The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 1998 on FOX

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  • The one with daddy issues

    I loved this episode, it’s an emotional episode about child abuse and still manages to bring enough horror into it. ‘Schizogeny ’ is be a very good and extremely underrated episode.

    The episode begins with a young man called Bobby having a fight with his father, he tries to stand up for himself but fails and runs into the woods, his father running behind him but suddenly his father gets buried and Bobby tries to rescue him but fails, there is someone else in the woods with an axe watching them,

    The police believes that Bobby murdered him but it’s impossible to burry such a big hole and he is a 16 year old kid who isn’t near as strong to do it. There is a girl at school who also has daddy issues. He tells her to stand up for herself but she is frightened of him. She goes home and he follows her, inside the house her father tells her not to hang out with Bobby anymore, when he goes into the room and looks outside the window he suddenly falls out of the window and dies.

    Both of the children have the same shrink, her name is Karen and the fathers started to abuse their children when they started to go to her because Bobby couldn’t make friends and the girl had an eating disorder.

    Mulder and Scully go and investigate the crime, Mulder finds wood on the father. They go to a tree and they see an old man they had seen before, the trees are starting to die and he says that someone is controlling them, he hacks one and blood comes out of it.

    When Karen takes the girl home she locks her in the attic together with another body. Karen is possessed of some kind. When the aunt comes the next day to pick up the girl she sees her screaming in the attic, when she tries to save her she gets stabbed through the chest by the tree and killed.

    Apparently Karen was the one who was possessed by her dead father, he’s controlling her and she hasn’t been able to stand up to him. Now he uses her to hurt the other kids. Karen was the one who killed her abusive father who now possesses her and she has his body in the attic.

    When Karen goes up to kill Bobby in the woods he tries to stand up for himself but she begins to burry him, Mulder is right on him but gets buried with Bobby. The weird old man with an axe cuts off Karen’s head because she had already died and now she has finally rest.

    I loved this episode, it captured child abuse so well and how much it can hurt them. Karen was released from her pain when she finally died. And the horror was also very good, when a tree attacked Mulder/ There were plenty of great scenes and good acting during this episode, it’s extremely underrated and one of my favorites of the season.