The X-Files

Season 7 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 1999 on FOX

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  • A very interesting episode.

    What a wonderful example of stellar police work – the deputy's eye glasses are sticking out the back of his head and the sheriff's opinion is the case is open and shut, ignoring the complete lack of explanation about the strength the blow would have needed. Could the sheriff seem less enthusiastic?

    There are times I really love Scully and this is one of them – when Mulder is rambling about poltergeists (seriously, Mulder?), Scully ever-so-diplomatically asks him if they can talk to Tony's friends, "Just for me?", and she does it while toying coyly with Mulder's tie.

    Taking the murder weapon immediately clears Tony since without it, even Tony's fingerprints on it will be inadmissible. Tony will have to be released. Max's apparent goodwill doesn't prevent him from nearly killing Tony – a very blatant warning not to talk.

    Max seems to have developed a god-complex – completing the exam in one minute, killing the teacher in front of a room full of witnesses. He doesn't care if people see what he does. Max's body just can't take the strain, continuing to use the power will kill him.

    Interesting finale – Chastity killing Max and herself and what I found the most surprising, the investigation of the cave which yielded no results but they still pumped it full of concrete, was that Mulder's doing? As Mulder pointed out, no relics or signs that the cave had been found before, surely this couldn't be the first time teenagers went into it? Interesting little mystery.

    Other thoughts:
    - I was surprised to see Nicki Aycox – Meg from season 1 of 'Supernatural'. First time I've ever seen her in anything but SPN.

    I enjoyed this one, interesting powers and source of the powers.