The X-Files

Episode 0

Secrets of the X-Files

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 1995 on FOX

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  • The Secret Is That There Are No Secrets

    The fact that this "greatest clips" puff piece has an aggregate rating of 7.7 at the time of this writing speaks volumes as to how inflated the ratings for a particular show can get. Yeah, I'm looking at you, shippers. You know who you are.... :)

    There is nothing here that hasn't been seen before and certainly no secrets whatsoever. The narrator sounds like the same guy who intones "In another world..." at the beginning of so many movie previews. This is just a hack job of clips thrown together in chronological order without any special insights into the series.
  • This was basically a clips episode in an attempt to fill people in on what was happening with the show up to this point.

    The show fails in it's attempt to bring non-viewers up to date. The clips come together and make litle sense to people who did not watch the show. It is nice for fans to watch and remember the clips but it was misleading in the title of "Secrets of the X-Files". Fans learned nothing they did not already know.