The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 1993 on FOX
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When an unseen force commits several murders where a young woman is present, Mulder suspects that it is the spirit of the woman's former boss protecting her, while Scully believes the boss merely faked his own death.

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  • A weak performance by the protagonist

    An average script that was hindered by a sub-par emotional performance by Lisa Waltz. Although I did enjoy the exchanges between Mulder and Scully and the CIA agents as they added to the show's conspiratorial theme. Mulder/Scully's detective storyline was also OK.
  • A ghost story

    Here we get to see a ghost story, noconspiracy devewlopment. Scully shows that she can believe.
  • A Ghost with Superhero Powers!

    Call it a shadow, but ultimately, this episode's paranormality is a ghost. And what a range of powers it has, including abilities to control objects and kill people with mere thoughts. It's one thing to concoct a ghost story, but it's another thing to give it god-like powers! And yet, even with all this power, the ghost chooses to gain revenge by mere incrimination.

    THIS EPISODE WANTS US TO BELIEVE IN: Ghosts can have amazing psychokinetic powers.


    Otherwise, it's a fairly good episode. The pacing is excellent, and we learn what is going on with Lauren little-by-little, just as Mulder and Scully do. I'm still waiting for the episode that combines a good plot with good now, Season One is still trying to find its way.moreless
  • Women protected by a shadow of her old boss

    This episode shows a woman called lauren Kyte who that seems impossible to kill when she is attacked at the start of the episode and the people who attacked her and their necks snapped from the inside.Mulder and Scully know that Lauren didn't do do it.Mulder thinks that its her boss who committed suicide a few weeks ago after seeing some kind of shadow on the camera Lauren was attacked at.Lauren's boss Howard was actually proven to be murdered at the end by Howard who helped Mulder and Lauren what they was looking for.A really good X file episode.moreless
  • Shadows

    The back of psychokinetic and spirits are the topics covered by this fine episode of "The X-Files," which decided to honor "Carrie" and did surprisingly well. With scenes of absolute tension and pure fantasy, we began to follow the case of a girl who can move objects by mind power, but is soon discovered that it is she who does such things, but the spirit of a person to whom it was closely linked, the girl pouring the expectation to unmask his killer and, consequently, the haunting until they complete the mission. Terrorism is also discussed here, of course always going unnoticed by the police, but always dropping bodies wherever he goes. One of the episodes of the season more faithful to the true essence of the series, there are a lot of mystery, a very well-crafted plot, jaw-dropping scenes and our pair of heroes as well, as sure of themselves.moreless
Barry Primus

Barry Primus

Robert Dorland

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Lisa Waltz

Lisa Waltz

Lauren Kyte

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Lorena Gale

Lorena Gale

Ellen Bledsoe

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Principal setting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    • The FOX network starts to play up the horror aspect of the show as this episode's tag for next week's episode uses DON'T WATCH IT ALONE for the first time

    • Mulder's joke about Elvis is the first of many throughout the entire series. Apparently Mulder is something of an Elvis fan.

    • Revealing Mistakes: Howard Graves' tombstone states that he died on the 5th of October, but the opening scenes date stamp says the 22nd of September when it was supposed to be two weeks after Graves had died.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Mulder: Hey, Scully. Do you believe in the afterlife?
      Scully: I'd settle for a life in this one.
      Mulder: Have you ever seen the Liberty Bell?
      Scully: Yes.
      Mulder: You know, I've been to Philadelphia a hundred times and I've never seen it.
      Scully: You're not missing much. It's just a big bell with a big crack, and you have to wait in a long line.
      Mulder: Yeah, but I'd really like to go.
      Scully: Why now?
      Mulder: I don't know. How late do you think they stay open?

    • Mulder: What are you doing, Scully? You don't believe.
      Scully: Mulder, there's no such thing as ghosts or psychokinesis. I'm sure there's an explanation. But I believe that she believes. And my priority is to get to her help us stop Dorland.
      Mulder: Well, we may have just sacrificed our best opportunity to observe spectral phenomena.
      Scully: I'm giving us a chance to solve a case that's tangible instead of chasing after shadows.

    • Scully: I think Howard Graves faked his own death.
      Mulder: Do you know how difficult it is to fake your own death? Only one man has pulled it off, Elvis.

    • Scully: Are you saying Lauren Kyte crashed our car?
      Mulder: Either that or a poltergeist.
      Scully: They're heeeere...

    • Scully: How can the oesophagus be crushed without the neck even being touched?
      Mulder: Psychokinetic manipulation.
      Scully: Psychokinesis? You mean how Carrie got even at the prom?

    • Mulder: The paramedics check you out?
      Scully: Yeah. I'm fine. Except I have a waiting-in-line-at-the-DMV-sized headache.
      Mulder: Mine's more IRS sized.

    • Mulder: You may be right.
      Scully: Wait, you think I'm right?

    • Man In Black: If any inquires to this meeting be made, we request full denial.
      Mulder: I'd say you people already suffer from full denial.

    • Mulder: You don't see too many bosses graves without people dancing on it.

    • Mulder: I would never lie. I willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Scully: They're Heeere...

      Scully says this after Mulder mentions poltergeists. This is the key phrase from the Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg film Poltergeist, it is what Carol Anne says to warn her parents of something strange in the house.

    • Scully: Psychokinesis? You mean how Carrie got even at the prom?

      A reference to the Stephen King novel and Brian De Palma film Carrie, where in the final scenes Carrie uses her new-found telekinetic powers to destroy her high school and most of her classmates when they play a cruel trick on her at the prom.