The X-Files

Season 7 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 1999 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Even though the man himself is moving at super speed. When he opened and closed the locker door and car door, you would still be able to hear them close or slam.

      _ _ _

      Even when moving at super speed, wouldn't it be difficult to co-ordinate your movements at that speed? Especially for a newly empowered Tony.

    • When the bullet is seen passing through Max and about to hit Chastity, it is perfectly formed just like it would be when still attached to the casing. In reality, bullets deform significantly when they enter an object such as a human body - typically looking more like a mushroom than a bullet.

    • In the scene from the CCTV footage, there should have been a longer pause while the flashlight was removed from the locker. Not just the kid rushing in and straight out again in 1/33rd of a second.

    • Max tells Scully she must have been a "Betty" back in the day, which is slang for a hot chick.

    • The dates on the academic discipline and progress forms for Max are not in accord with the order of the episode, coming after the Millennium episode. Supposedly the changes in his behavior and grades started a few months before, but the reports are from a few years ago.

    • If he is moving faster than the eye can see then so should whatever he is holding, therefore you shouldn't have been able to see the table or the chair etc,

      However, you would see the table and chair move if he threw or pushed it.

  • Quotes

    • Scully: Mulder, tell me you've got more than SAT scores to show that this Tony Reed didn't commit this crime.
      Mulder: Maybe. Take a look at the body. The former Deputy Ronald Foster. As you can see, the report doesn't quite do it justice.
      Scully: Oh, my God, it looks like he was hit with a sledgehammer.
      Mulder: Police flashlight. One blow.
      Scully: The damage to the maxillofacial bones and the cranium is consistent with a blunt-force trauma, but... I'd say that, uh, Tony eats his Wheaties.
      Mulder: Check out the back of his head.
      Scully: Ugh. His eyeglasses.
      Mulder: Penetrated to the back of his skull. Babe Ruth couldn't hit this hard, let alone a high school sophomore.
      Scully: Well, maybe if he was under the influence of PCP or some kind of stimulant.
      Mulder: No, his tox screen came back negative.
      Scully: Well, even so, I mean, stress and fear may have triggered an adrenaline response which is known to enable feats of near-superhuman strength.

    • Max: I'm going to make you one of us. But I call the shots. Always remember that.

    • Scully: Mulder, rather than spirits, can we at least start with Tony's friends. Please, just... for me.

    • Mulder: You know why you collapsed don't you, Max?
      Max: Yeah, too much teen spirit.
      Mulder: You think? Smells like murder to me.

    • Chuck: The closest match was a... a Soviet Akula-class submarine.
      Scully: I think we can rule that out.

    • Tony: Everything I know, it's in my statement.
      Mulder: Okay, bear with us because we're Old and Stupid...

    • Mulder: C'mon, you were cruisin', right? I mean, a small town like this. You're not exactly Livin' La Vida Loca. I know, I grew up in... Dullsville too. You know, nothing to do but drive and park.
      Tony: How long ago was that?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Max: You think I'm like Carrie or something? I used some kind of mental powers?

      This is an allusion to Carrie by Stephen King. A book and movie about a high school girl with telekinetic powers who rained vengeance upon those who tormented her.

    • Max: Yeah, too much teen spirit. Mulder: You think? Smells like murder to me.

      The above quote is a reference to the popular song "Smells Like Teen Spirit," by Nirvana.