The X-Files

Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 1996 on FOX

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  • A bloody, sucking episode

    I wonder if the episodes are uncensored or something on amazon prime because I can't imagine them airing the whole bit where the doctor peels off his 2nd face off. There's a whole lot of red stuff being spilled and vomited this hour which is a plus and in the end the guy gets away, how about that. They didn't go too much into the lifestyles of these people and it felt a bit all over the place so the gore while disgusting isn't terribly frightening because of plot, it kind of turns into a routine and people keep dying left and right.
  • Sanguinarium

    Sanguinarium was a great episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was pretty interesting, there was some action, drama and intrigue. It was fun watching Mulder and Scully investigate this case. Cosmetic surgery can have many consequences, it was nice to see the topic explored in this series. Every thing played out the way it could be expected but I was still entertained. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Too many plot holes, and so much disbelief had to be suspended that the thin plot thread holding it up snapped somewhere in the second act.


    Several things bothered me about the plotting in this episode, but the thing that bothered me most was its internal inconsistency. If Franklyn was really succeeding in exerting magical influence over his victims, then why did Nurse Rebecca Waite's magical protection fail? We are to assume that only "bad" magical systems work and "good" magical systems fail? Where's the logic in that? If I'm going to suspend logic in order to buy the premise that magic works, I need the universe I'm being asked to accept to make at least as much sense as the one I'm abandoning. Dream logic is still logic.

    Neither Mulder nor Scully had much to do here--one looked up drugs in the Physician's Desk Reference and the other looked stuff up in an occult handbook. In between murders, Mulder looked at his face a lot. Especially his nose. But comic relief is supposed to relieve me from something, and there was little or no suspense here from which to be relieved.

    In what is becoming a tiresome lack of respect for the character of Dana Scully, we are given no idea how she viewed or explained these strange events. She watches a team of surgeons extract scalpels teleported into a woman's stomach and all she can call it is "unexplained"? I can do that, and I didn't have to spend two years at Quantico. Scully is smarter and more capable than this. It is the backbone of the series that we are given not only Mulder's explanation for events, but some credible rationale from Scully. Leaving her slack-jawed with obtuse denial (or worse, ignorance) in the wake of wonder undermines her character.

    Several things went wrong with "Sanguinarium": there was not enough material here to suspend my disbelief in magic, there was insufficient explanation of why Dr. Scully was not doing her job (examining bodies), there were too many leaps of illogic on Mulder's part (most of us would connect a ring of dots in...well, a ring). Again, the lack of fundamental cohesion in the main premise (good magic v. bad magic) worked against my acceptance of this episode on anything but the most superficial level.

  • Bad day in the X-files

    The more I watch this episode the less I like it. Or enjoy it. This episode reminds me a little bit of that of season 2 "Die Hand Die Verletzt", where it was all a conspiracy, everybody knew what was being done and no one did anything to prevent it or to finish it. Except, apparently for the nurse who becomes one of the victims.

    The crimes were also kind of disgusting. The only scenes I enjoyed where the ones of Mulder and Scully in the hotel's room, with Mulder looking at himself in the mirror probably considering plastic surgery. Also, Mulder realizing how tired Scully was was kind of cute.
  • Already done, inaccurate portrayal, too much gore, empty episode.

    Awful episode. Possibly one of the worst. I can't think of anything good to say about this episode at all, except that I like Scully's suit and how they finally seem to have found out that Scully is a woman with a figure. Other than that, this episode lacks anything remotely original. The idea of the demonic possession has already been done (and better) and the Wiccan tradition, something already so misunderstood by both historic and modern religious cultures, was further slandered. It seemed like this episode served as a mere reason to pour blood on everything and made me gag several times. I can appreciate certain amounts of blood and gore, but I've come to expect a higher standard of mystery and CLASS from the X-Files than some B-level horror flick. Awful, awful.
  • Mulder and Scully look after a guy who's using witchcraft to kill plastic surgery patients.

    While this doesn't quite reach the ridiculous depths of the previous episode, it comes close. It just doesn't make any sense to me how they get from the beginning to end. I suppose you could figure it out with time and maybe by reading the plot on the Wikipedia page, but without it, it's ridiculous.

    The plot itself is eerie enough and worthy of some promise.. people going into surgery for plastic surgery are being killed by the doctors, who seem to be under some sort of trance as they kill the patients. Mulder believes right away that it's possession and even Scully seems to be willing to put aside her skepticism.

    But from here, we get some really confusing and insanely complicated scenes involving witchcraft and the Sabbath and all sorts of weird things. It's so hard to explain it, and I really wish I could. There's references to medicine being a common factor among the killers, but it's never re-referenced.. and one nurse is shown to dabble in witchcraft... but she's NOT the killer?! So that means there's two practicing witchcraft people in the hospital? Like I said: confusing and insane.

    The plot itself had some promise but the writing just completely ruined it.
  • This X-Files case involves a male plastic suregon practicing murderous witchcraft in order to give himself a younger body.

    This was a better then average 'monster-of-the-week' episode. It does a good job intergrating the social commentary about vanity with witchcraft and avoids feeling too much like a repeat of previous episodes featuring the occult. I did not give it a higher score, mainly because it never really goes beyond treating all plastic suregory as simple vanity. It also fails to explain why the killer waited ten years before returning to the hospital, he had previously left. Last, but not least, it is was pretty obvious to me who was behind all the tragic "accidents" from the begining, so their was not much mystery left for me.
  • I don't know how the makers got away with the gore, but I'm giving it a higher score than some because it really is quite disturbing in parts and I like that about the X Files.

    The opening scene where a doctor goes mad with a liposuction pump is enough to put you off cosmetic surgery forever. I almost expected Jeffrey Coombs to be playing the doctor - he of some of the best schlock-horror films of recent times. I'm sure liposuction is pretty gruesome anyway if you're there to watch, but this is wonderfully chilling.

    The story doesn't make much sense in the cold light of day - something about witchcraft, Samhain and other supernatural tosh, but it's pretty well played out. I can see that Wiccans would be really peeved with the misinformation being doled out here, because it is square peg into round hole to fit the storyline.

    Even so, there's a good mislead as to who is the villain of the piece and some very non-TV like gore, including an excruciating slicing off of a whole face.

    I disagree that it's an empty, really bad episode, though I do admit that the subject of the story is not exactly original. This kind of witchcraftery in an institution has been done to death in films and other TV shows - and even the X Files has had other episodes with a similar theme. But there's a kind of repellent fun watching what happens.

    It's not a classic episode, but it's also not one that is easily forgettable, whichever side of the 'good' or 'bad' scoring you're on.
  • Are You A Good Witch Or A Bad One?

    Good news "Teliko," we have a new worst episode of Season Four. This one sucks, literally. I would have given it a lower score, except that I think I gave "Space" a 4.0.

    The gore in this episode is overdone, gratuitous and vaguely mean-spirited. It strains credulity to believe that a plastic surgery clinic could stay in business, let alone thrive, after a series of four grisly fatalities amongst its clientele at the hands of four different doctors. Seriously, would word not get out?

    As a viewer, I felt cheated by the early implication that all of the doctors were part of a witch's coven. Seemed like a cheap gimmick to me.

    I suppose Nurse Waite was intended to be the "good" witch, although it's kinda hard to tell after she burns a pentagram across an elderly patient's torso with leeches. Oh, and she emerges from a bathtub of blood later on, which further shows her goodness, or something. I dunno.
  • Let's lay on some gore

    I didn't like all the gore in this episode - I can handle one or two gory scenes, but this one had like 4 or 5. I liked the concept of the episode - the witchcraft angle - it was entertaining that way. Some unexplained stuff was not answered like the pool of blood, and why would the doctor leave his old face on the floor and leave? Maybe he was rushed. It was funny how Mulder was the one constantly looking in the mirror at his nose thinking maybe? he could use some plastic surgery. They could have had Scully doing that, but she is the self-confident one (for good reason!). Good story, but don't watch on a full stomach : )
  • Average Plastic

    Well well well. Another episode of the x files- but yet another average one. meah. anyways- plastic surgery goes wrong in this silicone enhanced episode. pentagrams and witches, face lifts and stiches all in this episode- wich is rather gory- YAY GORE! any ho, it didnt really excite me, but it was ok for a night in. the thing that gets me is how they never explain things - like in this episode is the bath filling with blood- why or how? not explained. and the ending- dont get me started! anyways an average episode whicthc reminded me of silence of the lambs
  • A good storyline full of unexpected twists and turns.

    'Sanguinarium' is one of those reliable X-Files episodes; it makes you think, it's unpredictable and you probably wouldn't want to watch it in the dark.

    Set inside a plastic surgery part of a hospital, this episode is packed full of twists and turns and you don't know what to expect next. With some old ideas - ie witches, ritual killings, etc - spiced up a little bit, Sanguinarium doesn't fail to deliver you what you would expect of a good X-Files episode.

    I\'ll admit that this episode isn't particularly special, but never-the-less it's definetely enjoyable. It really makes you think about the lengths some people will go to to 'make themselves beautiful'.
  • The one with the plastic surgery witch


    ‘Sanguinarium’ is yet another excellent episode of the X-files puzzle. With some classic gore and good storytelling.

    It’s about cosmetic surgery in a hospital where doctors are acting strangely and operating the wrong persons. Instead they ill them.

    We get three extremely heavy gore scenes witch bring me back to ‘man, this show is amazing’

    The first one is a guy that gets all his fat out and then his blood and flesh as well.
    The second victim is an old woman that gets a lacer through her head.
    And the last one is a woman that gets acid on her face, we actually see her head melting away, Rrr.

    Anyway, there is also a strange nurse there that doesn’t seem to catch up and does some strange things to the patients and is around every death.
    What I don’t get is why all those doctors acted so suspicious when there was just only one who was the killer.

    Anyway, Mulder suspicion is witch craft because he sees the pentagram and the room where the first victim dies is number 3.

    Anyway, the witch turns out to be good and she attacks one of the doctors and says that he has to die, sadly she doesn’t succeed and bleeds to death.

    The doctor that got attacked is the bad guy that needs the deaths to become pretty, he almost kills his last victim but she’s save and instead he kills someone else and gets away with it.

    The episode is very impressive and actually creeped me out a little bit.
    An excellent episode with just a few flaws and unexplained occurrences.
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