The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 1994 on FOX

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  • Shapes

    Werewolves, at least for me, always end up on great projects. Beings of unimaginable power and killer instincts uncontrollable, disruptive meat and people born killers, who then become men again, without the slightest awareness of his actions later (perhaps a metaphor for the times when the man is taken away by hatred and loss of reason?), are something of intense fascination. It would not take long for such creatures approached the series with a good dose of science and indigenous culture and, of course, very suspenseful. The lycanthropy, which in the scientific sphere is the disorder of man behave like a wild animal, here is highlighted by the mythical sphere and reports the existence of an ancient evil spirit of Indian folklore that possesses bodies and transmuted into literal werewolves, thirsty by blood and wild ecstatic energy. Even though simplistic, the portrait of the conflicted relationship of cities and Indian reservations is quite good, incremented by several problems, confrontation of interests and some deaths. The highlight here is the creation of atmosphere, with the cold atmosphere of the city simultaneously with the forest, unknown and obscure, harboring the imminent danger of the monster attack. The final scene is excellent, leading us to the fullest in a dark house full of stuffed animals and instant appearances, but the other attack scenes are not very good, always shaky and blurry (but the processing is excellent, no doubt). In an episode about a creature so extraordinary, impressive attention not to him but a cold environment for all and macabre where Scully and Mulder are always prepared to try to uncover the crux of the issues.