The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 14

Scary Monsters

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2002 on FOX

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  • And Super Creeps....

    This one is a rehash of the old Twilight Zone series' "It's A Good Life," which itself was rehashed for the more recent Twilight Zone feature film.

    There isn't anything particularly special about this episode. The plot is fairly contrived and manipulative. I mean, why would three FBI agents go schlepping out into the night to essentially perform a wellness check on little Tommy, in another state no less? It's plain stupid, even for our insipid little Agent Harrison.

    Doggett is remolded into the "skeptic" version of his character for this episode, which is an essential element of the plot. But remember when he was a "believer" in Season Eight's "Via Negativa?" You know, the one where he couldn't tell whether or not he was living in a dream created by the three-eyed guy floating in the lotus position? If Doggett's sense of reality could be altered so easily in "Via Negativa," why then is he immune in this episode? Answer: Because it suits the writers and, after all, his character has never been much more than a plot device to be recast according to the needs of each story.

    I liked the closing scene in which Agent Harrison remarks on the superiority of the Mulder and Scully characters while capping on Doggett and Reyes. It's a sly acknowledgement of the prevailing fan hatred for Doggett and Reyes and I was surprised to see it included since it cuts straight to the heart of the general suckiness of the series in its final two seasons.
  • And...a solid double. That was a close one.

    This is fairly derivitive stuff. There was a very similar idea in Twilight Zone: The Movie. But they put a little of the X-Files spin on it, and the episode winds up being decent enough. Not great, but a marked improvement on the previous two abortions. Doggett's save at the end is cool, and it's fun to see the female Fanboy agent again.
  • Do the monsters really hide under your bed?

    Or can you create them with a crayon and a piece of paper.

    This is a reasonable episode with a good beginning that descends into familiar territory of an obvious twist. Apart from the crabs in the belly and blinded scenes, which are a little bit overdone, it's another slightly less than brilliant season 9 story. The little boy is good and creepy (and looks a bit like Lukas Haas from Witness), but there's not really enough here to be truly frightening or to engage anyone that much.

    Not appalling, not appealing - the twist is easy to work out for anyone who's ever watched anything like this.

  • An enjoyable mix of horror and humour

    Scary Monsters is not the most remarkable X-Files episode. The idea behind the episode is simplistic, and familiar now that the show is in its ninth season. However, writer Thomas Schnauz does strike up the perfect balance between horror and humour. The result is an episode that is highly enjoyable to watch. Also the inclusion of two references to previous episodes, D.P.O (Season 3) and Field Trip (Season 6) adds extra interest for the devoted X-Phile. Agent Leyla Harrison makes a welcome return, once again singing the praises of Agents Mulder and Scully. Although the episode concludes with her commending Doggett on solving the case, “your lack of imagination saved our lives.”
  • Pretty good story and pretty scary.

    Not a brilliant episode but certainly has more imagination (no pun intended) than the beginning of season 9 so I'm happy enough.

    I would never put a mirror in a child's room – their imaginations are bad enough, especially at night. Not that this kid needs any help in that department, he can literally turn his imaginings into reality and frankly, by the end I think he was on a power trip, he was actively hurting people. He even killed his own mother. I'm confused what the televisions are supposed to do, they all seemed to be showing either violence or news programs, won't that make his fears worse? Or are they trying to replace imagined fears with real ones?

    An interesting episode and certainly scary enough.
  • Scary Monsters

    Scary Monsters was a perfect episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was interesting, intriguing and full of mystery and suspense. It was fun watching the agents investigate and I loved how Scully got what she asked for when Spanky showed up at her door hand delivered. The story played out nicely and it was great to see more about the characters involved. The ending was good and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Scary monsters are real?

    It seems that i am one of the very few people who really enjoyed this episode, and maybe the reason is that it was a bit more scary and weird that we have seen for a while this season. So this episode marks the return of agent Harrison for the last time but luckily she makes a good return. So they investigate when they believe that there may be more to the story of a mother who stabbed herself repeatedly, and that maybe her son is not so innocent. Meanwhile Scully is forced to do an autopsy on a dead cat..ew. But before long Doggett realises that maybe the monsters are not real if you don't believe they are. Overall i really loved this episode and i feel a little sad writing this as i know that we are coming to the end of the final season.