff's opinion is the case is open and shut, ignoring the complete lack of explanation about the strength the blow would have needed. Could the sheriff seem less enthusiastic?

    There are times I really love Scully and this is one of them – when Mulder is rambling about poltergeists (seriously, Mulder?), Scully ever-so-diplomatically asks him if they can talk to Tony's friends, "Just for me?", and she does it while toying coyly with Mulder's tie.

    Taking the murder weapon immediately clears Tony since without it, even Tony's fingerprints on it will be inadmissible. Tony will have to be released. Max's apparent goodwill doesn't prevent him from nearly killing Tony – a very blatant warning not to talk.

    Max seems to have developed a god-complex – completing the exam in one minute, killing the teacher in front of a room full of witnesses. He doesn't care if people see what he does. Max's body just can't take the strain, continuing to use the power will kill him.

    Interesting finale – Chastity killing Max and herself and what I found the most surprising, the investigation of the cave which yielded no results but they still pumped it full of concrete, was that Mulder's doing? As Mulder pointed out, no relics or signs that the cave had been found before, surely this couldn't be the first time teenagers went into it? Interesting little mystery.

    Other thoughts:
    - I was surprised to see Nicki Aycox – Meg from season 1 of 'Supernatural'. First time I've ever seen her in anything but SPN.

    I enjoyed this one, interesting powers and source of the powers.
  • A couple of high school kids have discovered a "Rush" which gives them power to move at "faster then the eye can see" speed.

    A high school couple have discovered a cave, which harnesses a strange power. A light source, which, when you step into it, violently shakes your body while at the same time giving the person the ability to move incredibly fast.

    A sheriff's deputy is killed while on patrol. The damage to his head is quite severe. His eyeglasses end up through the back of his head. The only eyewitness is a high school boy. He is arrested. But Mulder does not believe he could have done it.

    They go to the school to talk with his friends and meet one Max Harden, son of the Sheriff. He later has a fall out with a teacher when he takes a test in one minute and gets every answer correct. The teacher gives him an 'F' and accuses him of cheating.

    Later in the dining hall the teacher is trips over and the entire student body laugh. Next we see Max standing at the top of the room, then he twitches and a table shoves the teacher along the floor followed by a chair. Max also tries to kill his own father but is saved by Tony, the new kid trying to fit in, who also has taken the Rush. This was another great episode, which is surprising to me because I usually prefer the ones with aliens.
  • "Rush" was a cool episode. Sometimes over the top and sometimes the intuitive leaps were a little much. It's really a standard MOTW a la seasons 1-3.

    For the sake of continuity, note that Act 1 of this episode is the first time we've seen Mulder and Scully together since they kissed on New Year's. They seem fairly comfortable around each other, maybe even more so than usual. This level of comfort will only increase as more of the barriers between them are broken down this season.
    The paranormal element of this episode was present in the form of the "rush" that came from the cave. It never explains what causes this in any way shape or form. But I'm not sure what good that knowledge would have done within the context of just this episode. The personalities of the supporting characters involved are not fully developed and so when one of them saves the day it's a little anti-climactic despite the cool special effects. There were attempts to show the girlfriend's reluctance to be a part of things and the "outsider's" growing awareness that he was becoming too caught up in things. But most of these scenes were cliché and didn't really make the audience feel enough for the characters when they sacrificed themselves in the end. Oh, and the ending with the kid in the hospital bed flipping the clock back. This has been done a lot on the x-files that they have created a cliché. But whatever, by that point, the audience is already either packing up its things and going to bed or flipping the channel. But the experience up to that point is pretty standard fare.
    Writing 1/2 Directing 2/2 Acting 1/2 Character 1/2 Entertainment 2/2: 7/10.
  • Despite it's very "cartoony" plot, this episode was really good with an amazing ending.

    "Rush", this was one of those episodes I thought was going to suck. Therefore I was really surprised that it turned out to be great. Some may say that the plot is a bit too silly for the X-Files, but we've seen more bizarre ideas working quite well in other episodes. I liked the idea about a superfast killer, but I was afraid we would witness some really horrible effects involving him running at high speed. That's the good thing about this, we don't get to see him run, he just suddenly appears from time to time. This caused some excitement, I was expecting him to show up all the time and provide "jump scares". Now, that didn't happen, and it didn't get particularly scary, so why have I given it such a high score? It has some good twists and turns making it very original, a good villain and the ending with the gunshot is amazing and I loved it. The final shot at the hospital is also very "X-Filey", that indicates everything's not over yet.
  • "Rush" is an episode that reminds me about a hero called "Flash". I had watched its series in ealry ages which i do not remember but it is adventurous enough to grab my attention.

    "Rush" is an episode that reminds me about a hero called "Flash". I had watched its series in ealry ages which i do not remember but it is adventurous enough to grab my attention.

    I like that this series lean on teenage problems and i am sure that every person under 18 dream about being best at anything. This light in this cave gave you the chance to be that person but it kinda make you like a high class athlete in his forties. It gave you that rush to make you move faster, think smarter and else.

    Why do this person kill his father, his teacher and his father's work partner? Because they treat him like he is noone and do not appreciate him as a person. It is about choices actually whether you go with the right crowd or the wrong one? Either you are saved or you go rock bottom.
  • High speed, eh? About time...

    Not much to this one really, but it works. Interesting angle regarding the physical fallout inherent in the human body being used at that speed. Beyond that, you've got fairly generic teen characters, and a rather unfullfilling ending with no attempt at explaining the reasons for the phenomena. X-Files has always been about leaving some room for ambiguity, but there's a limit, and this passes it.